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How to deliver an epic elevator pitch – and sell well

Of all the talks I deliver for business up there as one of my favourite’s is communication skills and especially the elevator pitch.

An elevator pitch is so much more than just 60 seconds. Get it right and it’s this beautifully concentrated definition of your mission, your ethos, your brand, your beliefs, your goals, your vision and helps to increase profits too.

It’s a well crafted insight into why you do what you do and how you can help people.

Get it wrong and the first impression that sticks around is not so rosy and that means your marketing will have to work a lot harder.

Here’s the slides from a speaking engagement to a room full of Suffolk and Essex business owners. I also have work sheets, additional learning and a very low cost course on my site too. I’d love to help you deliver epic elevator pitches and sell well too. So get in touch to learn more. Course link Mastermind group and worksheets link and blog link

  • June 15, 2019

Best Kept Secret (That Could Be Costing You Business!)

Recently I’ve been working with a lot of business owners who to put no too finer point on it want more sales.

They know their products and services are good but for some reason not enough people are buying them, and so they call me in.

And what I’ve noticed is this;

Most of these business owners undertake aspects of their marketing strategy beautifully. They may have mastered referrals or networking. Social media or websites. But when you look at the big picture, well frankly their marketing strategy is lacking.

But what is it lacking you ask?

Well imagine you were in the forest and you were lost, would you sit hidden under the trees and hope someone would stumble upon you?

Or would you light a fire?

Maybe you would clear the undergrowth and right “help” in big stones?

Maybe you would head in the direction of water?

Maybe since in this analogy we are not in the olden days, you have a phone. Have you tried that?

You see if you do one thing you are likely to get one level of results. And if you do 2 things you are likely to double your chances of success. Okay so admittedly walking up to a bear and saying “Excuse me, do you know the direction to civilisation?” Would not be the cleverest move, so we need to add in there that you need to do 2 sensible, calculated things.

So what happens if you do 4? Or maybe 5? Or lets really go to town and what if you did 10 things to get you out of that forest? Would you be more likely to get the result you want and be sat by the fire with cocoa by bedtime?

So when it comes to marketing THAT is what I see. A lot of business owners do SOME things well. However if they added more things to their marketing repertoire, well guess what could happen?

So ask yourself when it comes to our marketing strategy “What do we do well?” Then ask yourself “What do we need to add?”

Because here’s the killer if you don’t add things you are basically hiding your great companies products and services. It’s like you are sat in your office talking to your wall and hoping it will put in a big order!

If you were lost in the forest I’d be expecting to find some licked clean bones in a few years time huddled under a tree. Ooooo not good! So take a look at your marketing strategy today and stop being the best kept secret. Get your business loud and loved.

Because if you don’t, your competitors will!

  • June 10, 2014

A Day In The Life Of A Coach – How I Help Busy Business Women

It’s only 20 past 12 and I feel like I’ve made a difference in the world….well I have for 3 business women!

Firstly I met with a business woman who has a serious illness but still wants to be busy with clients and new leads, so we sat down and went through my marketing production line (got your copy of that yet – click here if not) to help her come up with ways to get known as the expert, create leads and new business without spending sacks of cash.

Then I had a phone call from a client who is going through big changes in her business and as she moves forward with her plans needed to touch base to discuss things with me. We’ve only had 1 session but she knows that she can phone Monday to Friday and get me pretty much immediately (she respects that I may be with a client and will call her back asap – mutual appreciation society goes on with me and my clients!)

Then I had an email from another client and I’ve pinged her back some ideas to help her progress with the action plan with set up before we meet again in 2 weeks time.

You see as your business coach it’s not always just about that session, its about the full on, love your business, here for you when you need me back up, support ideas and motivation I provide.

Wow, I just realised why my clients love me as much as I love them!

Do you know why your clients chose you?

(There’s a blog post in the making!)


  • May 21, 2014

Business women – Too polite for your own good?

Women across the world can’t help themselves (me included!) we are always being polite and thinking about others, which is highly commendable but how useful is that for business?

Well on the positive side, people get to like you and that grows the all important trust which is essential if people are then going to go on to recommend you. If you are genuine it also shows your values and your beliefs that will affect your business and people will want to see that, as it proves your congruency to your business and yourself.  But women are too polite when it comes to getting what they want for business success.

We can get caught up in etiquette and politeness and forget to ask for what we want.  It’s essential that you tell people what you need. I am not encouraging the scourge of busy business women’s life – spam email. I am talking about directing the conversation to what you need.  Ensuring that you find out what the person you are talking to needs too. In doing this you come away with a sense of purpose. Knowing that one more person is on the lookout for what you need – how great is that?

