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Best Kept Secret (That Could Be Costing You Business!)

Recently I’ve been working with a lot of business owners who to put no too finer point on it want more sales.

They know their products and services are good but for some reason not enough people are buying them, and so they call me in.

And what I’ve noticed is this;

Most of these business owners undertake aspects of their marketing strategy beautifully. They may have mastered referrals or networking. Social media or websites. But when you look at the big picture, well frankly their marketing strategy is lacking.

But what is it lacking you ask?

Well imagine you were in the forest and you were lost, would you sit hidden under the trees and hope someone would stumble upon you?

Or would you light a fire?

Maybe you would clear the undergrowth and right “help” in big stones?

Maybe you would head in the direction of water?

Maybe since in this analogy we are not in the olden days, you have a phone. Have you tried that?

You see if you do one thing you are likely to get one level of results. And if you do 2 things you are likely to double your chances of success. Okay so admittedly walking up to a bear and saying “Excuse me, do you know the direction to civilisation?” Would not be the cleverest move, so we need to add in there that you need to do 2 sensible, calculated things.

So what happens if you do 4? Or maybe 5? Or lets really go to town and what if you did 10 things to get you out of that forest? Would you be more likely to get the result you want and be sat by the fire with cocoa by bedtime?

So when it comes to marketing THAT is what I see. A lot of business owners do SOME things well. However if they added more things to their marketing repertoire, well guess what could happen?

So ask yourself when it comes to our marketing strategy “What do we do well?” Then ask yourself “What do we need to add?”

Because here’s the killer if you don’t add things you are basically hiding your great companies products and services. It’s like you are sat in your office talking to your wall and hoping it will put in a big order!

If you were lost in the forest I’d be expecting to find some licked clean bones in a few years time huddled under a tree. Ooooo not good! So take a look at your marketing strategy today and stop being the best kept secret. Get your business loud and loved.

Because if you don’t, your competitors will!

  • June 10, 2014

My Clients Get…

You want the facts about what you get right?

You Get;

A business coach who knows small business, knows no cost / low cost marketing, who knows what a busy busy schedule looks like and what not having time looks like too! That means I can create solutions that work for you.

A coach who knows how to motivate you into targeted action to get results. (After 1 session you will have an action plan that will get you focussed.) Fed up with doing a ton of things and nothing delivering? Then you will love this!

A coach who is there to support you between sessions – why is that so important? Say you’ve a big meeting, your wobbling on why your business is the one that they will chose or you’re having that dip in confidence that’s making you procrastinate and not pick up the phone, you can just get in touch with me and I will get you right back on track!

I will give you the tools, the methodology and innovative ideas to get your business noticed. My clients get known as thought leaders in their field and you can imagine what that does for business!

Fear taking your success away? I’ve helped countless business women overcome their business fears to go on to use things like public speaking and picking up the phone a powerful tool in their business.

I can help you see the wood for the trees. Ever sat there and thought I just can’t see what’s wrong? What am I doing wrong? Why am I not getting the results I want? I can help you have those Eureka Moments that get your success flying high.

Someone that is truly as passionate about your success as you are. (Just ask my clients!)

I’m not interested in taking sacks of cash off of you, I’m interested in helping you create a business that delivers to you!

So now is the time to pick up the phone and find out why I’m known as Tigger on Red Bull Powered by Duracell and that could all be aimed at your business.

07989 935 556




  • March 3, 2014

Business women – Too polite for your own good?

Women across the world can’t help themselves (me included!) we are always being polite and thinking about others, which is highly commendable but how useful is that for business?

Well on the positive side, people get to like you and that grows the all important trust which is essential if people are then going to go on to recommend you. If you are genuine it also shows your values and your beliefs that will affect your business and people will want to see that, as it proves your congruency to your business and yourself.  But women are too polite when it comes to getting what they want for business success.

We can get caught up in etiquette and politeness and forget to ask for what we want.  It’s essential that you tell people what you need. I am not encouraging the scourge of busy business women’s life – spam email. I am talking about directing the conversation to what you need.  Ensuring that you find out what the person you are talking to needs too. In doing this you come away with a sense of purpose. Knowing that one more person is on the lookout for what you need – how great is that?

Want to take it that step further?


(It has come up in more than one conversation with clients recently, so seriously PICK UP THE PHONE!)

The whole world carry them around for more than just social media and funny videos!

  • February 11, 2014

Why You Procrastinate Instead Of Get Proactive

In my mentoring groups nothing is off limits and I will happily talk and work through what ever needs to be dealt with to help business women achieve success. And this week I think its possible it could mirror something I’ve seen happen for business women time and time again.

