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Achieving Your Goals Without Magic Wands

  •  Visualise your goals.
  • How will you monitor your success?
  • What is your natural style? Work with that!
  • How will you stop the Catherine wheel effect and stay focussed? (Read The Catherine Wheel Effect here.)
  • How will you stay motivated on a tough day?  Know the who, what, how???
  • What is your internal voice saying?
  • Keep it in check!
  • Check your confidence levels.
  • How will you boost them?
  • Tweet me for a boost – @Mandieholgate
  • DPD – Determination, Passion, and Dedication will get you there if you have self belief. How will you power up yours?




  • January 15, 2015

Does Your Business Need A Butt Kicking?

Not the easiest question to ask yourself right?

But the fact is more and more business women that work with me say “I need someone to kick my butt and make me do what I need to get on and do.” They know what they should be doing but don’t get on with it. And that is where I come in.

I see the same thing again and again just wrapped up in different packages. What is happening to a generation of clever, intelligent successful business women that stops them from taking the actions they know they should?

A number of things I would say;

Firstly, fear. If I was to tell you that taking a certain action would result in the desired effect you’re more likely to go ahead aren’t’ you?

If picking up the phone and making 10 phone calls would result in 3 sales, 2 leads and 1 meeting you would make those 10 calls right?

But it’s the unknown and the fear that stops you. And the irony is that every business woman that sits before me plays the What if game;

What if they aren’t interested?

What if they say no?

What if they put the phone down on me?

I like to play devils advacoate here and say silly things to help the business woman realise that the worst they could say is No. I say things like “What if they find out where you live and come round and make you do 50 sit ups and take away your phone?” The fact is the worst someone can do is say no, but the fact is we all fear rejection.

But what about if you played the What if game again in the positive way?

What if they said yes?

What if they’d missed your email and are really pleased that you called?

What if they wanted to buy from you?

What if they wanted to place an order?

Another reason business women fail to take action is because there are too many choices on the table.

As a business owner you have to make the decisions about what direction to take your business in.

What opportunity to develop.

What goals to set and achieve. Which is great, but what about when new opportunities, directions and goals come along?

It’s all too easy to get side swiped and find yourself completely off track. Working with a coach means you KNOW what you want to achieve and you keep on track. And that leads to faster, easier results.

The last thing I would say about kick butting is because us business women can talk ourselves into and out of anything.

Clever right?

But not when it stands to get in the way of your success.

If you hate doing something either learn to like it, learn to do it well or delegate it to someone else.

If you don’t know how to do something ask yourself is this really difficult or am I blowing this out of proportion?

Studies have been carried out time and time again that show when someone believes they are no good with numbers, guess what they are no good with numbers. Do you tell yourself “I’m rubbish with names” Guess what that does to your ability to remember names?

Butt kicking with me comes in many forms. Some business women need a really delicate kind approach and they get that, but many business women want to feel like they are being challeneged to raise their game and get the results.

So if you don’t have the investment to stretch to a coach like me. Ask yourself who can you rely on to be accountable to?

Who can you trust to challenge you?

Ask yourself if your favourite teacher/aunt/best friend was sat before you now would you pleased with the look on their face as you told them what you had achieved. Or would you feel that deep thud in your heart as they look at you with disappointment because they know you are capable of so much more?

Guilt won’t get you there. Butt kicking will!

So chose your butt kicking style for your business and let me know the improvement in results you get.

  • October 4, 2014

More Sales Please

I’ve been doing some research with The Business Womans Network to find out what business women really want and so far as well as being incredibly interesting reading we are learning that time & stress management and work life balance are still an issue close to many of yours heart but ultimately the thing in business you worry most about is those sales.

For someone that finds the sales process almost an art form to be enjoyed it makes me sad to think that its an obstacle to so many business women’s success. And I think one of the biggest reasons I feel like that is because the fact is sales really is not rocket science.

When you “get sales” you know what I am saying in the above statement, because sales become natural. Sales don’t become a bitter battle, a fight and a stress but a joy and a pleasure. An aspect of your business that you genuinely look forward to because you understand the process and what to not do and how to make it happen and it just all flows beautifully.

Rubbish you say? Sales ARE HARD WORK you say?

Well if sales ARE hard work, start by looking at your sales process?

Do you sell?

