How confidence boosting boosts profits, opportunities and careers

People look at me and think “Wow, she’s mega confident” what they don’t know is that I wasn’t.

I used to be very shy and naturally I am a shy person, who while loving company and conversation would freeze up in social situations and could easily make an excuse to not go out.

I can still be at risk of this and know that confidence is not something you set once to epic, and it will always remain there.

I hope it helps you to know that I was so lacking in confidence years ago I’d feign a phone call just to get out of delivering a 60 seconds!

Whereas now you could ask me to speak last minute at a conference of thousands and I’d be happily on that stage for hours.

I know how to boost confidence fast and I know how to spot what is holding someone back. In my experience (and it’s extensive around this subject) when you boost the person, the profits are so often the first thing that follows.

I have hundreds of case studies (possibly even thousands) of examples of business owners, bosses, professionals and employees who I have helped to boost their confidence and within a very short amount of time it’s been like magic how quickly great tangible things have happened;

The receptionist who was fast tracked to the board of directors after 2 x 2-hour sessions with me – that one still impresses me, they were amazing!

The business owner who was struggling to make sales, who went on to make a lot of sales (around the world) and host events with top classical musicians in attendance.

The boss who hated confrontation and felt undermined and overworked who through my coaching course and 1 coaching session, altered the way they viewed themselves and like magic, everyone was doing as they were asked.

My favourite will always be the client who was unimpressed that our first session had incorporated some of the modules from my confidence course around appreciating why you are awesome. I’d not even got back to the office, and I received a call with a very angry client on the end of it “I told you I needed to grow my business, and I needed more sales and all we did was talk about me!”

I told them, if you aren’t happy, don’t pay me. Within a week they called me to arrange another session because they’d realised that while the marketing and business model was not as good as it could be, the real issue had been them. Us business owners so often stand in our own way! I went back to their office a week later and it was like meeting a different person!

They looked slimmer, happier and had an outfit on that they said made them feel amazing. They were still struggling to get their head around the fact that changing the way they viewed themselves had equated to a lot of additional sales. (As with many business owners, they’d been hiding. Afraid of standing out. Afraid of upsetting someone. Afraid of being “caught out”. The confidence strategies I use helped them see this and work to remedy the problem, on a permanent basis.)

So, while I’m not going to give you the confidence course for free (Insiders get 50% off this course, and that’s generous right?) I will share 1 strategy from the confidence boosting course and one warning sign for you to watch out for.

Warning sign;

Have you noticed in some situations you are confident and others you are not? What’s the difference? If you want to explore this more, post your thoughts to the Insiders, my confidential mastermind group and I will guide you to understand why this is important, what you can do about it and the power there is in this knowledge.

A strategy;

On an A4 piece of paper write why you are awesome. On both sides, and no you can’t use huge writing!

List achievements. Praise from customers or colleagues. Travel adventures. Business accolades The lot, and if you can’t think of anything or run out of things after 5 lines then I can tell you that one of your issues is that you are not appreciating how amazing you are already.

People look to change who and what they are, that’s crazy. You are who you are! Honour that. Own that. Love that. That is part of the power to unlocking how to be confident no matter what.

I promise to stand by your side and guide you on how to be permanently confident no matter how much life throws you around.

You’ve a number of options;

1. Post to Insiders for help and use the magnifying glass to look at past training and webinars. Then tag me for additional ideas.

2. 1 2 1 coaching. £450 a session.

4. Small group coaching 6 to 10 people.

Half day £275

Full day £450

(Face to face or virtual).

5. Confidence virtual course. £125.…/how-to…/

The first step to boosting your confidence is reading this article, the second step is up to you?

What will you choose?

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