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How to make 500% more profit in 5 months

We all like proof don’t we, so here’s some. When I first realised the percentage of increase my coaching client had seen in their profits I had to check the figures. Could they really have increased profit by 500%?

The answer was yes and because I’m in a generous mood (I usually am) I thought I’d share the process we used.

If you are on a tight budget you are going to love this. At the end of the article I share how much they spent with me.

  1. First they had a coaching session with me (2 hours) they told me everything they had done, what was working and what was not. They were seriously fed up that they were spending so much time with each customer and couldn’t see how they could reduce that so they could make more money. They had to have a part time job to make up for the fact that their profit margins were so poor. They said they were busy fools and they’d had enough. I was their final straw. They’d already spent £5000 on training, agencies and support in the previous year and nothing had worked. They felt like a idiot for being duped by so called experts and gurus. Off loading is an essential part of development both personally and professionally. Never scrimp on this process, only do this with someone who is trained to support you and even if it is painful, work through it. When I work with a client I help them keep the emotions and feelings just out of reach, so they can feel them and work on them without suffering all over again.

2. At the end of the session the client had a clear plan of action. We looked at everything they could do, created a huge list of possibilities (I like to call these back burners) and then created the accountability to ensure they actioned everything on the plan. The action plan only had 4 tasks, a very clearly defined goal. A mindset check and a date by which each part would be achieved and what would happen next. If your action plan has more than 5 actions it is highly unlikely you would sit before me in a month’s time and tell you had achieved it. This then damages what you achieve moving forward. So don’t be tempted to add more than 5.

3. They joined my confidential mastermind group so even on a smaller budget they could access me 24/7 to get additional support, motivation and advice. You can join that here too, it’s only £5 a month and it would be great to welcome you, they are an amazing group of business owners. There’s no selling there it’s about asking for help, advice or ideas and people sharing their own experiences, knowledge and feelings about your business.

Within a week they reported that people weren’t just chatting to them on social media, they were now buying!

4. Their second session was 2 months after the first. They’d realised that they should have come back sooner because they were starting to get distracted. Web designers and digital marketing experts were distracting them telling them they needed ads and sites. At this stage it wasn’t important or necessary. Just a distraction. (Both of these feature in the future of the plans we’ve put together). I often find clients are overwhelmed with what they could do for business and in the coaching process we discover what they really need to do. Look for what distracts you – other people’s ideas or your own need for something shiny and new because you aren’t convinced this is working?

5. After the second session the client could see not just what was changing but work out how to replicate this and improve on it. We’ve started to create a Sales Mountain so that they can add entry level products right through to sparkly high price products that sell. There are even going to be automated offerings to really help them make a healthy profit.

We’ve set a huge goal to achieve by the end of 2020 and I know they can do this – with bells on. Whatever size goal you have, think bigger – in 16 years of coaching I’ve only ever seen one client that thought bigger enough. They are now a multi millionaire and had a 20 year plan.

6. The client came to see me in 2 months later for a third session (2 hours). They reported that they are near on fully booked and will be moving over to more group work and higher priced products in the final part of this year. We have looked at what that entails, who they need to talk to, how they need to talk to them and what they will be selling and introducing to existing clients and how to gain new custom. If you are doing what you were doing at the start of this year it is not going to be enough to be sustainable in 2021.

That’s it. 3 sessions, 6 hours and 24/7 support and they’ve a profit margin they love. That’s a cost of £1170. They had a full return on their investment in the first month. Add the 5 months of my mastermind group and it’s a TOTAL of £1195. Can you see why that client now likes to see me once every 6 weeks and tells everyone they know about me!

Just to bring home the truth on what coaching can do, this client has asked to work with me every 6 weeks and have 2 x half hour calls a month too. They’ve got the budget to reinvest in themselves and their businesses and are going to do this with me. That’s a monthly cost of £450.

If you would like to explore how coaching with me could help you, please do not hesitate to contact me. I work with individuals, business owners and large teams to help them get the most out of themselves and their businesses. We achieve amazing things together.

And if you have any of these sayings in your professional life, I’m very good at getting rid of them and it doesn’t take more people, money, equipment or meetings!;

  • We’ve always done it like this.
  • Nothing can change without more money.
  • They don’t get our job.
  • I’ve / We’ve tried everything.
  • I have no option but to work 12 to 14 hour days.
  • There is too much to be done.
  • It’s not achievable.
  • The new system just doesn’t work.
  • Working from home is killing our business.
  • Until the government does something there’s nothing that can be done.
  • It’s just the way it is.

To all of these we found a better more productive, profitable, kinder, respecter way of working that stops burnout, stress and illness as well as a poorly performing teams and businesses.

Call +44 7989 935 556

Or email me here

  • October 12, 2020

Why The Secret is not working for you

Can you really manifest anything you want?

If you’ve ever read about manifesting what you want in life (bear with me) or books like The secret you will know in principle you can bring anything into your life that you want.

Rhonda Bryne writes “Close your eyes and visualize having what you already want – and the feeling of having it already.” And “To change your life fast, use gratitude to shift your energy. When you put all of your energy into gratitude, you will see miracles take place in your life.”

Miracles right?

Whether you believe in this or not can I share with you how The Secret, manifesting, mantras, the universe and the law of attraction really works?

The perfect example is a new client I’ve only been working with for a few months. On their second session they shared how they weren’t able to get what they want. They heavily believe in the book The Secret and this client was ranting about how they can’t get what they want and things aren’t working and then I asked them;

“So you’ve told me what’s not working, has anything good happened since we last saw each other?”

They then went on to tell me about various things but that nothing was the opportunity or achieving their goal that they’d hoped for.

