Quick Top Tip For Your Website

I know you are uber busy, but here is a quick top tip to gain sales,before I dash out to meet another new client (Yes I could help you have new clients too!). So here it is…

As cringe worthy as it is, its this page on my website – http://www.mandieholgate.co.uk/why-me-as-your-coach/  I am like most business women in that I hate blowing my own trumpet and saying “Hey I’m awesome buy from me!” but sometimes ladies its got to be done.

You’ve got to help people differentiate between you and everyone else that does what you do and this page http://www.mandieholgate.co.uk/why-me-as-your-coach/ has brought me 2 clients this week. They clicked on the link (Nice and clear on my home page!) and read some of the stuff I’d achieved for myself and my clients and were in one clients words “Highly impressed”.

So come on ladies, it will make you shudder and go “Ooo can I really do this?” but get a page so that as people love your website and find you on Google and want to learn more about you, they can really understand and appreciate why you, instead of anyone else.

Remember you can’t dictate when someone buys, but you can have a say in who they chose to buy from!

Let me know how you get on with this top tip.

And if you want more, sign up to my 6 week online course – at £32.95 I must be mad, but the results business women are seeing in their businesses are truly brilliant. So is it your turn to get better results in your business?

Let me help you.

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