Words Getting Me In Trouble….But Sales Still Come In

Here is one to make you laugh.

My website was redesigned September 2013 and I’ve been successfully getting leads and sales for my business since then. So imagine my surprise when a business woman on a course I’m running for a local enterprise agency tries to get my subtle attention and says “I hope you don’t mind me saying but there is a mistake on your website.”

This business woman is new to business and possibly new to me. So maybe she doesn’t yet know how open I am to ideas and criticism. I see it as a chance to do more, improve and offer a better service.

I think having worked with me for 6 weeks she had sussed this so imagine my surprise and my laughter when she shared this.

“I think you meant to say ‘Helping you overcome your debilitating fear of public speaking having helped many business owners in one session get over their fear’ when in actual fact you’ve written “Helping you overcome your Depilating fear of public speaking!”

Wow how funny!

To help you overcome your fear of public speaking I’m going to get rid of your hair!

The reason I share this with you is 2 fold;

1. To highlight the meticulous detailed eye that Zoe Bamford has, and I will no doubt trust her to look after my VA needs in the future. *

2. Your words do not have to be perfect but they do need to be out there. So many business owners put off getting their press release, website, email campaigns, blog articles, or social media content out there because they are worried its “Not quite right” which in effect means you are talking to no one. You are helping no one and you are sharing nothing! Did my hilarious mistake cost me business? I believe not, having had the opportunity to help lots of business owners overcome their fears of public speaking along with other business fears. But I was sharing useful, relevant content.

So you’ve wrote some useful great content, now get it out there!

*And just to plug Zoe Bamford from Day 2 Day PA again. Here is a link to her website (which she made all on her own. Just goes to show you doesn’t it!) http://day2day-pa.com/

Twitter – https://twitter.com/Day2DayPA 

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/Day2DayPA 

(Do go and say hi to Zoe who is new to running her own business and will be at The Business Womans Network too, so Zoe gets to know you and your business.)

This is the kind of thing that I tell business owners to get on with at my 2 day training programme that is kindly funded by Anglia Ruskin University thanks to Low Carbon Funding. The last course is in December and there is one place left if you fancy powering up your business for 2015, do join me. Book here – http://www.mandieholgate.co.uk/events-and-training/ 

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