I asked them “So you couldn’t even engage with those people you really wanted to work with?”

They said, “Well no, it failed.”

As we explored this further and I asked more questions I listened and wrote down what they told me to be completely overwhelmed with how blind they’d been!

I said to them “To clarify the goal from our last session was to raise awareness to your company with these target audiences, to contact these people and tell them about the products on offer and to look into how to motivate your team without micro managing everything, right?”

They agreed.

I added “And you tell me nothing has worked?”

They agreed.

So I asked “So if nothing has worked why are there all these comments from people on your Facebook page and Instagram account? You tell me you’ve failed but you’ve had 2 conversations with the very people you want to talk to and work with. Not necessarily the company you were aiming at but a bigger and better one, you tell me that you can’t get the result you want and yet this, this this and this have happened. Are none of these new results that you’ve never experienced before?”

Their face was a picture! I couldn’t physically have touched them since all coaching is virtual but that’s how they looked – like a wet cod had been slapped in their face!

“Wow, I got what I wanted didn’t I? So why could I not see that?”

That’s the thing about the universe, it will deliver but you kind of have to take the lead.

So if you want to use manifestation and The Secret route to success, you still have to do the thinking and the doing!

This client reminded me of the joke that sums up coaching, success and manifesting your dreams. I shared it with my client and they’ve become so much more adapt at noticing what is actually going on and not holding onto out dated beliefs from the past that served them so badly. And it goes like this….

A man clings to the roof of his house as huge floods surround everything. The water is rising and his scared. A boat flies past and swings back with the captain shouting “Oi mate, jump in, you aren’t safe there!”

To which the stranded man replies “Thank you, but god will save me.”

The mystified captain can’t convince him so speeds off to safety.

Then a helicopter flies over, spotting the man it circles back throwing down a ladder shouting “Mate, we can help you, climb up”

But the man waves his hands in protest and says “Thank you, but god will save me”….

This is where it gets sad….the man dies.

He gets up to heaven and there at the pearly gates is god with not the happiest of faces. The drowned man berates god with “Why didn’t you save me!?!”

God says “I sent you a boat and a helicopter, what more did you want?”

I love this story because this is the Secret in action. People get the awesome little signs that they need to follow this path but don’t so then feel like the universe is working against them, it’s not. The universe is your mind and your mind will do everything in it’s power to prove you right, keep you safe and help you get what you want.

So if you concentrate on your failings? You get more failing. Even when you succeed you won’t notice it because you are looking in the wrong direction!

I’ve sat in so many coaching sessions where I’ve bought a clients awareness to the golden nugget of opportunity in front of them that they couldn’t see.

Here’s how to ensure you don’t miss these golden nuggets that lead you to achieving your dreams.

  • Be clear about what you want.
  • Be clear on why you want it.

(You don’t need a war and peace report for this. If you are a free flowing kind of person then a vision board is great or a mind-map. If on the other hand you love structure and clearly defined plans then get as detailed as you like. The more information you can add to your goal the easier it is to spot golden nuggets of opportunity when they arise.)

Another reason you can’t spot the golden nugget manifestations is because you are easily distracted and pointed in a new direction. If you are talking to other people about your plans they are likely to make suggestions on what to do and what to invest in – remember these come from their beliefs, experiences and values and not yours. If this is you read this article to stop getting pointed in a new direction. Because every time you do go in a new direction you reduce your impact on achieving your dreams!

This slows down success so stop trying to go in a hundred directions all at once!

Be honest about reality. Remember everyone’s version of reality is unique to them. This can be a hard concept to grasp so to make it easier, imagine a party. 2 people walk out (highly likely to be me and my Hubby!) and one says “Wow that was awesome” (me) and the other walks out and says “er, it was alright I guess” You can guess who!

Same food, music, guests, room but 2 different experiences. My wonderful hubby is not a natural people person, doesn’t like small talk or meeting new people and would prefer to play DJ. Me on the other hand as you can imagine I love meeting new people, would dance to anything and love pretty much any food except cake, cooked carrots and mushy peas! (I know weird right?)

So when you feel like you aren’t getting anywhere be mindful who you talk to.

  • What is going on in your head?
  • Is it reality or are they old outdated thoughts that don’t match where you really are?

I see this a lot in the early days with clients, where things are shifting but they aren’t paying attention. So if you don’t pay attention you can’t do more of what works and you can’t steer clear of what doesn’t work!

The universe could be shouting at you “Do this!” but if you aren’t looking in the right direction you won’t get the clues!

On my confidential mastermind group someone said to me “How do I work out what I want next and how do I achieve it?

I posted 5 elements that I thought would be great to help you reach your dreams too.

1. Everyone is different. Some people would get bogged down in the scale of goals I set with some clients (5, 10 30 years!). Others like the big picture – in 30 years time stuff… either way you must come back to your goal plan very regularly to ensure you get there. For some they can do that all day every day, constantly checking they are on course, others will easily get distracted or convinced to go in a new direction so they need someone to be accountable to, keep them focused and constantly help them test and measure, understand results and make adjustments accordingly. That’s why the Insiders is so great because you can check in on your progress and your actions results. Especially essential if you can’t afford to work with a coach.

2. Who are you? If you look at what other Insiders are asking right now about how to build a new business you always have to come back to who are you? What do you want? What are your dreams? Don’t restrict yourself to time, money, skill, etc. Just think BIG BIG BIG, and in my view I’ve never seen anyone (even millionaires, and international speakers and authors) who are thinking big enough. We can all achieve more. Push yourself and again if you can’t afford a coach then the Insiders is a great place to stretch your goals to meet your dreams.

