How to rocket your confidence and launch a business

How to rocket your confidence and launch a business

I recently delivered a speaking engagement at Anglia Ruskin University to support students to appreciate what is needed to start your own business.

  • This could be to assist with the cost of living.
  • Reduce the debt faced when you finish your degree and start in your career.
  • This could be as a result of your degree.
  • Or a side hustle that you’d like to set up.

In my experience, many established businesses fail to research and understand the impact of the following information;

  • With a great marketing strategy, fantastic product but no faith in yourself or self belief, you will damage your success and your profits! I’ve seen an improvement in confidence directly impact actions and thus profits many times.
  • With a great product or service, tonnes of self-belief, but a lack of research or a poor business plan, you could still fail to hit your profit and business targets. (And be a very busy fool!)
  • You could have a great business plan, a great product and a great level of confidence, however fail to connect to the right target audience and you could still fail! (And feel like quitting!)

I have a mountain of ways I can support students, professionals, and business owners and their teams to sustainable businesses that are growing no matter what. I write every speaking engagement especially for that audience. And all training courses can be delivered as 1 to 5 day training programme too for your team.

Further resources available to you;

  • Free blog articles.
  • How to quit the day job and launch your own business course.
  • Confidence course.
  • Books.
  • Mastermind group. This includes free promotion, mentoring, training and coaching.
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