7 Reasons Why Twitter Isn’t Working For You

Okay so it’s been said often enough that social media is good for business, even the global giants now appreciate and utilise Twitter, with many consumers citing Twitter as the fastest way to get their complaints heard, so why is it not delivering for your business?

Here is my “Quick Mandie get me on track to gaining business thanks to Twitter guide”;

1. What are you saying?

It’s no good spouting off about how great you are to people that don’t know you. Why should they believe you for starters? And ask yourself if you met this person in real life would this be the first thing you said to them? So ask yourself if I was in a room with these people what would I be talking about? THAT is where you start. A great one to get conversation going is say good morning, and ask “what are you doing today?” And if you don’t get a response that leads us nicely onto Tip 2…

2. Who are you saying it to?

You need to be communicating with people that are going to be interested. Its great that you connected with everyone you met while networking, but if they are not your target audience then how beneficial is it to your social media marketing strategy? Okay so the average person knows 250 people so never dismiss anyone, but target what you say to the right people. So Ask yourself who is my ideal client and where will I find them? What do they like? What is relevant to them? What is in the news that they are interested in? Picking up on up to date stories in the news, could even get you spotted by the media and commenting. It’s happened to me on more than one occasion!

3. Know the Hastags

You don’t need to worry about being a Techie Geek Wiz Kid to benefit from social media, I’m self taught and know how to make it work without jargon. So if I can learn it, quite frankly with a bit of patience and support anyone can! #’s are handy to know because you can start to follow things that are relevant to your industry. Get involved in the conversation and have an opinion. Find out about local hours that could benefit you. Or national ones if you are a company that works nationwide. What words are synonymous with your profession?

4. What results are you getting?

So you’ve been on a Twitter course and you’re using Twitter, but how do you know if its working? I ensure that I know where every single lead has ever come from. Can you say the same? By testing and measuring the results you are getting you can start to see if its working…and if its not….Top Tip 5 is perfect for you!

5. When are you tweeting?

It’s no good sending out a bucket of tweets if your target audience is busy on the school run at that time, but if you know your target market is bored out of their head on the commute into London, you’ve an audience ready and waiting to converse with. Know your audience. And get social when you know they’ve the time to read to interact with you.

6. Be useful

Just as I started by saying you need to hold a conversation, you need to be useful,  you need to be quite frankly worthy of being followed. So how can you do that? Think of your clients that adore you, what were the issues they brought the table? Now use their problems to talk to followers. Share little top tips, ideas, advice, interesting statistics. Make yourself good to know, useful and worthy of that follow and before you know it people will be retweeting, engaging and wanting more of you. And Hint – that leads to them going to your website….which leads me nicely to the last top tip…

7. What is your on online brand?

So someone likes what you tweet because it’s retweeted and they click on your Twitter page, what do they find? Is it professional, useful, interesting, is there a relevant image? Have you included your website? Ask yourself if I clicked on my profile would I want to connect with this person? Do they look like they are just going to sell at me and tweet links to their website, or could they be good to know? And if you don’t know….ask someone like me who will be very honest with you!

For more realistic “These work” methods to social media success just get in touch, I can come to your office and help you or we can run a small group session. However you want to work with me, there’s a solution….and you could be getting some of the results I’ve had, like:

In the media, new clients, leads, invited the home office…..well its quite a list!

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