3. Values. Personally I do the values exercise (Fight the fear chapter 1) once every 2 to 3 months. It helps me see if things are adjusting. For instance, where my Hubby hasn’t worked since March my values have adjusted to bring money up from a 7 to a 4. I still have to honour my top 3 values – happiness, holiday time and helping others first but I’m now more aware of the lower down values. When achieving your dreams is on the agenda this is essential knowledge.

4. Goals. Then I look at what goals I have for this year (I work 2020/2021 – because it enables me to always be planning ahead and acknowledging where I’ve got to. It works well for some clients, others prefer year to year goals) and how they fit in to my long term goals. I like goals quite fluid because it keeps me open to new opportunities that are fizzing in the side-lines that fit well with my big goals. I know this works for me because I’ve become very intuitive and it’s works very well. I have seen so much growth in the last few years because of this. That doesn’t work for all people, so if you like structure 1. Values exercise. 2. Think big, write everything down long term short term you could do – this should take you at least an hour to do this justice. Ask questions like “And what would that give me?” and “What would that do for me?” “How would that make me happy/successful/helping others?” (Personal to you) then explore what would fit where. So, what is short term then what is long term? Then challenge yourself on what you wrote. Does it really do you justice?

5. A vision board is fun and gets your brain thinking. I’d do this after the values exercise and possibly after I explore what’s everything in the world I could ever want to achieve? I pour a G and T, grab my daughter, cover the table in magazines and coloured pens, glue and a big piece of paper and we go for it. Don’t concentrate on what comes out of the magazine, concentrate on the conversation. Put your favourite play list on and don’t think about what you cut out. Don’t stick it down until you’ve got everything you want. Then think about where you want to stick everything. This also helps with the process of understanding it, how to keep it visual and what to do next. I often find that I put the same elements in the same circular motion on a vision board and that is relevant too.

Remember that every human should do this process often – What do I want? Why do I want it? Etc. Etc…

So much overwhelm, working hard with no results, sad relationships, joyless lives, challenging times, procrastination, failure, etc is because we don’t make the time to understand the science of who we are and then look to honour it and what are dreams really mean to us.

So if you take the advice in this article and create a plan, a goal, a vision, a dream and a statement (mantra) that defines what you want to achieve, remember you are working on this even when you are asleep or doing something completely unrelated to your goal.

And remember the power of your mind is insane, if you lack confidence all the talk in the world to the universe or your subconscious to achieve great things will fall short, so head to my blog to read more on confidence or take my confidence course – on average it helps people to be more confident within 2 days!

Confidence, plus clearly defined goals and plans, honouring the science of who you are and bam there’s the universe delivering everything you ever wanted!

That’s why people think coaching is magic because;

working with mandie holgate is like magic

New customers do magically appear out of the sky.

Teams naturally adapt to tough environments and change.

Businesses suddenly get offered amazing “out of the blue” contracts they’d never dreamed of.

Each one of these has happened to my coaching clients, each client has described it as like magic and each one didn’t rely on the universe or The Secret, they turned to coaching.

Coaching is manifesting in action.

Easy right?
If it still feels too hard or you get stuck, get in touch. I know how to grow people, teams and businesses and it would be an honour to help you too.

It usually costs a lot less than people think too so a conversation will cost you nothing and could get the universe manifesting some amazing things!

  • September 12, 2020

How to reduce absenteeism to zero

According to the Centre for disease control and prevention over 40% of US citizens reported mental health challenges in June 2020(1). Here in the UK evidence suggests that 12.7% of all sickness absence days are related to mental health conditions, with improvements we could save UK businesses up to £8 billion per year. (2) (3)

When you consider how mental health and well being can impact on productivity, creativity and business it becomes essential for you and your team that you understand what you can do to help everyone to feel emotionally strong and confident in these tough times so your organisation can thrive no matter what.

Would it surprise you to know that my clients have reported the very opposite in the pandemic.

One company recently advised me that they experienced zero absenteeism in lock down – 3 months, 224 members of staff and not one sick day!

Another said they were really impressed how everyone “naturally adapted” and were working better together as a team despite not being able to see each other.

Another said they had hit all their targets.

And a few more have taken the time to let me know they were surprised to have their best quarter trading ever.

This is not by magic, or accident, or by being in the right industry for a pandemic, this is because through the coaching process with me, everyone that I work with has learnt how to honour who they are and how they want to work and develop feeling part of the end result that is aimed for.

Here is a quick guide on how to coach yourself or your team to achieve and protect your mental health.

1.            Create a mental health tool kit – this article will guide you how and if someone says yours will look the same as someone elses, they are wrong – there may be many elements that overlap but no one on this planet has lived your life and that is why it needs to be unique to you. One of the key things my clients learn is that one size doesn’t fit all. You are unique so your solutions are unique too. In 16 years of coaching I’ve seen the same problem many times, but never have I seen 2 clients create the same solutions and action plan.

2.            Structure may be a golden ticket to a healthy resilient mind, on the other hand it may be the rod that breaks your back. Ask yourself this “If I was to get a free pandemic safe holiday to my dream destination and I had to leave in 4 hours time, how would I feel?”

This question gives you a good idea on your natural style. My clients learn not to fight who they are. So if you answered this question with “Woo hoo, let’s go!” You probably don’t need a lot of structure in your life because you can adapt fast and find the positive in a situation. (The down side of this is you can be easily distracted and that can be bad for productivity, solutions and results.)

If on the other hand you found yourself hyperventilating and stressed out thinking “What about the cat, the dentist on Tuesday or the milk in the fridge” you are probably someone that likes structure, you like to know what is happening when and if it doesn’t the control freak in you (there is nothing wrong with being a control freak as long as you control it and it doesn’t control you) is getting seriously upset.

