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fears spiders up your nose

Spiders up your nose

Do you know that moment between asleep and awake when you are not sure if what is going on is ...
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Mandie Holgate algorithm for success

A little algorithm that could change your life (and your results!)

An interesting little question that I helped a client create this week has had massive levels of impact on their ...
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I'm bored

How to survive the Summer Holidays AND grow you and your children’s success!

Woohoo it’s Summer, the kids are out of school, ice-lollies, sun cream and screeches of excitable kids running through sprinkles, ...
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Bench Mark Graph - Where am I?

Bench Mark Graph – Where am I?

I often find that someone sits before me in a coaching session and doesn't have a clue what is wrong ...
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Mandie Holgate coach and author flat out

3 silly mistakes that damage your happiness

My client knocked at my door, totally dejected and like the metaphorically worlds problems were their fault and problems to ...
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Do you need to be suited and booted to get the big contracts?

Do you need to be suited and booted to get the big contracts?

It’s a good gauge that if more than a handful of people ask a question then you should help them ...
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Social Media - The Foundation Needs - Speaking Engagement Slides

Social Media – The Foundation Needs – Speaking Engagement Slides

Recenly I spoke for one of the worlds largest employers about the basics of successful social media. I don't claim to ...
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Fear to confidence ratio with Mandie Holgate

4 signs that your confidence levels are impacting on your success

Over the years I’ve helped thousands of people to increase their confidence, not just because it’s a nice thing to ...
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Mandie Holgate Me too

Me too?

When the #Metoo campaign became common knowledge last year I realised how lucky I was to never have experienced sexual ...
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