How to deliver an epic elevator pitch – and sell well

Of all the talks I deliver for business up there as one of my favourite’s is communication skills and especially the elevator pitch.

An elevator pitch is so much more than just 60 seconds. Get it right and it’s this beautifully concentrated definition of your mission, your ethos, your brand, your beliefs, your goals, your vision and helps to increase profits too.

It’s a well crafted insight into why you do what you do and how you can help people.

Get it wrong and the first impression that sticks around is not so rosy and that means your marketing will have to work a lot harder.

Here’s the slides from a speaking engagement to a room full of Suffolk and Essex business owners. I also have work sheets, additional learning and a very low cost course on my site too. I’d love to help you deliver epic elevator pitches and sell well too. So get in touch to learn more. Course link Mastermind group and worksheets link and blog link

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