Don’t fight who you are. If you need structure create it. And as you will see with the next top tip, whatever is your natural style to getting work done make sure you tell people.

3. Communicate it. If you need it nice and quiet then tell the family if you are still working from home. If you are struggling then talk to someone. You are not a robot that can have a new bit of programming shoved in and instantly produce high quality work as usual. If you need help to adjust tell someone. I’ve had a lot of new clients in lock down who are really struggling with working form home. It hasn’t taken many sessions to help them to be more resilient, create a great work life balance and actually achieve more. They talked to their boss and their boss being the forward thinking find solutions type of person they are didn’t tell them to “toughen up” they helped them find their natural style and honour it.

It’s interesting that it doesn’t matter what your industry or profession, I can still coach you to achieve more. Coaching is helping the individual find the solutions to the issues they feel they face. Even if that is worded completely differently to what the company needs we always bring the two into alignment so the company, the team and the individual all perform better. Because ultimately it is about what is going on in each persons head that matters. So don’t assume people know what you are thinking. Ask for help, define the new way of working and communicate it.

Likewise if you are the leader of a team, just because you meet with everyone once a week don’t assume they are happy, performing to optimum levels or not suffering mentally. It is only in non judgemental confidential conversations people are really honest. I’ve seen so many clients in the last 6 months who have put on a great act, met targets and done okay, but after coaching everyone at work has seen a dramatic improvement in the individual and their results.

People have a habit of suppressing how they are feeling or what they are dealing with. How many times has someone said to you something after the event and you’ve said “Wow, I had no idea.” Trust me, it’s happening closer to home than you realise.

4. Please ditch the guilt. People think they are impressing me when they tell me they started at 6am and worked until 10pm and still managed to keep the house clean, teach the children algebra and bake a cake. You aren’t impressing anyone. Burn out happens to people that are living their live like everyone is judging them. Even if they are judging you that’s their issue, not yours.

Don’t aim for super human, aim for happy human.

If you enjoy baking and teaching your kids then great, but if you don’t no one is going to beat you up for putting a Disney film on a giving them a hug for a couple of hours. Its essential you meet deadlines but don’t try and do everything. You are allowed to say to your children/dog/partner “I’m sorry I need to work for 2 hours, we could do something at 2pm.

Guilt will eat you up, take brain space and stop you from being productive an happy. So ditch the matyr act and the guilt.

  4. Environment. When you go to work you dress in a certain way, have a route to work, a routine. Even if you don’t crave routine you still need to create the work mindset. What helps you get into a working mindset? This article especially top tip 13 will help you consider how to achieve the perfect environment. This is essential for the tough days so that even if you aren’t feeling it, your brain is getting signals to get into the working mindset – yes you can programme your brain, it just takes a bit longer than a robot and what works for one human won’t work for all, so you are clearly not a robot, so don’t try to act like one.

5.Boundaries. Leading on from guilt, its not a crime to get specific on what you need. I like it quiet when I work, so if I can’t have that I put the noise cancelling headphones in and the instrumental/classical music on. Sometimes just wearing them is a signal to my family to leave me alone. That’s not me being mean, that’s me putting myself on the importance list too. Not instead of them, as well as them. What boundaries do you need to put into place to protect your mind so you can perform well at work?

6. Be nice to you. Looking after everyone else and not you is also a fast track to an unhealthy mind. Take a break. Studies show we struggle to think and work productively in anything over an hour session. (Find out your optimum concentration time. Mine is approximately 25 minutes. So I know to do something, do something else and then return to the task in hand. So I will start this article, then answer an in depth email in depth, make a call and then return to the blog article. Everything is achieved but in a way that honours me. And it means I’ve time to play hide and seek with the dog and get some exercise too!

What would your perfect working day look like if you include you time? One client realised they were saving 10 hours a week from the weekly commute and using all of them for work! We split that 50 / 50 and they now have 5 hours a week to read, paint and bake cakes. Guess what? Productivity has gone up using less time!

7. Team time. How are you going to ensure the team is always on the same page? How are you going to ensure you are always on the same page as your customers and suppliers?

Don’t dismiss the importance of the water cooler moment. Those moments of free talk with no agenda are critical for many reasons. And many people are really missing the random conversations that lead to great ideas and innovation. One company I’m working with now take it in turns to meet up for a coffee and a walk once a week. In this way the team are more aware of how each other are feeling, what people are working on, struggling with or need advice on. How will you ensure you have productive team time? Not where you project what the company needs but understand each others needs? It is documented that when an individual feels part of the end goal they are 92% more likely to achieve for you even without a financial reward. If they don’t feel connected to the outcome that can drop to 0%! Which leads us on to…

9. Clear goals and focus. You may assume everyone knows what the organisational goals are and when and how they are to be achieved, but without input from all parties you risk not hitting the mark. A coaching day is a great way of hearing what everyone really thinks about your great idea, plan or goals for the future.

I’ve seen many a CEO or Bosses shocked face when they’ve been coached along with their team as they hear what people really think. One company had just invested in a new marketing campaign and brand worth over £10,000 but hadn’t engaged all departments, In our first coaching day one member of staff (who rarely spoke up) said “Where does it say care? We care right?” They were in the health and wellness industry and hadn’t mentioned the key elements of what they felt they stood for. That day led to a new mission statement, a new tagline and a far more powerful marketing strategy that the whole company helped create – imagine how powerful that is for their future goals and success?