Want to take it that step further?


(It has come up in more than one conversation with clients recently, so seriously PICK UP THE PHONE!)

The whole world carry them around for more than just social media and funny videos!

  • February 11, 2014

Business – Its One Hell Of A Ride…

…Well it can be if you get it wrong!

You see often I see business women doing really well and then all of a sudden they are in free fall and they don’t even notice it, until it is too late.

How often have you been so busy that you’ve not had time to get on with the business development, marketing and strategy that needs to be always attended to, only for 3 to 6 months down the line discover you have a dip in sales, in focus and drive for your business?

Imagine your business life is like riding a roller coaster. When you go up those massive tracks slowly being pulled to the top, that’s when you are looking at the view, keeping an eye on what is happening and very aware of every thing around you, (because there is time to do that on the way up!) the sales are coming in nicely, you know what your marketing strategy is and you are taking the right actions consistently and getting the growth, profit and results you want.

Then things pick up.

Suddenly your thundering along, a lot faster, there is not so much time to enjoy the view and keep an eye on every detail. You take your eye off the prize as  you race along and suddenly you are flying down a massive dip to the bottom where unfortunately folks there is a big dip in sales and success.

There is a reason that you only scream on the way down and not on the way up! I reckon your subconscious has already tapped into the fact that things are about to get hairy!

So what can you do, to stop the peaks and troughs of focus, sales, increased profit and success?

  1. Keep your eye on the target – have a big fat clear goal. Always. If you can’t describe it word for word to me, then its not clear enough. Do it again!
  2. If you easily become a procrastinator, ask yourself am I better motivated by how awful this will be if I don’t do it, or how wonderful this will be if I do?  In business we haven’t got our Mums there reminding us why we have to do what we have got to do. My clients know that I will be that person to kick butt if need be or gently encourage. Which leads me into…
  3. Who will motivate you to stay on target? Know this on a good day, because on a tough day it’s not so easy to think clearly.
  4. Get automated! What can be outsourced and what can you plan in advance for when you know you are going to be mega busy and up against it.
  5. Its easy to know why you do what you do on the way up, but when sales are falling away and you are worried about overheads and sales its not so easy, so have it clearly defined. Writing it down, pinning it on the wall, opening screen on your laptop. Just remind yourself daily why you are awesome, its going to be fabulous and why consistent good practice will stop the dips that take away from the pleasure of the peaks.
  6. Get consistent. Good practices lead to a smoother ride. What business practices do you have?

Good actions, consistently will help you avoid peaks and troughs. Every business has to adjust and change what they do, but it should be an organic process in line with your customers and the ever changing market. Not an afterthought when you suddenly realise that next weeks looks like a tough one!
For more ideas on how to avoid the peaks and troughs that I see attack businesses, get in touch. January is not so far away and for some industries that’s a big growth time, but for others its a pull ya belts in and lets hold on tight….why bother with that? What about a bit of fore thought, targeted action and get back on track enjoying the ride?

Call me and lets make that happen – 07989 935556



  • November 30, 2013

Your Marketing Production Line

marketing production line mandie holgate

I love this simple tool for ensuring clients are selling well. Are they talking to the right people in the right ways to ensure they are interested, engaged and buying?

Does it ensure you are using the right words and communication to entice the right customers to you?

I want you too to hear those magical words my clients say “Mandie, it’s like clients just magically fall from the sky.” They don’t there’s a process and I help businesses, big and small find the sales strategy solutions for them.

  • I’ve been on holiday in August and sold tickets to events in December that I wasn’t even promoting.
  • I’ve gained speaking engagements, coaching clients and even free PR opportunities and I’ve been sat in the hottub.
  • I even gained a book deal when I was not even looking for one – that is still bringing in profit years later with very little effort on my part!

To really simplify this process, if you are utilising 8 to 10 tools from the above graphic your business will be gaining new business, new enquiries, opportunities and even a book deal – well you never know, that’s what happened to me.

I’d never share something I didn’t know worked and I’ve worked with thousands of businesses to help them sell well, increase profit, engagement and sales so I know this works.

You can ditch the sales talk, and the trying. Get this right and your passion (Well actually your marketing strategy) sells your wares.

ACTION: So what tools are you using? And what are you just playing with? What are you consistent with?

Be honest.

You can download a copy of the Marketing Production Line (not for alteration or sharing) here.

This course looks at your marketing strategy in detail and trains you through modules to ensure you sell well. It can also help you get in the press, gain new business, get repeat sales, heck you could even get a book deal (I did!) this really works, its the backbone of so many clients marketing strategies in so many sessions. 

