how to make sales on the beach with your phone turned off

What you can achieve in 4 weeks with your phone on flight mode – Flat out!

I get a bit nervous in July when I start to tell clients and organisations that I work with that I won’t be around for a month. They tend to think I’m joking, “you will be checking your emails right?” “No I say, I’m really taking a month off.”

The nervousness sets in because as someone who cares deeply about your success I worry that I will let someone down, however as I’ve come to learn (and trust) those that I work with care as much about me as I do about them. Even the big speaking engagements lined up for 2018 and the secrets that I can’t wait to tell you about had no issue with me not replying to them for four weeks. The usual reply was “Mandie you work hard, go and enjoy yourself.” And that I think is so important as a coach and person employed to help others appreciate what they can achieve with the right mindset and actions, is that I actually walk the walk. And so Chapter 12 of my book where I talk about that fear so many have of taking time off, is really not an issue for me. Yes, you need to put things in place before you go, however, I really didn’t work on holiday. I really dedicated my time to my family and all those fun pursuits that actually lead to a clear mind fired up and ready for anything with a ton of creative ideas raring to go.And guess what that does for your success!

Here are just some things that I achieved while I was on a beach or canoeing or painting, or reading, well you get the idea….

My book has had the rights sold to another publisher resulting in additional royalties.

I made £££’s on Paypal.

I gained an overseas speaking engagement in a castle.

People signed up to The Business Womans Network Insiders secret growth group.

I had over 100 invites to connect on LinkedIn and already some are becoming useful and I can see work on the horizon from these new contacts.

People shared images of themselves with my book on beaches around the world, many times! (Guess what that does to sales!)

I made ticket sales and exhibition stand sales for my BWN events.

I had new subscribers to my websites (too many to count!)

I gained free exposure at a huge event for my charity of the year.

My online courses were purchased.

I have been asked to write for an organisation and get paid to do it – fun!

I sold sponsored slots for other people’s events.

I gained a free holiday. (They want to learn more about me and my work!)

I gained a national broadsheet journalist contact who wishes to quote me in the future.

I gained 4 speaking engagements.

And gained contracts for 2 clients.

Not bad for not even having a laptop with me! So when I say I know how to grow your personal and professional success I know I really do. And if you want some of that my courses start from £7. Work at your own pace, achieve more and if you are Insider then you can get some free additional support anytime too.

Why do I charge so little for my courses? Well because my ethos is that I wish to help as many people increase sales, confidence and success without spending a sack of cash. And with my books and courses, I know this to be true. I rely heavily on my Marketing Production Line to grow my business and I know it works powerfully even for those who haven’t a clue what to write or how to implement it,

I know that what helped me to be asked to write a book by the UK’s leading non fiction publishers, works!

I also know that a lack of confidence can kill your actions and results and ultimately your success and so I use the tools in the confidence course on myself too!

And because I’m some one that always over delivers for my clients, for those that really struggle with powerful content, words and actions to get what you want I’ve created this bonus gift with any course. The top 111 pain and pleasure power words that make people want to know more, click the button and buy!

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