The interesting thing is these companies often have training and meetings and brain storming sessions, trust me nothing is more unique than coaching with an external person to get to what is really stopping you, your team and your company from reaching new levels of success. It’s so powerful even I am blown away by the results. If you would like to know how coaching could help you and your team be more resilient, confident, capable, agile, creative and productive no matter what you face, get in touch. I love the phone ringing – 01206 381482 / 07989 935556


(2) ONS. (2014). Full Report: Sickness Absence on the Labour Market, February 2014. Retrieved from webarchive. [Accessed 28/07/16].

(3) Sainsbury Centre for Mental Health. (2009). Briefing 40: Removing Barriers. The facts about mental health and employment. Retrieved from

  • September 7, 2020

Why Constantly Judging Others Is No Good For You

Here in my latest article for Lifehack I explore how judging others can impact on your success.

How it can damage teams ability to bond and work powerfully together.

How it can damage your own happiness and success.

And when, actually judging others is good for you.

Our interntal judgements greatly impact on the results we get at work and at home, in all areas of our life. If this is an issue for you, this article shares a prove strategy for shutting that negative judgemental voice up for good.

Click here to learn more

As always let me know how you get on, feel free to share, message me with what you would like me to write about next and hitting the Paypal donate buttons makes this writer smile!

“When it comes to judging other people, I think it’s inherent in all of us to do it to some degree. But do you know how judging others impacts yourself and the things in life you want?

Let’s explore what judging others can do when you do it correctly or incorrectly, and I will share some easy techniques to control your judgmental desires.


  1. Why Do We Judge People?
  2. How to Stop Judging Others
  3. When Should You Judge Others?
  4. More on Understanding Judgments

Why Do We Judge People?

We have intelligent brains, even if it doesn’t always feel that way. I see it with clients I coach every day who realize that their mind does everything to protect them.

It’s not you who’s doing the judging. Instead, it’s your brain – usually the subconscious part – that’s doing all the work. You are just going along with it, not challenging it. (Learn about the brain’s mistakes here: 7 Mistakes Your Brain Makes Every Day – And How To Fix Them)

If you go back to our prehistoric ancestors, it was our bigger brain and ability to judge, decipher, and conceptualize things that ensured our safety and existence in the 21st century. As the University of California’s evolutionary theorist, Rob Boyd, said, “Think about what is necessary to live in Alaska. You’d need a kayak, a harpoon, and a float not to sink. Nobody invents a kayak. People learn the proper way to make a kayak from others.” [1]

Hence, some judgment will always be useful. You need to be mindful of how, when, where, and why you are giving that judgment.

Among the many reasons why we judge people, we mainly do it to stay safe. When you walk down the street, for instance, your brain is working on ensuring your safety, so you judge others’ actions before they do anything. That’s obvious, right? But what will you do when it happens at work or more subtly in your life?

Here’re 2 examples with my clients that show why judging others is bad for anyone:

The Corner Cutter

I want to share a story about my client, who was so fed up with a team member who always finished work at 5 P.M. sharp and was notoriously known for cutting corners. No one seemed to have an issue with it except my client. It infuriated my client and damaged their career. They claimed that the corner-cutting team member was the problem, but it wasn’t. It was them.

You see, you could never change other people, but my client’s brain made them think that their career success depended on what everyone else was doing. That is a fast step towards disaster. It’s impossible to get everyone to work in the same way as you do. Eventually, my client convinced the company to coach their team. We discovered that no one saw this person as a corner cutter, though. Seething, my client reported dozens of occasions in which their team member didn’t do their tasks and judged the person on their personal standards.

When I coached the whole team together, we could see the disparity between what my client thought was going on and what was genuinely happening.

The corner cutter ended up asking, “Do you read everything everyone sends you? How do you get anything done?”

My client exclaimed, “Doesn’t everyone do that?!”

While the client saw a lack of precision and carelessness in the corner-cutting team member, other people were merely focusing on their area of expertise and letting others get on with their jobs. Thankfully, my client is now back on track and achieving more because judging others undoubtedly wore them down.

Being on a Pedestal

People often looked at me in horror whenever I said, “Everyone is doing the best that they can with what they perceive they have.”

It’s tough to see bad things happening in your life and not judge others based on your own standards, but remember that not everyone is you. Our brains jump into automatic overdrive and tell us they are!

Imagine everyone is standing on a tall column like a pedestal made up of lots of blocks. Each block comes in the forms of:

  • Experiences
  • Your beliefs at this time
  • Your values (which can also change)

Now, imagine removing all the matching blocks on the pedestal. Can you see how you can be left with people who are more superior or inferior to you?

Let’s apply this idea in a real-world scenario. Another client of mine was annoyed with anyone who messed up at work. Some awful things happened to them as a young adult, and it taught them always to do the right thing. Never break the law, forever abide by rules, and if someone tells you to do something, you do it!

When people didn’t live the same way as they did, my client felt disrespected, unloved, undermined, and unappreciated. Could you imagine what impact it had on their life and success?

Though the client tried to hide it from us, we helped them see that the people around them didn’t share the same experiences, so they couldn’t see the world through their eyes. The first sign that my client was changing was seeing them walk in the room, grinning.

“I didn’t feel crossed today,” the client said. When I asked what they meant, they explained that they got behind the wheels without ranting about others’ poor driving skills.

One of the little exercises I set for the client was to imagine that the person driving in front of them was not an idiot or buffoon (their words, not mine). Instead, it was someone who was driving for the first time after getting involved in a big crash, a sick child who’s on the way to the hospital, or a parent who made a cake for their daughter’s wedding. It helped them change their perspectives about why people do things.

