Words Have Power - How To Harness That Power in Business, Leadership and Life

Words Have Power – How To Harness That Power in Business, Leadership and Life

There are so many powerful strategies in this short video!

One of the reasons I can go into a business and make tangible changes in hours is because I understand the power of words;

  • 1. The power of words we hold over ourselves.
  • 2. The power of words we use against others.

By understanding how words are impacting on people you can bring profound change, respect, appreciation, loyalty and innovation fast.

People dismiss my ability to be a cheerleader (Until they see it in action in a team or indivdiual!); however, I know that to make amazing things happen, first that person has to have someone else’s belief in them (if they lack internal confidence). One young employee was lucky enough to have a senior manager who could see their potential but didn’t know how to unlock it. We had 3 sessions together and in one year that person went from reception to fast track board room. If that is not the power of words I don’t know what is!

In this way I also altered the words for five students this summer, and they are all in their first placements, when they couldn’t even get an interview! One went from having no hope and was considering any job and ended up with interviews for Glover, BMW, and Mattell. I promise you all I did was change words – words they wrote, words they thought, words they said!

In this way a boss was able to stop working 90 hour weeks because they altered the power of the words of their employees and how they used words in return.

In case you are wondering about Mohammed’s Son, he didn’t do it to spite his Dad, he did it to test boundaries. He did it to see if the words had power or were just words that were often said that rarely had any follow up.

We all do this every day and if someone doesn’t communicate in a way that is powerful to us we wont hear them or respond as they wish.

Notice how great speakers act? They bring emotion, they make you feel tangibly connected to the words they use. Words do have true power. (How many times have you read one of my posts, articles or books and thought “Mandie gets it!” And that’s because I genuinely hear your words and want you to know you have a cheerleader and someone that absolutely knows there is a solution to a better way. I’ve found it 100,000 times (at least!)

Remember words can’t have power over you unless you let them and altering the power of words WILL make your life and business better!

And lastly remember that we ALL have this power EVERY day to use words powerfully.

That’s how I always live. Wouldn’t it be amazing if we all appreciated and did this?

How it could change businesses, communities, countries and our world?

If this has peaked your interest in how a speaking engagement or training session with me could help you, your organisation and team, please do not hesitate to email me and ask me anything. Literally anything!

If you ask me my weight or accountant or coach’s name, that’s about all I won’t tell you!

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