Mandie holgate sales mountain

Mandie’s Sales Mountain

People often ask me “How can we get people to spend more with us?” and my Sales Mountain is a great way to help people to climb your sales mountain.

Get this right and people don’t just buy once, they become brand ambassadors (telling everyone!) And it enables you to up sell, side sell and re sell – with less effort!

Take the time to answer the questions on each level of Mandie’s Sales Mountain and this information can be then transferred to your marketing strategy and drives the content you create, the style of communication and what products and services you offer.

Often people have great ideas but limited connection between everything. The more powerful and succinct your message, the easier it is for customers to see why they should buy from you and how they can do that.

And it is important to remember that people like to hold on to their beliefs – so their “No’s” on why they aren’t buying won’t be fixed by you selling at them. You have to enable them to explore this for themselves, in a low risk, safe way so that they change their mind naturally – the science and psychology of a sale is fascinating and getting your sales mountain right makes that happen.

In my new course that looks at how to find your target audiences the sales mountain is great for helping you speak in different ways to different audiences and even ensure you manage your time better – spending the most time with the people that spend the most – a mistake many businesses make is investing hard in trying to change people’s mind. It rarely works that way and you can quickly become a busy fool.

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Mandie holgate sales mountain

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