“When you judge others, you do not define them — you define yourself.” — Earl Nightingale

To read the rest of the article, head over to Lifehack here…

We judge others when we lack confidence, would you like to boost your confidence like Lenska? Click here to learn how.
  • September 6, 2020

Results Day – What you need to know

Every year we see students excitedly opening their results on our TV Screens, some with joy, some with devastation. Whatever your views I think we can all agree that this has got to be one of the weirdest hardest things our young generation faces. I’m not sure how I would have coped knowing that all those years of study, hard work and dedication had been robbed of me? So for everyone getting their A – Level, Degree and GCSE’s results, especially my daughter….

Dear Sophie and every student of 2020,

Things I wished I’d known;

  • I’ve got 11 GCSE’s grades A to C with one mortifying D – no one cares. I couldn’t even tell you were my grade papers are. In fact no one has ever asked to see my coaching diploma either!
  • I’ve got 3 average A levels – no A’s – no one cares. (See below for the English grade – shocking!)
  • I wish someone had told me that what I think about myself, how much confidence I have, how I communicate and what I believe to be true would be far more important than any letter on a piece of paper.
  • Things that feel hellish and awful now rarely feel like that in years to come, in fact you are likely to look back on them and laugh and ask “Why did I stress so much?”
  • Failing is good for you. I never told anyone I got a D for years. I was so upset. I’d failed. I was not good enough. One letter in my head was a definition of the young woman I was, how wrong I was. People don’t go on to do amazing things because life is good. We wouldn’t have Penicillin had it not be for someone being lazy and not bothering to clean out his Petri dishes before his holiday – naughty Nobel prize winner Fleming.

We don’t look to change and improve because life is great, we look to change because something is bad or wrong. I think we can safely say that this year has had plenty of bad to it, you will be the most resilient, determined can do attitude generation ever to have lived. Remember great inventions happen because of disasters (air bag inventor John Hentrick wouldn’t have saved thousands possibly millions of lives had he not have ended up in a ditch saving his daughter’s life because he reached out at just the right moment.)

Traffic lights, wind up radios, rubber sole shoes all came out of disaster as people looked to find a better way. That is not defined on a piece of paper. What you will need to be successful in life is;

  • Tenacity
  • Determination.
  • Self belief.
  • Confidence.
  • Faith.
  • Vision.

Believe you can and no matter how many times you get knocked back you will up and do it all again;

  • Dyson had 5126 versions before the one that worked and helped him become the multi-billion dollar company he is today.
  • Richard Branson left school at 16 – I think we can agree he did okay.
  • Lord Sugar only has 2 GCSE, he is worth well over a billion.

I could go on telling you about media moguls, billionaires, authors and celebrities who failed shockingly in their studying days and still achieved amazing things. So hold on to that fact.

You did the best you could with who you were back then. You are already more today. Cool right?

And remember when you open that email/envelope only you can decide how you define what you read.

And no matter what happens you have the proof that you can achieve – you aren’t still crawling around in a nappy saying Da, Dad, Ma, Ma are you? So clearly you can learn, you can achieve more and be more – that is not a young person thing, that is a all humans thing. (Well those that want to do well in life).

And lastly Sophie and everyone opening those emails today – this is just the start, exciting right?

Oh, and that English grade? GCSE – B (I think) and A level (C) yes a shocking C!

It didn’t stop the UK’s top nonfiction publisher from phoning me and asking me to write Fight the fear for them.  They’d read my blog and loved the way I wrote – so Ha, Mrs Grimstone turns out you were wrong and I can write, so much so that my latest book has a foreword from not one globally recognised expert but two! Who both think I’m awesome and know what I’m talking about.  The fact is that a grade is not going to define you, you are.

Choose wisely, think big, and know you can do it.


  • August 13, 2020

How to control that voice in your head! The 4 step Voice Exchanger strategy

Here is a proven way to get that negative voice to shut the hell up.

This is only a quick article so I don’t have the time to explain why you need to do this but a client just messaged me to tell me how powerful this little technique is that I created that I thought I would share it with you too. As always let me know how you get on and of course my books and courses are packed with strategies, tools and techniques that work so let’s work together and make you more successful.

I call this the 4 Step Voice Exchanger strategy for when your head is full of negativity and you tell yourself bad things like;

  • Where did that wrinkle come from?
  • Is that what I really look like from the back?
  • They are never going to want to work with me!
  • Why am I so useless?
  • Wow, I suck at maths, grammar, public speaking, asking for what I want!
  • I can get anything right!

Whatever negativity that voice is giving you I see it damage clients success and happiness all the time, it even destroys your confidence and undermines your ability to believe you can achieve and not fail again and again and again. So let’s get rid of your negative voice and get a healthy one in your head. Here goes…