A really important thing to remember to achieve great levels of sales (and success) is to stop selling. No one on the planet wants to be sold at. I think I would struggle to find 1 person that enjoys receiving a sales call. Everyone is busy and there are a million reasons why they would rather be doing anything that listen to you sell at them. So stop selling at people. Start learning about people and think about them. Be on other peoples agenda, not yours.

As brilliantly awesome and amazing as your products and services are, the person you are talking to has successfully got to this stage in their life without needing them, so stop selling.

Have I said that enough yet?

When you get noisy and genuinely care about the people in your network you create value and when you create value you create relationships. Your aim is not to sell but to learn and care. This approach works. Remember people buy from people.

And a little reassurance that this really does work. I rarely tell people what I do, but wherever I go someone will tell me “You’re the person that helps motivate aren’t you?” or “You helped so and so increase their sales didn’t you?”  or “You can tell you are working with “A business” because they are suddenly everywhere and doing very well!” I don’t have to dance on table tops telling people what I do. Let your current customers get out there and be your sound pieces on why your products and services are brilliant. You concentrate on giving real value and time to the people you meet and see where that could lead you….

Value Added Marketing – it’s what we will all be talking about, trust me!

  • September 8, 2014

Oi Fatty!

Not the best headline right?

But it got your attention no doubt!
The fact is we all have days where we actually say this kind of thing to ourselves.

We look in the mirror and we berate our appearance, we moan at our stomach’s, our thighs or our wrinkles. Now let me ask you this,  “Is that likely to power up your day or rob you of your inner strength, belief and confidence?

And now with my business coach wanting more success for you hat on What does that do to your success rate? To your ability to pick up the phone and ask for the sale? To present and win that contract? To get out there and make it happen?

I say this because this week I shared with a vibrant, vivacious, professional business woman who during our session confessed to feeling like she was a “bit of a fraud” and so when the coaching session had finished, (I never interrupt a clients thoughts with my own, I only share after the session if they wish me to) I shared with her something rather personal.

I told her how I had just stood up in front of a room full of business women and I said I knew to those business women I’m a professional natural public speaker who oozes confidence. I know those business women see me that way because many come up to me after a public speaking engagement and say “I wish I could stand up there and be a natural like you.” I told this business woman how on this occasion I had to employ my own public speaking tricks to get me through it. This lady had been in the audience and she looked shocked. “Really?” she said. “You!” It shocked her that I could feel anything other than confident and successful. So I shared with her what I share with you now and it is personal, but I share so that you can see that it effects every single woman. From the Mum at the school gate and the Home Secretary to the business women about to present;

I have Lupus and its a balancing act to look after my health, the medicines and also ignore it all and get on with my wonderful life. My theory is I’m having far too much fun to pay attention to an illness. But it can be a bit tough when your hairs falling out, your face turns into a balloon and you struggle with a ton of rather un fun side effects from the drugs and Lupus. Most of the time I smile and say “Hey I’m not stuck in bed on Morphine, so its all good!” Well I was, so I know I’m not lying right? But the fact is sometimes, the physical differences Lupus has caused upset me. I miss looking in the mirror and liking my appearance. I’m not vain but it was hard to have my hair cut into a style I didn’t want just to disguise the hair loss. And when I stood on that stage in front of those women I had somehow lost my inner strength to not care, to rise above it. But here is the thing. I can bring it back, I can know and love me again in a second. I just have to create the right thought in my head and I’m back on track, as I was that day.

I suppose that is where I differ from so many awesome business women, in that I don’t allow a negative thought to hang around. I appreciate my brain is a powerful computer that I can reprogram so that it works in the way I want it to.

So fabulous business women (because lets be honest, you are!) here is my advice to you.

When you have to present or speak to an audience that could potentially deliver more  business to you and thus it feels more important and you feel pressurised. Start with the end. Imagine yourself walking out of the room thinking “Woohoo, nailed it!” See yourself driving back down the road grinning from ear to ear singing along to the radio thinking “Got the contract!”

Practice. Okay so you know that right? But practice in front of a mirror, it will feel so odd, but right away you gain an audience. It will help you, trust me.

Now I could carry on sharing the tips for the public speaking, but the fact is THE most important tip I can share with you, is the one that you take into every aspect of your business, into every goal, ambition or obstacle and it is this;

Believe in you, trust you, like and love you and know that you are awesome. One of the biggest parts of my job as a coach to business women is helping business women appreciate just how chuffing amazing they are. When I’ve helped them appreciate how amazingly awesome they are we can quickly start achieving together because the biggest barrier has been broken.

