1 Day – 9 Tiny Strategies That Could Make This Year EXCEPTIONAL!

My day so far could hold the key to YOUR success in 2024 and give you clues as to what SAPS your productivity and results.

I bet you one months Insider* on this!

I cleared the clothes washing – who does washing over Christmas? Not us!

Time off is time off.

It’s too good for us to scrimp on the quality. Who still doesn’t get the importance of mind/body and soul beautifully interconnected? And who by not genuinely honouring your need for space – physically and mentally – it damages your productivity, innovation, stress levels, health, happiness and even enjoyment of work!

You write your day, not the world around you!

I’m not dealing with any admin this week – who let’s the world write their to do list? Well that’s a fast way to make less money right? And a fast way to being stressed out with a to do list that never shrinks!

Remember as a dear friend used to say “Lack of planning on your part does not instigate an emergency on mine.”

Prioritise the people that make the difference to your business and don’t apologise for who you are!

Made time for my clients and Insiders. I’ve been writing a 1 hour “Wow, that’s the issue and this is how to get it fixed, FAST!” plan for next week when I host an additional coaching and mentoring session for Insiders.* I’m mega excited to share that. I was accused of being too excited recently. Made me laugh, that they’d confused excitement undirected with joie de vivre. Wow that’s so good for your personal and professional success. And to let someone else impact on how I see myself would have been lethal for business and my persona life and even my self confidence – you aren’t still letting other people dictate how you feel about yourself are you?

How to know the best course of action…

A client has asked me to consider owning 5% of their business for a more active role – that’s one to think on I think, I will let gut instinct, god, spirit, subconscious, space in my mind, time and trust in my response take over.

It’s amazing how many people think they need to reply instantly. What you need to do is be honest and own the communication you share. People respect people that have boundaries and express their needs too. I’m not saying no, I’m not saying yes. If you have read books like The Decisive Moment by Jonah Lehrer you will know that when we think we are picking up gut instinct we are actually picking up on years of experience and subconscious knowledge. And so if you make some space to hear it, you can make far more powerful decisions, faster!

Abundance over a place of lacking…

I refilled the 14 bird feeders – yes that’s a lot, but I get so much joy from seeing them all. And have learnt so much about how to encourage new breeds to the garden. Don’t you just love learning new things? So good for the brain right?

It’s amazing how many birds won’t share even when there’s a mountain of food – reminds me of some people who come from a place of lack – get with the abundance! Remember money flows and money grows!!! This may seem very woo woo(and some will know I love my woo woo) however evidence shows us that if there’s one clothes shop on the high street, they don’t do as well as when there’s two? Why because we like diversity. Seeing businesses that do the same as you as an opportunity and not just a threat can be very beneficial too. (As long as you have that great business plan that outlines the risks and threats too, right?)

Save the best for…..?

I had a beautiful meditation that finished with me spotting the sun dancing across the crystals on the Christmas tree, so I took them off and put them on the chandelier so I can enjoy that stunning rainbow light every day – who saves the good things in life for just one day?

I never understand why people have gorgeous suits or stunning dresses but save them for best so that they never get to feel that gorgeous all the time – weird right? It’s like saying I am not worthy or it’s not necessary to have joy every day. I am not in need of feeling fabulous every day, just for that wedding or my mate’s sons christening.

Quality time out and learning new skills.

I had a walk instead of a tea break. I practiced taking tiny dog off her lead. She gets overcome by giant dogs bounding up to her and barks with fear and then the owner from half a mile away shouts “Oh, he’s friendly!”

They may be friendly love but they are also 4 times my dog and she is a nervous breed who was abused in her first year (before us).

She is naturally very good at recall with just a look and maybe a “Excuse me?” and if she wanders what I deem too far, I hide. Fastest way to get her to stay close! Who said you can’t teach an old dog new tricks?

Hopefully I’ve given a moment of my day to inspire you?

Now who doesn’t want to take a moment in their day to care for a stranger?

Think how wonderful this world could be if we all did that?

I rarely share any of the good I do for strangers. I feel (like Phoebe in Friends all those years ago, if you can remember back that far, or as old as me!) that by doing that I somehow would reduce it’s meaning. Still do. It’s a moment between me and one human. And that is enough. Sometimes that feeling that no one but me and that other person knows about this feels so incredibly special. I love making little moments of special every day.It’s far easier to do than we appreciate.

Amazing how many people still think that great success requires big actions, it’s the little consistent ones that you need to look out for.

Me, so don’t nick it!

And lastly smile, why?

Well why not?

Did you know even a fake smile can trick your brain into releasing feel good chemicals. So there’s no excuse for not having a moment of happiness is there?

*If you are an Insider and don’t benefit in some way over the next month from the content in this article then let me know and I will deduct an extra £20 off of any course – Insiders already get 50% off of my courses. And my mastermind is only £20 a month for the coaching, training, networking and advertising and promotion. We are also very good at helping you get in the press for free if you like that kind of thing. Oh and winning awards. I love completing those for clients!

If you are considering joining my mastermind group aimed at men and women that are either business owners, leaders or responsible for the growth of an organisation (charities benefit massively) then I will give you one month for free if none of these strategies help you. My word is my promise. And I am transparent on everything I do.

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