And if you are just reliant on social media – you could be leaving a lot of business for your competitors!

This course helps you understand who you are selling to, what you need to say to them and what makes them become customers – click her to learn more about the find your target audience course and get them buying here.

My courses work because they use the strategies I implement with clients businesses of all sizes. Like Nicole from Ace 24 Consultancy who increased sales to their ideal monthly target within 3 days, and reached the ultimate “let’s think big” year goal in 3 weeks. (She really likes me!)

Or Mr X who asked for their first 6 figure contract – and got it.

Or Mrs X who went from part-time business owner to full-time company with offices and staff in one year!

I don’t hold back with the tools and techniques for another day, it’s all here, I just want you to succeed!

What could it do for you?

And if you want to hang out with me on a daily basis getting free advice, support and ideas – join my mastermind group here.

If you take action on this article and my Sales Mountain (this is great for helping you upsell and gain loyal customers) it would be great to hear what action you take – I love your business good news.

  • November 7, 2013

I don’t have the time or Money to Market my business…

If I had a £1 for every time I had heard the above statement, I would be a very rich little bunny.

However I don’t so I make sure my marketing brings in the customers. You see an effective marketing strategy WILL deliver leads, and if you are getting quality leads then guess what that leads to?

You guessed it, more customers.

But I do appreciate it can be tricky to factor in time to market your wares as well as to make and deliver them. So what can you do to make life easier?

Before you even think of aiming to make marketing easier to manage. Do you know what works?

If you don’t know this STOP right now. You see, you need to know what is working to deliver great leads and enquiries so that you can replicate that. So first of all concentrate on researching and analysing what works.

WHEN you know this information you can then use tools such as Hootsuite or Tweetdeck to schedule your social media. Taking into account when your ideal clients have the time to read your offerings, comment, reply, etc.

Next look at the real world marketing that works for you. Picking up the phone, public speaking networking, meetings, etc. What have the biggest impact and concentrate on making them deliver MORE to you.

For instance networking can only be effective if you dedicate to it. Know what you want beforehand. Attend regularly to build relationships so that people want to do business with you and most importantly follow up after EVERY event.

This approach needs to be applied to all areas of marketing that you have and constantly consider this…

What are you doing so that people are automatically keeping up to date with you and your business?

How can other people support your marketing strategy?

Affiliations, discounts, special offers for loyalty etc.

Unless you are a larger company with a lovely thing called a “marketing budget” this is going to come down to you and if you don’t find a way to create a marketing strategy that fits into your busy life you will always have dips and troughs of customers.

Now wouldn’t it be nicer to just have that steady flow of new customers heading to your door?

And don’t get me started on repeat sales!


  • September 26, 2013

Be Nice! or The Art of Selling

Last year when I was seriously ill and living in bed, my rather lovely hubby said we needed a new mattress…..ok less of the smutter ladies!

The only way to shop when ill is to speed shop, that means be mega organised and only look at anything once. So in less than an hour I think we possibly managed to look at every mattress in Colchester. (The ache later confirmed it!)

And it really reminded me of one of the most important skills for business success – the art of selling.

After a while just like when you are booking a holiday, you can end up with “Blue swimming pool syndrome”; ie the first one you looked at seemed amazing, idyllic and perfect but after 30 ideal destinations they all look the same and you are losing the will to live.

The exact same thing was happening when mattress purchasing. I had a memory like a geriatric cat when I was ill, which was bad enough on a normal day, but when you are choosing a product that you will spend a third of your life in, how did I come to decision of which one to buy?

  • All stores had great adverts telling me they would match any price.
  • All stores had a mass of different products.
  • All stores had interest free credit – so I can keep my money in my pocket for longer!
  • All stores had guides on what would be right for me.
  • All stores were basically the same.

So how did I buy?

As we drove home I realised of the many stores we visited in that speed hour, I remembered the name of two shop assistants. Patricia and Andy. Now for someone with the mind of a geriatric cat that’s pretty impressive. And the reason?

They listened to me. Even if they were shattered and bored out of their mind, helping me get my purchase right mattered to them. In sense they were really nice.

Not seeing many folks when I was ill, means when I did see someone that isn’t my dog I talked for Britain. These 2 shop assistants smiled and acted interested, and didn’t try and force expensive products on me that I didn’t want. They truly LISTENED TO ME. They found out my needs and helped me get what I wanted.

So a top tip for fabulous marketing skills, is be nice, listen, care and make that customer feel like you live to make them a happy bunny.

See be nice…..just like your mother said!

  • September 26, 2013