How do I get my blog out of Never Read Land?

Great you finally got around to producing a blog, but now what?

Because aren’t you at risk of spending your most precious commodity of time writing something that no one will ever see? Well unless you include your Mum, your best mate and Your Auntie Irene.

What do you do to ensure that people actually find it?

Firstly ideally it will be on your website for a variety of reasons but the most obvious one is that it brings new fresh relevant information to your website – and trust me that’s good for your SEO.

If you can’t get it on your website relying on WordPress or Blogger, etc is better than not having one. And they are free and pretty easy to set up and use. Now is not the time to talk about delegating jobs that you not your forte. But if its taking you days maybe you should get an expert to set it up for you. The ones I know genuinely care about giving you what you want. So it could be a good use of your valuable time and money in the long run.

So you have an interesting relevant useful blog now its time to get it seen;

Talk about it on social media – Youtube, Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter are the main ones. But don’t just do endless links to your blog – you have to build up interest and get to know people first. If anyone in their very first tweet to me says “Hey check out my website, blog, FB page- I’m instantly turned off. They have never met me and they are already assuming that I need what they have. If they took the time to build a relationship with me I would be more than happy to “check out their blog” etc. So build relationships first and you do that exactly the same way as you would face to face.

Be interested in others, share useful tit bits (this works really well, commenting on other peoples discussions allows you to get to know other people’s opinions and then share yours. If you have had a great conversation with someone then you can say “Funny enough I wrote this about this very subject…” but only after being interested, considerate and getting  to know others.

If you have a mailing list (Please tell me you have one of those!) whatever effective ways you have to stay in touch with your client base (Please tell me you are doing that!) share your blog ideas there too. Don’t share the whole thing, just put something like “A client had the issue ………. so I shared this great solution and so I thought I would share it with you too. To read more…….”

Remember in this fast paced world everyone wants instant answers so sharing little useful titbits makes you a very useful golden nugget to keep in touch with – what’s that going to do to your sales?

Speaking of instant answers and useful titbits. Blogging is not just about words. Pictures can paint a thousand words and if you are a very visual business it can really share good ideas and advice effectively. Likewise Vlogging is fast becoming a great addition to your marketing. Because it can be short, useful and on Youtube. All ideal for your business and for the ever busy consumer who wants answers yesterday.

So don’t assume because you are busy you can’t blog, blogs are getting more and more creative. So ask yourself what platforms are going to enable us to communicate effectively useful and information ideas to our target audience?

If you publicly speak (and where ever you go NEVER turn down the opportunity, you never know who is in the audience and who they know!) finish with something like “There are a ton of free ideas on …………on my blog, so help yourself.”

Tell people about it in every form of your marketing in a useful relevant informative way ALL OF THE TIME. People make the mistake of assuming you can tell someone once on Twitter and that will get you a thousand hits – it won’t!

You have to tell people over and over again in a useful, relevant informative way (Hope I’m getting that across – lol!) in short succinct chunks. It’s the drip drip drip approach. That if you keep telling people they will get the message and want to know more and keep in touch and what does that do for your business success?

These ideas will work, there’s a ton more to share but get this right for starters, be consistent and you will see positive results and a great impact on your business.

And do share your results on my social media – because I just love to see what you are up to!


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