You see quite often the reason your business is not flying high and your not feeling the success you wants, is not an issue of skills lacking from your repertoire, it’s more a case of the mind set has not caught up to where you are  yet.

Have you ever found your self not taking the action that you know would work?

Did you wonder why you didn’t do it?

You know that if you pick up the phone or put into action the marketing strategy you’ve decided on you would get more sales and success and yet you don’t take the action. Ever wondered why?

I’ve seen it so often and here’s the good news, it’s not impossible to cure.

If it’s any consolation this doesn’t happen just at work, it happens in all areas of our life. And this post came about because I realised I do it too!
For me I was sat here this morning working away and I realised I had not taken my medicine. I’ve Lupus and been on drugs since they discovered that golden nugget last year. This medicine keeps me well and healthy and I must take it at the same time every day otherwise it can get a tad unfun (see the choice of words here. I won’t let words take power over me!) and yet I don’t like taking them. Its just 8 tablets. What’s the big deal?

And yet every day I delay taking them. I procrastinate. I know they will work for me and yet I delay. What’s that all about?

Its not a skill set issue, I know that they will work. Its a mind set issue. For me taking medicine is a bit like giving up. When I was at my most poorly I had to give in and take serious medicine that left me so high and out of it. But it was the only way to cope with the agony. So for me taking medicine is like giving up. If I took medicine when I was really ill it would mean that my husband would have to step in on school run duties and everything else as I couldn’t even walk. So for me taking medicine triggers that automatic thought process in my brain that says “Mandie your poor husband is doing it all and your laying there doing nothing Lazy Bones!”

Now why do I share something so personal with you?

The reason is that I see it so often that business women dismiss the power of thoughts on their success. Understanding the automatic thought processes that you allow to run  in your brain will help you understand what causes you to procrastinate.

Now I understand the automatic thought process I’ve created when it comes to taking my medicine I now choose to create a new thought process. One that empowers me into targeted action rather than one that robs me of it.

Ask yourself when it comes to the things I procrastinate about, what are they first of all?

Now ask yourself what do I automatically think?

Our brains can easily become lazy so ask yourself what automatic thoughts happen here?

Its a bit like lightening – a thought does not just go from A to B, a thought flashes in many directions and will hit on past memories and experiences and thoughts without you even realising its happening.

And don’t dismiss how powerfully this can impact on your success.

A true coach is not just a business expert and leader they will have a qualification and extensive experience of coaching. The ability to read between lines and spot those little micro expressions that give away your deepest fears and regrets without you even realising you’ve done it. And then use their extensive coaching tool kit to help you change it.

Its the little thought in the back of your mind that has been impacting on your true ability to get what you want.

And don’t doubt how powerful this can be. I had a client who I saw the third time and said “I’m sorry I don’t think we can work together any more, because we are creating these awesome plans of action and then you are coming back to me with excuses as to why its’ not happened. Its wasting your time and money and makes me look like I can’t help you. So what’s got to change?” Sounds harsh but I knew this business woman needed challenging on what the real issue was.

The outcome was that we didn’t come up with things to do in her business, we spent the session looking at what she beleieved about herself. Her plan of action for this session gave her the ability to change her perception of herself. And wow what a transformation when I saw her at her next session! And not just in her but in her sales too!

So play mini coach on yourself and ask yourself these questions.

Then decide what new thought are you going to introduce?

Get stuck?

Hop on by my Facebook page and have a chat or really have a chat – 07989 935556

Lets power up your success.


  • January 19, 2014

Smashing Glass Ceilings (or How To Get Where You Want To)

This post is dedicated to 2 truly beautiful and inspirational business women who I met this week, who both spoke about Glass ceilings. Personally I never speak of them as I won’t entertain phrases or words or ideas that I know could undermine my success. But we all think and feel differently so I understand the power those Glass Ceilings can have.

Here is my quick top tip guide to Smashing those Glass Ceilings and getting rid of them for good;

Firstly one business woman pointed out to me that she does not have the time to do all that she truly wants to. I say to this, work out what can be dropped. In an ideal world there would not be dust in the corner of the room, or pre packaged veg used served for tea. But no one looks back on their death bed and says “I wish I’d washed more floors” work out what can be dropped from your daily to do list. If you don’t do this, ask yourself this question “If I don’t remove some things from my daily to do list what am I agreeing to?” and a hint here, its less success.

Success needs space, so create some.