So look in the mirror and say “Hey good looking, how shall we rule the world today?” give yourself a smile (there are physical reasons why you should do that too!) and get out there and make it happen. And when that negative thought sneaks in, kick it right back out again, because trust me, it will really impact on your success!
I hope sharing a personal story helps you and if you would like to power up your public speaking, how you deal with phone calls to get the results you want (and the meetings and the contracts) and if you would like to speak effectively everywhere, join me on Tuesday when I will be spending the whole morning with business men and women helping them do just that and more!

Learn more here – https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/powerful-communications-for-business-success-anywhere-tickets-9457133541 there are a couple of places left and it would be great to be working with you.

  • June 21, 2014

Not The Prettiest Blog Post But Could Be Good For Sales via Linkedin

So remember;

Have a genuine reason for being in touch.

Only engage with people that you are already getting to know online, off line and who genuinely want to be hearing from you – don’t waste people’s precious time to tell them all about your website!

If you use the right copy then this could lead to sales as it does for me.

Let me know how you get on.

07989 935556

(Everything I share is low cost / no cost and just like this blog it may not be the prettiest but boy does it work. So call me today so I can be helping you too!)

BTW don’t tell me you don’t have time to video blog, this short film, blog and the social media took me less than 15 minutes to do!

  • May 29, 2014

Taking Care Of Business (And Kids!)

Okay so there’s no getting a way from the fact that many business women are still the key people when it comes to the child care, so when the half term comes around how do you ensure your business is thriving and your children aren’t ready to throttle each other and you?

How do you make sure that the week after half term is not lost to playing catch up and working 18 hour days?

Here’s my 7 top tips to half term happiness and blossoming business;

Plan ahead – you know when the holidays will be so plan ahead, get your marketing automated so you can be climbing a castle or watching the latest Disney film and still have leads heading your way. Wrote a great blog? Make that part of your social media/email campaign for the coming week. Get savvy on your marketing strategy, your inbox, your use of technology – this could make time management not just good for school holidays but for better business too!

Work smart – is it really realistic to carry on working with a child trying to play under your feet or crayon the cats nose? Work smart. Every child has down time, make that your powered up time. Remember the saying that a child’s attention span lasts 1 minute per year of their lives. Don’t expect junior to sit happily for 2 hours with a pot of glue and glitter and not start redesigning your office! It comes back to planning, but plan what they are going to do when you are busy.

Decide what’s got to give – its a fact that as multi – tasking a genius as you are, something has got to give. What could  you realistically cut back on? I often find when working with new clients, when we actually sit down and work out where they spend their time, if they thought through what works and what was just a colossal waste of time, they find there are ways to work smarter and more efficiently. So work smart and ask yourself what can I accept can wait until next week. Other wise you are deciding to do the same task and probably take double or treble the time to get it done!

Get them involved – a sad fact is that many students leaving university will struggle to get a job. How powerful a message are you sending to your children that you don’t need to find a job, but that you can create a career. Okay you can’t sit and explain that one to a 2 year old but a 10 year old that begins to understand that Mum is doing this because it pays for the fun in life, is more likely to let you get on. If a child can appreciate that food in their belly and a trip to the cinema is paid for by Mum’s hard work – it could be the key to some peace and quiet and some business happening. It’s not bribery, its showing them what is achievable in life. Sowing the seed that options are wider than University and someone else’s vision of a business.

Be Realistic – Don’t pick up the phone just as their favourite cartoon finishes, what’s the likely hood you can look professional with a child screaming in the background for more Bob The Builder? Timing is everything in the school holidays. Time what you are going to do when, be flexible and have a back up plan and if all else fails….

Resort to bribery!

It’s not your first line of defence, but knowing everything that you can have in your arsenal to ensure your business is looked after as much as your little ones is key. Knowing what their favourite toy, food, song, game, activity, or destination is could be the difference between you looking after your customers and losing out on business.

