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Just a thought on follow up that could revolutionise your business

I had an epiphany.

Did you know there are 17 ways to get in touch with me!

You can;

  • Message my Facebook Profile.
  • Message me on my The Business Womans Network page.
  • Message me on my Mandie Holgate page.
  • Message me via this site.
  • Email me via my account.
  • Email me via my account.
  • Email me via
  • Text me.
  • Whatsap me.
  • Send me a message via my @BWNcouk Twitter account.
  • Send me a message via my @Mandieholgate Twitter account.

Bear with me there is a point to this list…

  • Send me a message via my Instagram account @Mandieholgate
  • Send me a message via my Instagram account @thebusinesswomansnetworkuk
  • Send me a message via Pinterest.
  • Send me a message via The Business Womans Network on Google My Business or even my Mandie Holgate GMB account.

You could even leave me a voice message on that old fashioned landline.

The point is, there are various methods to get in touch and yet even in lock in (I prefer Lock in to Lockdown – sounds more fun, that’s a story for another time!) I find that people don’t get in touch, even when they want to.

I often hear “I wanted to speak to you about this” and then they add “But I didn’t like to trouble you.”

Don’t let your own hang ups and incorrect beliefs stop you from phoning people.

Whether it’s because you emailed them and you’ve not had a reply, or whether you just want to see how someone is, pick up the phone, message them, send them a letter heck if you own pigeons send one of those, but don’t miss out on what you need because you were holding on to an incorrect belief. It can seriously damage your happiness and success.

Want proof?

Mrs X had put in a proposal to work with a company and they’d heard nothing – after working with me they picked up the phone stopped stressing they would look desperate and got the contract – in fact the customer said “I’m so glad you called, I’ve been meaning to get in touch.”

Mr X knew things weren’t working well in the office and they had ideas on how to fix it, the only issue was that they didn’t want to look like they were negative and not a team player – after coaching with me they realised they weren’t going to turn to their boss and tell them they were rubbish, and the company sucked, they had genuine ideas to help with productivity of the company and found a constructive way to present these ideas that were very well received. Guess what that did for their career?

Miss X had an endless conversation battering her in her head that said she had upset someone and she couldn’t get it out of her head, it was upsetting her whole life, when she should be working, her mind was elsewhere and if she was having fun it would hit her as a negative comment, she came to me with this overloaded brain and after coaching she contacted the person in question with a long message saying how sorry she was and that it was something she never wanted to see happen and it had been so hard to write this message etc, etc….the recipient didn’t have a clue what she was talking about. In fact the recipient said “If you had upset me, I would have told you.” Can you imagine the relief?

I see this happening in people’s lives all the time, they let their perception of reality, their beliefs (usually limiting ones) and their experiences taint the moment to obscure it into a negative outcome.

So come on reader, pick up the phone!

I make my coaching clients do this all the time and it’s led to some amazing results. Alas most of those are confidential but I can tell you clients have been able to;

  • Start charging fees they never thought anyone would pay.
  • They’ve been able to secure contracts with organisations that they thought wouldn’t touch their little company with a barge pole.
  • They’ve been able to get their dream jobs.
  • Been able to secure promotions because they found their voice.

Find your voice, consider the best way to contact that person and if you don’t hear from them, get in touch again. With 17 ways of connecting with me, it’s not surprising we miss messages!

If you put this into action and get results I would be terribly grateful if you would leave a small donation on this blog – check out the little box at the top on your right, thank you. Writers need pennies too. And if you would like more help I own an amazing mastermind group that is only £5 a month and I’d love to welcome you too.

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