Glass ceilings get smashed when you clearly see every last detail of your big goal. From how many hours you work, to what you spend your money on, to how much money you put away in savings. A great goal puts cracks in your glass ceiling before you even get started. So visualise your ultimate goal in every detail.

Take small actions, to get there. As I say at the start of my 6 week online course”How do you eat a mountain of cheese?”

The same way you would eat anything….1  mouthful at a time, so break your goals down into bite size chunks and keep them that small. That glass ceiling gets reinforced and a lot tougher to break when you set yourself up to fail, so keep those chunks small.

When things get tough, and lets be honest we all have those times. Accept that something has to give. Ask yourself what are my true values here and my primary core goals that have to be maintained and then let the little things that aren’t important slip. Again ask yourself “If I don’t do this, what am I agreeing to?” and the answer is likely to be a bucket of added stress. Your glass ceiling just loves some added stress!

When things get tough accept that you need to refocus your attention and divert from your big goals. Your big goals still exist and you can still be working towards them, but it may be the case that you have to decide to direct your primary actions on other areas, allowing a small action towards your ultimate goal will stop you from feeling bitter, guilty and a ton of other negative emotions that will cause procrastination and make you suffer further. So ask yourself “What small action will I continue to take towards my ultimate goal as I deal with these pressing issues?”

Don’t worry about what other people are achieving. You are not on their path way to success, you are on yours. One woman’s version of success will be CEO of her own international corporation while another’s will be a Breakfast bar business that is part time. Both if they get their ulitmate goals are successful. So don’t let your glass ceiling get a layer of toughened glass by trying to be something that doesn’t match up to what are your core values and beliefs about a happy successful life.

When you really feel like you can’t achieve and that glass ceiling is crushing down on you. Write down everything you’ve ever achieved. Don’t say you haven’t because you have. You successfully got dressed, fed yourself, possibly others, been to work, drove a car.
There’s things you’ve achieved and I’m not even been near you today! So list them all. If you are being heavily critical of yourself, ask your friends, your colleagues, your loved ones, your social media friends. You will be surprised how many people you have motivated, inspired, supported and helped. So remember every success. Every last one. A few pictures of those occasions are very useful to. These will power you on to know that you’ve been through tough times before and a bad day does not define you.

Know, absolutely know, that no matter what happens today you are awesome. I can’t stress this enough. If you don’t go out everyday with a secret in your head (You don’t have to tell a single person!) that says I’m awesome, then why should anyone else believe it?

Your past, your experiences, your beliefs can all undermine that belief that you are awesome so look to all those times when you have truly rocked, when you achieved, when you came through adversity. And then lastly….

Keep people around you that will motivate, inspire and support you and remind you how awesomely saucesome you are! There will always be people that want to rain on your parade, outnumber them with the ones that believe in you and that will lead you to……

Smashing that glass ceiling in one of 2 ways;

Either with an all mighty big bang that smashes it to smithereens so that its disintegrated with nothing left. Its a big way to do it so ask yourself how you normally like to tackle things because the other way is…..

With little tiny taps, you will be able to slowly but surely break down the negativity and the issues that have created your glass ceiling so that it slowly cracks and those cracks will all join together until you find little chinks and a beautiful clear sky above.

I do hope that helps….Its just a starter, but just remember you’re awesome!


  • January 9, 2014

Oh Dear Stuart Agnew

This morning I had a call from the media asking me to comment on women making it to the top. According to a UKIP MEP women that had babies lacked career ambition.

Sorry? He should perhaps tell that to Sheryl Sandberg, CEO of Facebook or the amazing business women that I know at The Business Woman’s Network or perhaps to my business women clients, whose passion, determination and voracious ambition for success always impresses me.

Maybe because of the nature of my work empowering and helping business women to succeed I don’t come into contact with women of that nature. Or maybe its just not true?

As I said to the media today the fact is there are many factors that stop business women from fulfilling their true potential and having been on think tanks for the government I understand it is not just a one solution fits all problem.

But I think it speaks volumes about opinions on women in business that this creates such a stir.

In business we are really starting to appreciate the value of having women on the board, of the variety and diversity it brings to the board room and benefits it brings to the profit margins and the success of the organisation.

Opinions are powerful things and we need to all get on board on ensuring that women getting to the top is not a topic of sexuality but one of good for business.

As I’m sure you can imagine I’ve a lot of view points on this, but I will leave you with this today. Have you ever heard a business man get asked “How’s your work life balance?”

Makes you think right?

Power up your success and believe in you, because wow when you do, the sky really is the limit!

