Best Kept Secret (That Could Be Costing You Business!)

Recently I’ve been working with a lot of business owners who to put no too finer point on it want more sales.

They know their products and services are good but for some reason not enough people are buying them, and so they call me in.

And what I’ve noticed is this;

Most of these business owners undertake aspects of their marketing strategy beautifully. They may have mastered referrals or networking. Social media or websites. But when you look at the big picture, well frankly their marketing strategy is lacking.

But what is it lacking you ask?

Well imagine you were in the forest and you were lost, would you sit hidden under the trees and hope someone would stumble upon you?

Or would you light a fire?

Maybe you would clear the undergrowth and right “help” in big stones?

Maybe you would head in the direction of water?

Maybe since in this analogy we are not in the olden days, you have a phone. Have you tried that?

You see if you do one thing you are likely to get one level of results. And if you do 2 things you are likely to double your chances of success. Okay so admittedly walking up to a bear and saying “Excuse me, do you know the direction to civilisation?” Would not be the cleverest move, so we need to add in there that you need to do 2 sensible, calculated things.

So what happens if you do 4? Or maybe 5? Or lets really go to town and what if you did 10 things to get you out of that forest? Would you be more likely to get the result you want and be sat by the fire with cocoa by bedtime?

So when it comes to marketing THAT is what I see. A lot of business owners do SOME things well. However if they added more things to their marketing repertoire, well guess what could happen?

So ask yourself when it comes to our marketing strategy “What do we do well?” Then ask yourself “What do we need to add?”

Because here’s the killer if you don’t add things you are basically hiding your great companies products and services. It’s like you are sat in your office talking to your wall and hoping it will put in a big order!

If you were lost in the forest I’d be expecting to find some licked clean bones in a few years time huddled under a tree. Ooooo not good! So take a look at your marketing strategy today and stop being the best kept secret. Get your business loud and loved.

Because if you don’t, your competitors will!

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