More Media And I’ve A Job For You!

You get in the press, everyone say’s they’ve seen it, but how do you know if its delivering?

And when I say delivering how do you know if you are making more sales and retaining more customers?

The answer?

Test and measure!

Ask people where they heard about you from, and I bet it’s more than one thing. I often here things like:

“Oh I don’t know you just seem to be the right person for us” a sure sign that your multi level marketing strategy is working.

But seriously folks getting in the press is not complicated and I’m often in the media both locally and nationally and I KNOW the impact it is having on my sales.

So if you’ve read this blog do your business a favour and KNOW where your clients come from and utilise the media to be a useful addition to your marketing strategy.

Want to learn how to do it?

I’m at The BWN with Kate Everett from The Write Impression on the 20th June where that is the hot topic of the master class. Or of course if you want me all to yourself get in touch and we can have a 1 2 1 and get you and your business known and loved…Hint – That’s good for business!

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