  • November 28, 2013

How I Deal With Comfort Zones – My Personal Story

This was a post I added to Twitter yesterday because I faced an obstacle to my success yesterday. Don’t think us coach’s don’t have to face business success demons too, because we really do!

And this was one of mine and how I have dealt with comfort zones for years because it works, and because of my success with dealing with comfort zones I know how important it is to remove these obstacles to your success.

Let me first describe what a comfort zone is. Imagine being all cozy in your duvet, its dark, the alarm has gone off, its cold, you can hear the rain hitting the window and you think……mmmm I could just stay here. But wait a minute what one minute feels like a great place to stay can quickly change.

Imagine you get to stay in bed a bit longer, but now you want to get up, suddenly that duvet is not warm and snuggly its firmly wrapped its way around you because you’ve been in there for so long and you are now trapped. That duvet is suddenly not so much your friend right?

That is a comfort zone. It can feel like a good place to be until you realise that it has actually trapped you and its stopping you from progressing in the success of your business. Not so fun now right?

So how do you fix it?

You can go the softly softly approach as some of my clients like. That way you can build up to the biggy by breaking it down into little bits. But that can be a longer process. For me its fast and it works to do it my way!

My saying has always been “I like to get so far out of my comfort zone that I can’t see it anymore!” Here is an example of this working and in action;

I was seriously ill and so I had not driven any further than the hospital since March 2012 to ensure I looked after my health. Back to work 2 and half months and recovering, as a Finalist in the Colchester Business Awards I had to attend an interview at one of the judges premises. For me this entailed a 45 minute journey. The longest since March 2012. But on top of that;

This year I was stationery at traffic lights and an articulated lorry decided it wanted to change lanes and didn’t notice me in my large estate car. it was really scary and then in the summer another large truck nearly drove us off the road in France. needless to say I’ve not been overly keen on being next to large vehicles that I’ve come to believe many of them don’t know I’m there! Was I keen to get on the A12 yesterday?

You see its all too easy if you stop doing things that suddenly your confidence can drop and a comfort zone is created.

So I dealt with it as I deal with any comfort zones, the biggest being my absolute fear of public speaking 6 years ago. I got so far out of my comfort zone that I could not see it any more.

I accept that it was just bad luck to have 2 lorries not pay attention to my large silver car in my life time. And I’m back on track.

So how could you utilise this idea for your success and to get rid of your comfort zones?

And what impact could it have on your success?

Do share your thoughts as I love hearing from you.





  • November 13, 2013

How To Fix Your Fear of Public Speaking (What I Actually Do!)

I used to be so petrified of public speaking that it felt like my necklace was bouncing off of my chest because my heart was beating that fast and loud. My palms were as Eminem said sweaty and I felt sick and I could hardly remember my name let alone what I wanted to say.

The likely hood of me being able to be brilliant and say something that would be useful and get people wanting to talk to me was highly unlikely since I felt so bad.Fear

But now I ADORE public speaking. I love to be asked to speak and I could do it for hours!

So I know first hand what that fear feels like and I also know how to fix it.

Here is an example of how I do that;

My fabulous business woman client has achieved such monumental levels of success and had been asked to deliver a short talk, but she knew that she did her best throughout her career to wrangle her way out of it every time. And now she realised that if she wanted to reach the next stage in her career she was going to have to deal with this fear, because potentially it had the ability to be an obstacle to her success and as we know, who wants one of those?

So we had a coaching session, the contents of which are private but I would like to share the analogy that really helped.

I asked her if she felt like she was on a path and that up ahead was a big brick wall blocking the path and that was her fear of public speaking. She agreed. With this analogy I was able to help her see that this one talk was not the be all and end all. It would not define her career and her success forever. It was part of the process it was not the end destination.

I was able to help her appreciate that in actual fact she did not have a fear of public speaking she had a fear of people getting the wrong impression of her. I did this by asking her how it would feel talking to 1000 school children instead of 200 of her peers and she could see that was something she could do and possibly enjoy. This helped her appreciate that it was inner belief about her ability, why she had been asked to deliver this talk and why she was quite frankly blooming awesome!
Reinforcing this enabled this wonderful business woman to see that this was not the defining moment in her career but in fact it was just one step in the continual pathway of her growing success and career.

I asked her to think about that pathway again and I said to her, is that in actual fact an obstacle in the road or as we get closer are you able to see it is just an illusion and we can walk right through it?

By this stage (Just over an hour and 20 minutes later) this fabulous business woman with the help of an action plan that included some physical things to do, some practical advice and all the amazing facts she had to remind herself to keep the positive image that I see of her to the fore front of her mind, she was able to see public speaking in a different light.

