Business women – Too polite for your own good?

Women across the world can’t help themselves (me included!) we are always being polite and thinking about others, which is highly commendable but how useful is that for business?

Well on the positive side, people get to like you and that grows the all important trust which is essential if people are then going to go on to recommend you. If you are genuine it also shows your values and your beliefs that will affect your business and people will want to see that, as it proves your congruency to your business and yourself.  But women are too polite when it comes to getting what they want for business success.

We can get caught up in etiquette and politeness and forget to ask for what we want.  It’s essential that you tell people what you need. I am not encouraging the scourge of busy business women’s life – spam email. I am talking about directing the conversation to what you need.  Ensuring that you find out what the person you are talking to needs too. In doing this you come away with a sense of purpose. Knowing that one more person is on the lookout for what you need – how great is that?

Want to take it that step further?


(It has come up in more than one conversation with clients recently, so seriously PICK UP THE PHONE!)

The whole world carry them around for more than just social media and funny videos!

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