Writing Website Copy – How To Get On With IT!

What is it about producing copy for your website that fills so many with dread?

Having heard every procrastinators excuse with my coaching clients I think I know.

You see your website is there permanently – when you meet someone if they get the wrong meaning of what you say you can adjust it, you can reflect and correct the misunderstanding.

However your website is there even when you are in the bath or working with a client. But as I always say there is a key to producing great copy and it does not involve my arch enemy Ron. Have you met Ron?

Ron is the procrastinators best friend. He lurks in every office if he gets the chance. It’s “later Ron”. Because like tomorrow Later Ron never comes around. But lets be honest we could all come up with a 10000 excuses why it needs to wait until later wrong.

But don’t worry there is a cure – and its called DIN – Do It Now!

If producing copy really is a nightmare in your head heres a few ideas for you

a)      Realistically analyse what needs to be done. To do this sit down with your web designer and talk through the style of your website. What you are looking to achieve? Who is your target audience? What impact are you aiming to have?  And listen to their advice when it comes to less is more.

b)      Estimate how long it is going to genuinely take. Over estimate a little to allow for life getting in the way, and that phone ringing.

c)       Turn off email alerts, social media and any other easy to call upon distraction.

d)      Research what you need to. Check out other successful businesses websites in your profession.

e)      Collate information. Run through in your mind what your customers love about what you deliver?  What do they expect to see? What are the things new clients say when the process with you begins?  These can be the words you use to emotional hook new clients and engage with people effectively on your website.

f)       Collect testimonials – they are great snippets to lure in an interested reader. Ensure there are some juicy facts in there to tempt new customers too!

g)      Work in short chunks – there is nothing wrong with having a break. Creativity needs space to emerge. Heard about that guy in the bath and his Eureka moment?

h)      Don’t over analyse what you write  – ie, get on with it!

The fact is, if you get the right web designer you will be able to have a level of control over your site forever, which means that if you don’t like what you write you can change it at a later date. But here’s the thing if you don’t get SOMETHING  to your web designer you have NO presence on line at all. So what’s worst something slightly less than perfection or a blank page?

So come on Do it Now – you never know where it might lead.

And as you sit at your desk to get on with it, just check Ron is not lurking near by!

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