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I work with thousands of different people, in so many ways, looking at so many subjects, and ultimately coaching is about making your brain work smarter. The way you think impacts on your results.

As I research new ideas and theories for clients I bring some of those practices to my blog so you can get some of these life changing ideas for free.

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what coaching does

A coaching journey

Here the wonderful Sheena Ramgobin talks about why she came to me for coaching that started in March 2020. Sheena ...
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How to appreciate your awesomeness and it's power to your success

How to appreciate your awesomeness and it’s power to your success

In this short video I share a strategy I use with clients from individuals wanting to get in that board ...
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bench mark graph to understand your leadership skills

Dealing with pressures on you and your team

There has never been more pressures on you and your team. Since March I’ve seen these issues increasing in teams ...
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6 things to do for your business in a lock down

Do you feel like everyone knows how to make you more successful in this lockdown? Flashy sites and powerful words ...
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How to make 500% more profit in 5 months

We all like proof don't we, so here's some. When I first realised the percentage of increase my coaching client ...
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Why The Secret is not working for you

Why The Secret is not working for you

Can you really manifest anything you want? If you’ve ever read about manifesting what you want in life (bear with ...
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Coaching your team in tough times

How to reduce absenteeism to zero

According to the Centre for disease control and prevention over 40% of US citizens reported mental health challenges in June ...
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Why Constantly Judging Others Is No Good For You

Why Constantly Judging Others Is No Good For You

Here in my latest article for Lifehack I explore how judging others can impact on your success. How it can ...
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Results Day - What you need to know

Results Day – What you need to know

Every year we see students excitedly opening their results on our TV Screens, some with joy, some with devastation. Whatever ...
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