  1. Start to notice what you say to yourself. Notice the negative things you say to yourself for 1 week. Don’t try to change them, don’t try to explain them, just notice them. If you want to make this step mega powerful write down what you notice. You will need to carry a pad and pen with you or store what you discover on an app on your phone – it could make step 3 a lot easier.
  2. Say No! We often assume the next step would be to change that voice. Change is sometimes easy but often hard so let’s make this an easy process. In the 2nd week every time you hear a negative statement in your head tell it No! Actually for a lot of clients they don’t tell it no, they tell it “Oh you, F**k off!” Sometimes this step is made easier by imagining that voice has a body to go with it. For one client we imagined it was a squawky brightly coloured parrot. You will see in step 4 what we did with the parrot! For another client we imagined the voice was an evil version of themselves. I asked them to tell me what it said to them and I said to them. “I really don’t like that person” my client agreed and said the nice version of her who took her to yoga and out for cake was going to tell her to naff off – get’s to the point right? Don’t think you need to be imaginative to make this work. If saying NO is enough for you then that’s fine. Do this for 1 whole week. If you don’t manage it, then notice what happened. And start week 2 again. This is about bringing lasting positive change to your life so don’t assume you will fix it straight away. For some clients they come back and tell me they failed and we work on the reasons why it failed and discover what was causing the lack of progress – so you see even failing is achieving if it moves you forward!
  3. Say the positive. In step 1 you ideally wrote down what you were saying to yourself. All that negative self talk. For every statement write a positive statement. For instance; “Why are you so rubbish at that!” becomes “I am proud of what I know about this and would like to know more” or “Wow fatty lay off the cake” becomes “I love my food and I love my body” You can be as creative or as blunt as you like. It’s in your head and it is only for your ears. As a rule to guide you if you wouldn’t say it to me, your best mate or the love of your life then you can’t say it to you EVER AGAIN! If you struggle with this stage (and many clients who lack confidence or have something holding them back do) then post to my mastermind group and I/we can help you create new positive sentences to say to yourself. At this stage (and this is very important) you don’t have to believe these sentences, you just have to choose to say them for a whole week.
  4. Notice. For week 4 just notice what is happening in your head. It will be one of a few things; either 1. You will notice your voice is changing, you may slip up but on the whole you are getting a far kinder, helpful supportive voice in your head. Notice how it impacts on your actions and results, this will become a good motivator to keep going. Remember the client with the parrot as their negative voice? They came back 2 weeks later and told me that every time they heard that parrot they cooked it with chips! Chips were their favourite and they had joked with me that they could eat anything as long as it came with chips. Such a daft flippant statement turned out to be the perfect way of destroying their negative voice. I last spoke to that client 2 weeks ago and they told me they had achieved an amazing promotion with a very healthy pay rise and it couldn’t have happened had they not destroyed that voice in their head that told them they weren’t good enough – this strategy seriously works! 2. You notice you are getting no improvement but you are noticing all the bad stuff you tell yourself (this is still an improvement, so praise yourself for it. 10/20+ years of telling yourself bad stuff doesn’t always get fixed overnight.) It’s all too easy to only tell yourself off for failing at this proven strategy that Mandie uses with her clients and not appreciate how far you’ve come. Don’t go it alone, ask for help. I’ve been developing strategies to help people achieve and overcome adversity and confidence issues for many many years I know this to be true. 3. You gave up half way through week 2 and never got to week 4! If this is you look to what makes you disciplined and stick with things. How can you migrate those skills to this easy 4 step exchanger? If you don’t do this ask yourself this question (and write down the answer) “

If I don’t do this 4 step process what will I be agreeing to?”think it’s a load of crap and doesn’t work

4. You think this is a load of rubbish and it doesn’t work. In my experience when I’m coaching teams I’m often confronted with someone who thinks my methodology is a load of rubbish and that I’m a tad flippant and far too jokey to be doing any good. And that is fine. They are usually the first to be asking me questions on the practices I use and tell me how life changing they are. So if you do think this is a load of rubbish it tells you more about what you think about yourself and your ability to change than it does the strategy. And that in itself is worth investigating, in a coaching session it would probably tell us why you do what you do and how to get the better results you want.

So that’s it, it’s a lot longer than most techniques I teach which can make changes to your life and success within a few hours, but for something so deep rooted this is a powerful way of getting that negative voice disintegrated and get a voice in your head that says “Wowsers you are amazing, let’s do great things together!”

As always let me know how you get on and feel free to get in touch any time. I know how to make your brain work powerfully for you so you get amazing results in all areas of your life.


  • August 12, 2020

Have you ever wanted to write a book?

Have you ever wanted to write a book?
Get known as an expert in your field?
Get speaking engagements because you are that awesome?

(Maybe you think this is beyond the realms of possibility?)

In September 2016 I was approached by the UK’s leading non fiction publishers to write a book.

One of the most magical moments in my career to date! Fight the fear book launch – central London!

A TV celebrity, author and international coach helped launch my book next door to the Savoy on the 10th floor overlooking London in all it’s glory.

TV Celebrity, Strictly Judge and International LA Coach Camilla Sacre Dullerup gave me rave reviews as did many international authors, business leaders and coaches.

I’ve got pictures of people with my book all around the world and even with TV Celebrity Kirsty Alsopp!

That launch led to speaking engagements for WH Smith’s, The NHS and Virgin Care to name just a few.

Fight the fear became Pearson’s Publishers top Travel retail books and was in airports around the UK for over 2 years!

Fight the fear led to so many new clients, speaking gigs and opportunities (most of which I would never have dreamed of!) that I can’t list them all.

It’s sold in 5 languages and it turns out you can buy my book in a bookstore in South Africa – I know this because there are some big Mandie Holgate fans out there.

My latest book Taking Control Of Your Mind has a foreword written by the CEO of Lifehack, an online with 150 million readers around the world, Leon Ho AND a foreword from top Forbes, Inc, Huffington Post writer Gordon Tredgold.

As a child I dreamed of becoming a published author and I now have 5 books to my name!

If I told you that I lacked confidence so much I rarely thought I was good enough for anything. Discovering I was an amazing coach was awesome, but I feared I’d never be able to help as many people as I’d like because I just couldn’t get out there and talk about the work I was doing. I want to share with you how to become the right level of confidence (clear of arrogance) hone your self belief and faith in the fact you are good enough and help you achieve things you never thought were possible.

In my latest course I want to share with you how to get asked to write a book. (I was asked to write my first book by the UK’s leading nonfiction publishers and it wasn’t luck that made that happen. I did and I will share how you can do that too!)

I will teach you how to get amazing results from writing a book too!

