Oh Dear Stuart Agnew

This morning I had a call from the media asking me to comment on women making it to the top. According to a UKIP MEP women that had babies lacked career ambition.

Sorry? He should perhaps tell that to Sheryl Sandberg, CEO of Facebook or the amazing business women that I know at The Business Woman’s Network or perhaps to my business women clients, whose passion, determination and voracious ambition for success always impresses me.

Maybe because of the nature of my work empowering and helping business women to succeed I don’t come into contact with women of that nature. Or maybe its just not true?

As I said to the media today the fact is there are many factors that stop business women from fulfilling their true potential and having been on think tanks for the government I understand it is not just a one solution fits all problem.

But I think it speaks volumes about opinions on women in business that this creates such a stir.

In business we are really starting to appreciate the value of having women on the board, of the variety and diversity it brings to the board room and benefits it brings to the profit margins and the success of the organisation.

Opinions are powerful things and we need to all get on board on ensuring that women getting to the top is not a topic of sexuality but one of good for business.

As I’m sure you can imagine I’ve a lot of view points on this, but I will leave you with this today. Have you ever heard a business man get asked “How’s your work life balance?”

Makes you think right?

Power up your success and believe in you, because wow when you do, the sky really is the limit!

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