How to make enough money to pay for a cruise while on a cruise

It’s the dream, isn’t it?

To walk away from the office. Ignore the phone, emails, and customers and still make money.

I’m still technically on holiday until Monday (I like to make time to clear the email mountain, catch up with clients and look after my mastermind group before I start adding more work to my week.)

However, on checking PayPal and my business account. I’ve made enough money to literally wash the clothes in the cases, and clear off on holiday today!

How cool is that?

So let’s not faff about here.

How did I do that?

  1. I’ve a clear vision on what I do and why I do it.

My absolute passion is small businesses and helping them make money, work well, work less hours, and enjoy self employment. I know how to grow businesses and teams, and I’d do anything for my clients and mastermind group. Knowing why you do what you do is critical for so many reasons. In many of my courses, including the How to Quit the day job course I walk pre start up and established businesses through the essential stages to running a successful enterprise. These are often overlooked in that hunt for sales and the need to make money. We are so easily distracted by everyone else and what they say will work. So you have got to know why you are doing what you are doing.

2. I know my audiences.

I mean really know them! I can tell you what kind of holidays they like, what they like to do on a Saturday evening. How often they shop and where! I can tell you what products they buy and if they buy from Waitrose of Aldi! If you really know your customers, you can talk in a powerful way that connects with them every time. Meaning it’s not just about your products and services, it’s about showing that level of love, passion, and care for them 24/7 so that they only ever want you. Knowing your audiences, means you can adapt and create new products and services that are right for them. And 2 weeks cruising in 5 star luxury with my brain turned off, means I am bursting with creative, innovative ideas on how I’m going to help my coaching clients and mastermind group over the coming months too.

3. It’s automated money making!

This is not just about making money. This is also about preserving my sanity (and health) I’ve got a business model that means I can make money in my sleep, on a beach or while working with another business owner. This means I’m more productive, making money in less hours. There’s millions of apps out there that will make you more productive. As a general rule (and taken from my book Fight the fear) if you repeat it, if you do it with little thought, if you do it often, then it’s likely it can be automated. This means money comes in 24/7 to my business. Cash flow is never an issue and you will have enough money for your next holiday while you are on another holiday. Cool right?

4. Know your goals.

I teach my mastermind group the importance of making goals that are right for you, your business, your customers, your staff and your future. An organic approach to goals means you honour everything. And I mean everything! Goals that honour a business and it’s customers and yet fails to honour the boss’s passion for yoga, holidays, Lego, dog shows, caring for a loved one or hiding from humanity once a week will always become hard work. And before you ask, yes I’m already reassing my own goals to check there’s enough coming in for my next holiday adventures! Because if I can make that much in 2 weeks without thinking, think what I can achieve with my happy, raring to go brain in action again!

If you want more on this, email me, tag me on Insiders (That’s the name of my mastermind group), or give me a call. You might be one of the business owners who works with me for £20 a month and that’s all they are ever going to need Now that’s cool too!

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