Master Class 4 Home Work From Your Big Fat Meany Head…

Hi it’s your big fat meany head here…..
Well if you want real results you have to not only watch the master class, you have to write down your back burners and ideas and then decide what actions you are going to take over the next week and then shock of shocks you have to work out what actions you are going to take and to do that!
I’m a big fat meany head that reinforces the home work by reminding you what we talked about this week, which was;
How to sell books at events (and for those that don’t sell books we talked about how that was just an analogy, everyone is selling something so work out what you need to sell and it’s just as relevant for you too!) and we looked at the before, during and after needs of the process. Here is the blog article from the other arm to my business The Business Womans Network I mentioned that could for you too. Click here to read that.
From this I also mentioned LinkedIn. (Remember that 1 million dollars from a stranger on LinkedIn?!?! wow that was cool wasn’t it? And if you reading this thinking “What is she talking about?” You need to head over to my Facebook page and check out Master Class Episode 4 to find out!) And the importance of getting your profile right before you working on getting your engagement right and we looked at that in more detail.

We were also looking at how to create a powerful message with a very small budget and whether leafleting was a good option, because as the delegate knew they needed a “constant drip” for their marketing to work, however they weren’t sure how to achieve this. As mentioned I’d say before you start spending your profits on leafleting utilise my Marketing Production Line Download your copy here and use 8 to 10 tools effectively.
We talked about how that looked and I want to offer something very special to 3 very lucky business owners. The chance to have a master class tailored to them! So that you can see how you make the Marketing Production Line work for you! How Exciting is that!

We also talked about exploring a SWOT analysis and I got honest about one of my biggest weaknesses and how in actual fact its turned into a real money spinner for me because my no frills, no big words honest approach to tech means that people love my social media and online marketing training, it works, you get results and there is not a mention of how an algorithm works, because I don’t know! (I leave that to far cleverer people, and I tend to tell people about awesome sites like Mashable – I love you guys!)

So I suggest you get brave and swot your weaknesses (oooo see what I did there?) and see how you can do what we talked about and turn your weaknesses and threats in to big opportunities for your business?

Could that be the home work you undertake before next week?

What impact could that have on your sales, confidence and success?

And I feel the BIGGEST thing we talked about was Assumptions if I could ask you to do 1 thing this week it would write the word Assumption EVERYWHERE (and I hate capitals written in sentences but that’s just how strongly I feel about this!) because I could write the best marketing strategy give you every piece of knowledge in my head but without dealing with the crazy assumptions you accept every day you are not going to achieve. The ones that say “I’d never get anyone to agree to that” “People just don’t do that” “I’ve never done it before” “Well it’s not worked before” and so on and so on, unless you are on death’s door (in which case I’m really sorry and I’m hoping for some magic cure right now) you have no proof that this is the end and that you can’t do it, so get rid of the assumptions, and I shared a neat little trick that freaks your mind too!
And lastly we talked about confidence over arrogance. A great question that was added to my Master class page so thanks for that. Check out my answer on the master class Episode 4 and remember you can rock up at 1pm on a Tuesday and watch live or just go to my page any time and watch the episodes whenever you like. They are free, they are yours, and apparently I’m already hearing they are working!

Click here to access my Facebook page and do feel free to post your questions too.

So just to finish where we started what actions are you going to take?
What home work are you setting yourself?
How are you going to ensure you actually get on with it?
If you were my client you would know you could get in touch and know you were going to have me there to kick your butt and make it happen so come on what’s going to make it happen?

You can also access my online courses here, catch me at a BWN event more info here or say Hi on my social media. I’m here to help you get the results you want, but I never said I wouldn’t be a bit of a Big Fat Meany head….if you watch the Master class, you’d know what I was talking about!








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