A Day In The Life Of A Coach – How I Help Busy Business Women

It’s only 20 past 12 and I feel like I’ve made a difference in the world….well I have for 3 business women!

Firstly I met with a business woman who has a serious illness but still wants to be busy with clients and new leads, so we sat down and went through my marketing production line (got your copy of that yet – click here if not) to help her come up with ways to get known as the expert, create leads and new business without spending sacks of cash.

Then I had a phone call from a client who is going through big changes in her business and as she moves forward with her plans needed to touch base to discuss things with me. We’ve only had 1 session but she knows that she can phone Monday to Friday and get me pretty much immediately (she respects that I may be with a client and will call her back asap – mutual appreciation society goes on with me and my clients!)

Then I had an email from another client and I’ve pinged her back some ideas to help her progress with the action plan with set up before we meet again in 2 weeks time.

You see as your business coach it’s not always just about that session, its about the full on, love your business, here for you when you need me back up, support ideas and motivation I provide.

Wow, I just realised why my clients love me as much as I love them!

Do you know why your clients chose you?

(There’s a blog post in the making!)


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