Now she was actually quite excited to do it and was already planning on when and where she could do it again!

That fabulous business women is what I will do for you!

This client knows that if she gets nervous before hand (and let’s be honest nerves are good, they say I’m about to do something I don’t normally do and I want to perform well and do my best.) she can text, phone, FB or Tweet me and I will be there to remind her how awesome she is and what she is truly capable of.

Because I will leave this as your last thought today, your brain is just a muscle like any other and if you do not exercise it regularly then it will get lazy. And when your brain gets lazy it slops into bad habits and into negativity. The great thing about this though is that it means it’s just a case of constantly reinforcing that you are amazing, you have achieved truly brilliant things and that you will continue to learn and go on to do even more brilliance. Cool right?

On the 22nd November I will be hosting a master class for business women on public speaking at The BWN and my co presenter will be a successful actress who has appeared on shows like Spooks, Eastenders and Hollywood films who will be sharing some great techniques to remain grounded and focussed on what you want to achieve. It is going to be awesome so do join us and there is plenty of time to talk about your business (since you will have dealt with your fear of public speaking!) and network too!

Here is the link to come along http://thebusinesswomansnetwork.co.uk/event/speak-up-public-speaking-for-the-nervous-and-terrified/

  • November 8, 2013

Stop Being A Catherine Wheel – Its Wrecking Your Focus

So in honour of Fireworks night (I do like a little bit of seasonal chatter and marketing don’t you?)

I’ve been working with a lot of clients recently who know what they should be doing but aren’t getting down to it. And then there are those very busy business women who have so many opportunities and so many ideas not a lot seems to happen but boy are they busy!

So is that like a Catherine Wheel.

Well think of your poor garden fence or garage door tomorrow night when you nail your Catherine Wheel to it. You are highly likely to end up with a brown burn mark where the Catherine Wheel spun around and around making a lovely pattern. But hang on a minute. If that Catherine Wheel was to be pointed in one direction it is highly likely it would be able to burn a whole right through your fence panel!

All that power focused and targeted in one direction and the results is very different. And that fabulous sparkly people  is what I see so often with many clients.

There are so many ways in which you could be growing your business and getting the success you want how do you work out where to focus your attention? How do you know the direction you have chosen is the right one?

So to stop you being a Catherine Wheel here are my cracking ideas to Be A Fired Up Focused Worker!

  1. Stand back from the big picture. you wouldn’t drive to the other end of the country without a plan, so plan now. What are you aiming to achieve? What is the end goal? How many more clients or customers? How much more money? How much more free time? Knowing the big picture is critically important – but don’t get bogged down in how you will achieve it. Just know what you want!
  2. Outline as many ideas as possible to lead you to your desired goal. Again don’t worry about time constraints or financial implications. Concentrate on the what if’s I could do anything.
  3. Now using that wish list of ideas look at the list with a critical eye and ask yourself what here do I know works? What could I replicate? Ideally, you will come up with a plan that ensures you are working in little steps to your goal, but that your eye is still on the big idea that you know could really rocket your business. Many of my clients call it putting it on the back burner. This is great because it allows the idea to bubble away while you stay focused on the big picture on what needs to happen now. But because that idea is there it ensures your subconscious is starting to process the why? the what’s? and the how to?s for you.
  4. Get realistic. If you have 2 jobs, a family, a pet, holiday plans, health problems, responsibilities, or a desire to not work 24 hours a day, factor in your life. Goals are achievable and remain on target when life is not something you forget to prioritise too. So with your list of ideas and your focussed approach what do you need to take into account? Have you promised someone you will be there for them? When you start to neglect other areas of your life it can cause a high level of stress and guilt and negativity can build up. And trust me they are not good for achieving your goals and lasting business success.
  5. Now take action. And remember you are not a Catherine Wheel! As new ideas and opportunities come to you (and they will, afterall you are gorgeously amazing!) you can ask yourself this critical question. Does this fit into my current goals for my business? If not have the confidence to say “No” Its a powerful word and it does not mean No forever. Just I’m sorry that does not fit in with my current business growth structure. People really admire a person with a clearly defined goal that they are going for. And it other people know your business goals, they can help you achieve them faster too!

I hope this helps you appreciate the damage it has been having on you as you can end up flittering from one thing to another, doing a little bit here, some marketing there, a little bit of networking, then a bit of this and bit of that.

Get focused and target your success – you sparkler you!

  • November 4, 2013
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