Results of coaching..

  1. Improved health and reduced absenteeism in team of 200+
  2. Quadrupled profits – in 6 months.
  3. More productive, shorter meetings. 
  4. Staff came to management with ideas and solutions and not problems and complaints.
  5. Best profit margins 3 years in a row.
  6. Stopped in house arguing and bullying.
  7. Reduced email & improved communication for team of 250. Happier team! 
  8. Helped reduce costs by £1.4 million.
  9. Increased average product price from £5 to £995.
  10. Small business now selling on social media (never managed it before).
  11. Used blogging to secure Free PR and new customers.
  12. Burnout business owner coached to reassess business model to restore work life balance (increased profits too).
  13. Shy team member now sharing ideas and engaging in team meetings.
  14. A team going through huge structural company change reported feeling in control, happy with change and created innovative solutions. 

I was struggling to work on business as I was only working in my business. Working with Mandie has pushed me out of my comfort zone to work on parts of my business I kept putting off. Last year was my best year for annual turnover. Mandie is personable, knowledgeable and passionate about me and my business. Highly recommend her.

Michelle Wicker, Little Rock Employment Law Specialists

Action focused!

  • Happier more productive staff.
  • Boosted confidence.
  • Higher profit.
  • Sustainable Business Growth.
  • Better relationships.
  • Powerful leadership.
  • Empowered teams.
  • New opportunities.
  • Innovative ideas.
  • Promotion.
  • Healthier teams (and leaders!)
  • Highly focused autonomous teams.
  • Highly acclaimed, award winning business owners.
  • Successful marketing campaigns.
  • Automated income streams.

Feel free to give me a call to discuss what you want to achieve or overcome and I will help you decide the best approach for you.

1 2 1 coaching, Team Days, Confidential mastermind group, books and courses.

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It is what it is…

Helping executives, large teams, professionals and business owners to understand themselves and how what they think impacts on their results. Your team don’t need more kit, new structure, or often more money (although we’ve a habit of creating that!) they need to ditch;

  • Burnt out.
  • Working evenings and weekend.
  • Feeling overwhelmed and unappreciated.
  • Back biting and blame games.
  • Suffering The Imposter Syndrome and a lack of confidence.
  • Working long hours for little profit or success.
  • Scared to change.
  • Worried about the future
  • Never getting to the end of the to do list.

Big changes, challenging conversations and obstacles are dealt with in a way that makes everyone feel good!

How does it work?

1 size does not fit all.

I appreciate the value of personality testing but it boxes you and  your team up. You are individuals and your needs are unique to you.

Only you have had your experiences, beliefs and values in life. This impacts on the way you see the world, the way you feel, the actions you take and thus the results you get.

Understand the science of you (and those you work with) and you achieve more – fast! 
My coaching incorporates elements of CBT, DBT, CAT, NLP, psychology, coaching (obviously) and even philosophy.

  • It’s a very unique, powerful technique that delivers exceptional results. 
  • Every session has homework, an action plan, and goals to work on – and you will achieve them!



“Mandie has compressed a wealth of exceptional information from her own professional experience so that it is easily digestible and beneficial for those looking to expand and improve their own potential. She introduces a relatable framework and provides solid advice on how to find your own archetype and make the most of it towards personal success in your own life. Within this book is a clear-cut guide to help you better understand your own patterns, so you can understand the power of harnessing your mental strength.” Leon Ho, CEO and Founder of Lifehack