2 Businesses, 3 Auto Immune Diseases, 2 Children & 1 Dog – Advice to achieve success and overcome adversity.

I often tell business owners that some of their short videos don’t need to be highly polished. If  you are an “I” company where people need to know, like and trust you, then they need to get to know you. And honest, true content that showcases your brilliance will work. This video goes to prove it because it has had buckets of comments and likes and showcases me as the determined business woman who gets results and achieves goals for myself and my clients.

You do need polished brilliant content too, people want to know that you are serious about business. It’s about achieving the right balance. Just think of any large multinational corperation and they have a mix of grabbed the phone and filmed content as well as the highly polished content too. However both will have had the same level of thought and care taken to ensure the right measure was being sent out to the potential customer.

What message do you want your video marketing to showcase?


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