Lead the way – Most of you are not brain surgeons or fire man dealing with life and death situations. Your customers come to you because you treat them as if it is a matter of life and death but you are allowed to sleep, eat and have a life. You only have to look at companies like Google’s work ethic to know that its positively encouraged to go off and do something useful instead because the incredibly positive impact it can have on business. Don’t see your kids as a distraction to business success, see them as an opportunity to think smart, plan and create the space to think through those big ideas and creative projects that you never seem to have time for. Playing with children allows your sub conscious brain to think those ideas through. You will be surprised how powerful that can be for your success and how good it can be for your sanity in the next school holiday!



  • May 28, 2014

Quick Top Tip For Your Website

I know you are uber busy, but here is a quick top tip to gain sales,before I dash out to meet another new client (Yes I could help you have new clients too!). So here it is…

As cringe worthy as it is, its this page on my website – http://www.mandieholgate.co.uk/why-me-as-your-coach/  I am like most business women in that I hate blowing my own trumpet and saying “Hey I’m awesome buy from me!” but sometimes ladies its got to be done.

You’ve got to help people differentiate between you and everyone else that does what you do and this page http://www.mandieholgate.co.uk/why-me-as-your-coach/ has brought me 2 clients this week. They clicked on the link (Nice and clear on my home page!) and read some of the stuff I’d achieved for myself and my clients and were in one clients words “Highly impressed”.

So come on ladies, it will make you shudder and go “Ooo can I really do this?” but get a page so that as people love your website and find you on Google and want to learn more about you, they can really understand and appreciate why you, instead of anyone else.

Remember you can’t dictate when someone buys, but you can have a say in who they chose to buy from!

Let me know how you get on with this top tip.

And if you want more, sign up to my 6 week online course – at £32.95 I must be mad, but the results business women are seeing in their businesses are truly brilliant. So is it your turn to get better results in your business?

Let me help you.

  • May 22, 2014

A Day In The Life Of A Coach – How I Help Busy Business Women

It’s only 20 past 12 and I feel like I’ve made a difference in the world….well I have for 3 business women!

Firstly I met with a business woman who has a serious illness but still wants to be busy with clients and new leads, so we sat down and went through my marketing production line (got your copy of that yet – click here if not) to help her come up with ways to get known as the expert, create leads and new business without spending sacks of cash.

Then I had a phone call from a client who is going through big changes in her business and as she moves forward with her plans needed to touch base to discuss things with me. We’ve only had 1 session but she knows that she can phone Monday to Friday and get me pretty much immediately (she respects that I may be with a client and will call her back asap – mutual appreciation society goes on with me and my clients!)

Then I had an email from another client and I’ve pinged her back some ideas to help her progress with the action plan with set up before we meet again in 2 weeks time.

You see as your business coach it’s not always just about that session, its about the full on, love your business, here for you when you need me back up, support ideas and motivation I provide.

Wow, I just realised why my clients love me as much as I love them!

Do you know why your clients chose you?

(There’s a blog post in the making!)


  • May 21, 2014

How To Make Money While On Holiday

I’m fresh faced back from 12 days of Mickey Mouse, magical castles, fast rides and exercising my credit card down the Champs Elysees (it had to be done) and while I was having fun, laughing, singing and loving the magic that Disney creates for you and your loved ones I still made the sales. Why do I tell you this?

Well I did not even take my smart phone with me, I did not send a single social media message or check one email and yet I made sales in every area of my business and picked up new clients too. Wouldn’t you just love that?

You see when it comes to a marketing strategy that works it WILL deliver to you whatever you are doing, and most of the time you will be very busy delivering to your clients (but its just as effective so that you can have a life outside your business too!) So you need to know your marketing strategy is always;

  • Engaging with your much loved customers – so they know how much you value them.
  • Keeping the buzz going – why you stand out from your competitors.
  • Delivering new customers and orders.
  • Able to even deliver residual income (let me talk to you about that sometime. How cool would it be to do very little but get some money heading your way that is practically pure profit!)

(And that folks is just for starters, knowing your marketing strategy really works and is powerful for your business success gives you this inner calm and the ability to get a good night sleep too….oh and I found myself grinning a smile as big as Mickey Mouse’s when I saw those sales coming in today!)

Want the sales?

I share no cost, low costs strategies that deliver success, from a coach that genuinely understands you and your business because with my proven track record, history and skills I can ensure you are getting the results you want, and you get me there between sessions to kick butt (if you like that style) support, motivate and inspire you to succeed.

You will love having someone like me on board!

Email me to learn more or give us a call – 07989935556

  • April 17, 2014