Master Class 3 Recap Home work – How’s it going?

So in this week’s Facebook live master class we worked on achieving your goals and what impacts on that success. I’ve a bit of a big fat Meany head (well I’m not known as “kick butt” and “results driven” for nothing!) and I deliberately didn’t post the backup notes straight away.

Why did you do that? I hear you cry!

Well 2 reasons;

  1. I wanted to see what level of action you took on your own.
  2. Does the backup notes have an impact on your actions?

Mean right? However, the point is, to achieve more you have to understand how you become self-motivated. Unless you are going to pay me each month and become a retained client I physically am not going to be there to keep you motivated and ensure you take action and keep you accountable for your actions. So go on, be honest, since Monday, what actions have you taken?

We came up with 2 goals lists didn’t we. And it should look like this

What do I need now?

(Realistic – 1 week – 6 month)

What do I want long term?

(Dream Big! – 1, 3, 5 years)

Remembering that to achieve these you have to choose 1 only in each column and that you have to honour short term needs to achieve long term goals. I often sit with new clients and the reason they are not getting to their big goals because the desperate needs of their company, or their lives are not being honoured. By factoring in goals that deliver what is needed as well and working on the top one of each, you are able to achieve what you want and need simultaneously, cool right?

So to reinforce the Facebook live master class here are the other key points that we talked about;

  • With the goals we discussed ensure you create a clear plan. To do this you need to write everything you could possibly do and then choose only 5 actions at a time.
  • From the list of everything you could do you will have back burners. Fabulous ideas that are not right for now, but are right for you. These are back burners. Allow your brain to work on them for now and let them be on your plan of action for the future. (If you are mega focused and goal orientated like me and many of my clients you will find that back burners seem to magically start to manifest themselves. It’s not magic it’s because you are factoring them into your plan of action and into your diary. So ask yourself if you want to add some of your back burners to your schedule in your long term goals and diary. And yes my diary does have things in it for 2017 and 2018 already!)
  • Find the actions that scare you and do them! Don’t shy away from the actions on your goals both short and long term that scare you. If there’s fear, deal with it! And if you need help, fixing fear is my speciality!
  • Remember we talked at length about additional support? Who is in your team? Who will keep you motivated and focused? It’s all too easy when you create goals and a plan of action to get distracted into a new plan of action and a new direction, but having a team who keep you focused you can ensure that doesn’t distract you from your big goals. And yes put me down as in your team! Who else?
  • This master class members? So post on this feed?
  • The Business Womans Network in person and online?
  • Your business partner or loved ones?
  • Friends?

(As we discussed just be mindful that your loved ones will have their own agenda, and are more interested in your wellbeing and happiness than possible your global empire. That can sometimes cloud loved one’s advice and judgements so be cautious of the advice you take on board.)

  • Create a clearly defined plan. If you don’t you won’t stick to it!
  • Focus on only 5 things at once.
  • Remember how I said don’t do what others do find your own version of success? I’ve seen this impacting on new client’s success sooooooo many times. So please stop looking over your shoulder. Yes, it’s a good idea to see what works for other people to see if it could work for you but stop trying to shoe horn yourself into other people’s lives.
  • Lastly what will power up your success? What sounds, outfits, smells (remember my love of aromatherapy? I’m happy to share where I get mine from and I always have a diffuser on to help change and enhance my mood on in the office or home) sounds (Just ask Liz Leatherdale from Colchester Classics about the power of music on our mood, ability to learn or even concentrate and come up with creative solutions. So what does your environment do for your ability to achieve?

So with this recap be honest with me and more importantly yourself. Did you take the level of action that means you will come back to the master class on Tuesday and when I say “how has your week been?” you will type in “Awesome Mandie, I’ve achieved this, this and this!” or will you be silent thinking….. “mmmm best just watch from the side-lines” because if its more the second one, I can assure that’s the last thing I want for you. Let’s make this happen!

See you at the next master class and remember you can watch previous episode anytime on my Facebook page. And do keep in touch on my social media. Your success matters to me.

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