Does Your Business Need A Butt Kicking?

Not the easiest question to ask yourself right?

But the fact is more and more business women that work with me say “I need someone to kick my butt and make me do what I need to get on and do.” They know what they should be doing but don’t get on with it. And that is where I come in.

I see the same thing again and again just wrapped up in different packages. What is happening to a generation of clever, intelligent successful business women that stops them from taking the actions they know they should?

A number of things I would say;

Firstly, fear. If I was to tell you that taking a certain action would result in the desired effect you’re more likely to go ahead aren’t’ you?

If picking up the phone and making 10 phone calls would result in 3 sales, 2 leads and 1 meeting you would make those 10 calls right?

But it’s the unknown and the fear that stops you. And the irony is that every business woman that sits before me plays the What if game;

What if they aren’t interested?

What if they say no?

What if they put the phone down on me?

I like to play devils advacoate here and say silly things to help the business woman realise that the worst they could say is No. I say things like “What if they find out where you live and come round and make you do 50 sit ups and take away your phone?” The fact is the worst someone can do is say no, but the fact is we all fear rejection.

But what about if you played the What if game again in the positive way?

What if they said yes?

What if they’d missed your email and are really pleased that you called?

What if they wanted to buy from you?

What if they wanted to place an order?

Another reason business women fail to take action is because there are too many choices on the table.

As a business owner you have to make the decisions about what direction to take your business in.

What opportunity to develop.

What goals to set and achieve. Which is great, but what about when new opportunities, directions and goals come along?

It’s all too easy to get side swiped and find yourself completely off track. Working with a coach means you KNOW what you want to achieve and you keep on track. And that leads to faster, easier results.

The last thing I would say about kick butting is because us business women can talk ourselves into and out of anything.

Clever right?

But not when it stands to get in the way of your success.

If you hate doing something either learn to like it, learn to do it well or delegate it to someone else.

If you don’t know how to do something ask yourself is this really difficult or am I blowing this out of proportion?

Studies have been carried out time and time again that show when someone believes they are no good with numbers, guess what they are no good with numbers. Do you tell yourself “I’m rubbish with names” Guess what that does to your ability to remember names?

Butt kicking with me comes in many forms. Some business women need a really delicate kind approach and they get that, but many business women want to feel like they are being challeneged to raise their game and get the results.

So if you don’t have the investment to stretch to a coach like me. Ask yourself who can you rely on to be accountable to?

Who can you trust to challenge you?

Ask yourself if your favourite teacher/aunt/best friend was sat before you now would you pleased with the look on their face as you told them what you had achieved. Or would you feel that deep thud in your heart as they look at you with disappointment because they know you are capable of so much more?

Guilt won’t get you there. Butt kicking will!

So chose your butt kicking style for your business and let me know the improvement in results you get.

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