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Here I share strategies  and ideas that I know work with coaching clients

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Emotional Baggage - what's it doing to your performance, resilience and happiness?

Emotional Baggage – what’s it doing to your performance, resilience and happiness?

In my latest article for Lifehack I look at how I see emotional baggage impact on people in their personal ...
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A coaching clients story...

A coaching clients story…

This clients story takes us from late 2019 to mid 2020. We are still working together, however these are the ...
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Hump day.

Hump, Dump, Bump or Pump Day?

Okay, it’s been on my mind for some time; Hump Day. I hate it. No, I don’t hate Wednesday’s I ...
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ken watanabe nhk world

Your Resilience & the costliest disaster in history – key lessons for us all

10 years ago I like millions of others watched as waves often over 25 metres high smashed into Japan. I ...
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Burnt out - Overwhelmed, Overloaded and Overworked.

Burnt out – Overwhelmed, Overloaded and Overworked.

My client glared at me and I was not sure if they were going to hit me or sob on ...
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don't know how to sell well mandie holgate

Struggling to produce solutions for you and your team?

Do you find yourself struggling to understand how you can be confident at work but not at home or vice ...
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mandie holgate how to host meetings

How to deal with clicky environments and meetings & feel comfortable anywhere

In a room full of people you can just as easily feel totally alone or totally loved - every one ...
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how to control the uncontrollable

Intro into – How to Control the uncontrollable.

In my first article for The Human Resources Report I outline how to control the uncontrollable. In a time before ...
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what coaching does

A coaching journey

Here the wonderful Sheena Ramgobin talks about why she came to me for coaching that started in March 2020. Sheena ...
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