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"It's as though Mandie can see exactly what is going on in my mind, like it was written personally just for you.  The impact of the gold dust moments when you realise "Ah ha! I understand now and know what i need to do" is awakening and empowering.  Everyone needs this book in their toolbox. Mandie teaches you a new way of thinking to grow, learn and above all make a difference, easy to read, understand and exercises that really get you engaging."  Sheena Ramgobin
taking control of your mind

Taking control of your mind: Life hacks to resilience, confidence and success

"Mandie has compressed a wealth of exceptional information from her own professional experience so that it is easily digestible and beneficial for those looking to expand and improve their own potential. She introduces a relatable framework and provides solid advice on how to find your own archetype and make the most of it towards personal success in your own life. Within this book is a clear-cut guide to help you better understand your own patterns, so you can understand the powerof harnessing your mental strength."

Leon Ho, CEO and Founder of Lifehack

Everyone’s life experiences tough times, obstacles, and challenges. In this book you will find the proven tools and techniques to overcome them all and it all starts in your head.

Learn how what you think impacts on what you do and the results you get.

Learn how to change the way you think to influence your resilience, confidence, and happiness.

Learn how to communicate in a powerful way to get what you want.Learn the proven methods to achieving your goals, getting out of ruts and comfort zones, and getting what you want in every area of your life.

These easy to read and action life hacks could seriously change your life.Each chapter features a most important mind issue and the strategies to fix it with case studies proving how these lifehacks work. Easy to follow short chunks ensure you can take it all in and take action.When you’ve read this book, you will know how you were messing up your success and happiness and never let that happen again!

Absolute Must Read and I highly recommend it!!!   "I absolutely loved this book, it's one thing to help me see my fears it's a complete different thing to give me the tools and strategies to overcome them. Mandie's book does the latter, so much so I actually took immediate action halfway through the book.   Using Mandie's techniques I not only reached out to several people for support, I also got some positive responses that I will now leverage to help me achieve my potential. It's so easy for us to let our fear dominate us, convince us that we are not good enough, but when you read Mandie's book it will help to give you the tools to fight back!!! 

Fight the Fear: How to beat your negative mindset and win in life

The 12 biggest fears that impact on personal and professional success in one book with the tools and techniques to get rid of fears, build confidence, get what you want, learn to say and so much more!

We cover;

What if someone finds out who I really am?

I’m scared of setting goals

I don’t want to appear arrogant

I don’t believe I can succeed

I don’t ask for help

I’m scared of saying “No”

I’m petrified of public speaking

I hate phoning people

I don’t want to look stupid

I can’t stop scrutinising what people are thinking

I’m scared to ask for what I want

I can’t take time out

"I was acrophobic thanks to this book I can fly high again!"

"I put off emigrating twice because I feared I'd never get another high paying job, thanks to this book I'm going!"

"This book gave me the confidence to find my voice at work and I've asked for a pay rise and got it!"

"I've always been petrified of public speaking, thanks to Fight the fear I just spoke to an audience of 80 people!"

"I never thought 1 book could change my life, Fight the fear can!"

Having coached 1000's Mandie knows how to make people happier, more successful and confident no matter what life has thrown at them. Easy to read short chapters, with proven strategies, skills and tools to help you deal with typical situations you dread  Don’t miss out on life’s big opportunities, now you can manage your fear so it doesn’t restrict you – there’s nothing you can’t handle.

This book is now sold around the world. Has featured as WH Smith's Book of the Month, being endorsed by celebrities, international authors and speakers and is now in Russian, Czech, Turkish and Arabic too.

Daily dose of business womans confidence and success

Your Daily Dose Of Business Woman’s Confidence & Success: Easy To Action Top Tips to Power Up Your Confidence & Success for the Busy Business Woman

Being a Happy, Successful, Confident business woman is top of the wish list, but when you have a million and one jobs to do, how do you find time to develop yourself to get the results in your life you truly want? In less time than it takes to brush your teeth, let this powerful book boost your subconscious brain to work on your success all day, every day. With powerful ideas, raise awareness of what’s impacting on your success, confidence and Happiness, and get the results you want.

Imagine having a coach by your side every day sharing ideas to power up your success. And if you are mega busy it will take you less than 2 minutes a day to do that!

"You may think I'm crazy but I'm reading this for the 3rd year in a row!"

"I can easily get distracted and Mandie's book ensures I get back on track and I'm sure I'm achieving more as a result."

"I never have the energy to read, so this is perfect for making me get on with the things that will make a difference in my business.!

how to fix your imposter syndrome

free - ebook - Proven strategies to cure your imposter syndrome & achieve more! 

The Imposter Syndrome does more than make you feel inadequate it can attack your success. Here are some signs it exists and is impacting on you;

  • You are shocked when you get a promotion, compliments or a lucrative contract.
  • You shy away from asking for what you want.
  • You assume you will be in other people’s way.
  • You don’t feel like you deserve the success you get.
  • You feel guilty when someone pays you a lot of money for the work you do.
  • You worry someone will find out you are a fake and can’t really do what they think you can!
  • You procrastinate on taking action even when you know it could elevate your success.

The list is long and I see it manifest in many ways, so let’s get rid of it, shall we?

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