Why You Procrastinate Instead Of Get Proactive

In my mentoring groups nothing is off limits and I will happily talk and work through what ever needs to be dealt with to help business women achieve success. And this week I think its possible it could mirror something I’ve seen happen for business women time and time again.

You see quite often the reason your business is not flying high and your not feeling the success you wants, is not an issue of skills lacking from your repertoire, it’s more a case of the mind set has not caught up to where you are  yet.

Have you ever found your self not taking the action that you know would work?

Did you wonder why you didn’t do it?

You know that if you pick up the phone or put into action the marketing strategy you’ve decided on you would get more sales and success and yet you don’t take the action. Ever wondered why?

I’ve seen it so often and here’s the good news, it’s not impossible to cure.

If it’s any consolation this doesn’t happen just at work, it happens in all areas of our life. And this post came about because I realised I do it too!
For me I was sat here this morning working away and I realised I had not taken my medicine. I’ve Lupus and been on drugs since they discovered that golden nugget last year. This medicine keeps me well and healthy and I must take it at the same time every day otherwise it can get a tad unfun (see the choice of words here. I won’t let words take power over me!) and yet I don’t like taking them. Its just 8 tablets. What’s the big deal?

And yet every day I delay taking them. I procrastinate. I know they will work for me and yet I delay. What’s that all about?

Its not a skill set issue, I know that they will work. Its a mind set issue. For me taking medicine is a bit like giving up. When I was at my most poorly I had to give in and take serious medicine that left me so high and out of it. But it was the only way to cope with the agony. So for me taking medicine is like giving up. If I took medicine when I was really ill it would mean that my husband would have to step in on school run duties and everything else as I couldn’t even walk. So for me taking medicine triggers that automatic thought process in my brain that says “Mandie your poor husband is doing it all and your laying there doing nothing Lazy Bones!”

Now why do I share something so personal with you?

The reason is that I see it so often that business women dismiss the power of thoughts on their success. Understanding the automatic thought processes that you allow to run  in your brain will help you understand what causes you to procrastinate.

Now I understand the automatic thought process I’ve created when it comes to taking my medicine I now choose to create a new thought process. One that empowers me into targeted action rather than one that robs me of it.

Ask yourself when it comes to the things I procrastinate about, what are they first of all?

Now ask yourself what do I automatically think?

Our brains can easily become lazy so ask yourself what automatic thoughts happen here?

Its a bit like lightening – a thought does not just go from A to B, a thought flashes in many directions and will hit on past memories and experiences and thoughts without you even realising its happening.

And don’t dismiss how powerfully this can impact on your success.

A true coach is not just a business expert and leader they will have a qualification and extensive experience of coaching. The ability to read between lines and spot those little micro expressions that give away your deepest fears and regrets without you even realising you’ve done it. And then use their extensive coaching tool kit to help you change it.

Its the little thought in the back of your mind that has been impacting on your true ability to get what you want.

And don’t doubt how powerful this can be. I had a client who I saw the third time and said “I’m sorry I don’t think we can work together any more, because we are creating these awesome plans of action and then you are coming back to me with excuses as to why its’ not happened. Its wasting your time and money and makes me look like I can’t help you. So what’s got to change?” Sounds harsh but I knew this business woman needed challenging on what the real issue was.

The outcome was that we didn’t come up with things to do in her business, we spent the session looking at what she beleieved about herself. Her plan of action for this session gave her the ability to change her perception of herself. And wow what a transformation when I saw her at her next session! And not just in her but in her sales too!

So play mini coach on yourself and ask yourself these questions.

Then decide what new thought are you going to introduce?

Get stuck?

Hop on by my Facebook page and have a chat or really have a chat – 07989 935556

Lets power up your success.


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