Business – Its One Hell Of A Ride…

…Well it can be if you get it wrong!

You see often I see business women doing really well and then all of a sudden they are in free fall and they don’t even notice it, until it is too late.

How often have you been so busy that you’ve not had time to get on with the business development, marketing and strategy that needs to be always attended to, only for 3 to 6 months down the line discover you have a dip in sales, in focus and drive for your business?

Imagine your business life is like riding a roller coaster. When you go up those massive tracks slowly being pulled to the top, that’s when you are looking at the view, keeping an eye on what is happening and very aware of every thing around you, (because there is time to do that on the way up!) the sales are coming in nicely, you know what your marketing strategy is and you are taking the right actions consistently and getting the growth, profit and results you want.

Then things pick up.

Suddenly your thundering along, a lot faster, there is not so much time to enjoy the view and keep an eye on every detail. You take your eye off the prize as  you race along and suddenly you are flying down a massive dip to the bottom where unfortunately folks there is a big dip in sales and success.

There is a reason that you only scream on the way down and not on the way up! I reckon your subconscious has already tapped into the fact that things are about to get hairy!

So what can you do, to stop the peaks and troughs of focus, sales, increased profit and success?

  1. Keep your eye on the target – have a big fat clear goal. Always. If you can’t describe it word for word to me, then its not clear enough. Do it again!
  2. If you easily become a procrastinator, ask yourself am I better motivated by how awful this will be if I don’t do it, or how wonderful this will be if I do?  In business we haven’t got our Mums there reminding us why we have to do what we have got to do. My clients know that I will be that person to kick butt if need be or gently encourage. Which leads me into…
  3. Who will motivate you to stay on target? Know this on a good day, because on a tough day it’s not so easy to think clearly.
  4. Get automated! What can be outsourced and what can you plan in advance for when you know you are going to be mega busy and up against it.
  5. Its easy to know why you do what you do on the way up, but when sales are falling away and you are worried about overheads and sales its not so easy, so have it clearly defined. Writing it down, pinning it on the wall, opening screen on your laptop. Just remind yourself daily why you are awesome, its going to be fabulous and why consistent good practice will stop the dips that take away from the pleasure of the peaks.
  6. Get consistent. Good practices lead to a smoother ride. What business practices do you have?

Good actions, consistently will help you avoid peaks and troughs. Every business has to adjust and change what they do, but it should be an organic process in line with your customers and the ever changing market. Not an afterthought when you suddenly realise that next weeks looks like a tough one!
For more ideas on how to avoid the peaks and troughs that I see attack businesses, get in touch. January is not so far away and for some industries that’s a big growth time, but for others its a pull ya belts in and lets hold on tight….why bother with that? What about a bit of fore thought, targeted action and get back on track enjoying the ride?

Call me and lets make that happen – 07989 935556



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