In this course you will learn;

  1. Why it’s important to know the aims of your book – what do you want it to do for you, your readers, your career and your goals?
  2. How to create the time to write a book.
  3. What to do before you start writing.
  4. Why your life can sap your motivation to write a book and how to overcome it.
  5. When to self publish (and when to get help.) Pros and Cons of self publishing.
  6. How to engage with publishers and what they will expect from you (and it’s not just a manuscript!)
  7. How and why to establish your audiences (and the big mistakes first time writers make.)
  8. How to promote your book and become a thought leader for your area of expertise/passion.
  9. How to structure your book.
  10. How to overcome writers block FAST!

And if you lack the confidence to believe you have something really powerful to say. Check out my confidence building course too. I’ve had so many amazing reviews for my courses because they are jammed packed full of facts and strategies that I know work.

I want you to get to that stage in your career/business where you realise you are an uber awesome person and that you have something very valuable to share with the world. My courses, books and coaching are all designed to help you tap into who you really and get the results in your personal and professional life you really want and deserve.

Let me know how you get on. And do join my confidential mastermind group where I’m always giving free coaching, mentoring, advice and ideas too. It’s only £5 a month. Learn more here.

Every course works powerfully to get you more of what you want out of life, business and your career. Ready for that?

Time to become an author!

  • July 31, 2020

I’ve so many things I could sell in my business – what should I concentrate on?

I’d like 1 bottle of wine for every time I’ve heard this question from a confused business owner or potential business owner (it would usually be 1 penny but since I can’t travel to the Chateaus of France like Chateau La Gordonne or Domaine Fradon wine sent to Mersea Island – Dry and Rose would be good!)

The question is this;

“Mandie I do so many different things and I could sell to so many different audiences so how do I choose? I’ve been told to niche but if I niche how will I sell to different groups of people and how will people know what I sell, and what do I talk about and then I go back to questioning of all the hats I could wear which is going to be profitable and make me money, aaaaa, help me!”

That is pretty much what I hear out of new clients all the time and here’s my “quick, easy to action and create a plan that’s achievable and give you a business you adore selling to people you love” rough and ready guide to getting that fast, ready?

IF you really want to grow your business and make this happen as regular readers will tell you they end up reading my articles and books twice;

  1. Once to read.
  2. Once to go back with pen and paper, take notes and create an action plan.

I don’t write to sell, I write to help you rocket your confidence, team, sales, profit and success. So grab a pen and paper and let’s do this.

1. Don’t build a business until you build you (this came up only recently at a BWN event and I see it all the time. a great strategy without great faith and confidence still fails (or wins to only a small degree so becomes frustrating and then you procrastinate, falter and end up back at the start).

To fix this on the home page of my site and under books is my Free book on how to eradicate Imposter Syndrome. It’s the first thing you need to do. I’ve seen people who tell me they are confident and yet we’ve found the Imposter Syndrom lurking in their head damaging their thoughts, emotions, actions and results. So start here. It’s free!how to fix your imposter syndrome

2. The second thing to do is check and build your confidence. I hear people tell me they are confident and then when I suggest they give a potential lead a call or phone a past customer for a review or reference I hear “I can’t do that!” All signs that you lack confidence. Don’t worry it’s something we all face and we can all control it.

Just remember I can tell you what to sell, who to sell it to and how to sell it (even at what price) but if you doubt yourself you are far more likely to find yourself changing course because of doubt, People who have only 1 session and expect to be “fixed for life” come back and say “I think I lost my way” and that is two fold;

  1. They started to question if they were doing the right thing. Networking in lots of places, trying to do too many 5 day challenges (they are free so why not right?), free courses (free right, so why not?), a book someone recommended, a seminar (hey it was free so why not right?) listening to lots of people saying “you should niche”, “you should do this”, “you should get up at 5am”, “you don’t want to sell that, no one is buying” and before you know it your direction is lost. You have self doubt set in, confidence waned and then you are like the Catherine Wheel Effect doing a ton of stuff, but not getting the results you want. I will never make my clients busy fools.
  2. You lost site of why you were doing what you were doing. If a new client can’t tell me what their 3 to 5 tasks are on their action plan that we I sent them in their coaching report, I know it’s buried away and is slowly being forgotten. Why do you think people have coaching with me every 4 to 6 weeks? Because they love me or because I keep them on track, accountable, focused and driven to get results? (It would be lovely if it was love but I’d say it’s more because I help them grow a business they adore and they don’t want to lose sight of all they want to achieve or the processes we’ve put in place to achieve them. My favourite random call from a client? “Mandie my tax bill is huge!” I replied “If you don’t like this years, you are going to hate next years!”

When you do things that don’t match to your plan because you lost faith then you still don’t get where you want to go. So take my confidence course here

3. Next step is NOT to look at what sells or what people will buy (you could spend your life selling things you’ve no passion for and guess what eventually happens? It stops working, you get resistance to it, you hate your job and you are looking for a new venture.

I’ve seen what you are going through literally thousands of times so I know what will work, you’ve got to find what motivates and inspires you, what will get you out of bed when it’s snowing, the boiler has broke, the cat/dog/child/partner has been sick in your shoes and you are still raring to go to work!

4. Get a big piece of paper if you are a visual learner (for those not visual a list or app or excel spreadsheet is going to be more your style) then write down all of the products and services you could sell. Use lots of different colours if you like – when I do this with a client it helps us to group things naturally as we go.

At this stage don’t worry about costings or will it work, or “I don’t know how to this” or “I’d love to do that but I don’t have the skills/money/time” etc etc. Write everything and anything. Just what you would LIKE to sell.

5. Now write down all the words in one colour associated with how those products and services make you feel and what they give you.

6. Next choose a different colour and look for what they mean to potential customers.

For step 5 and 6 think about the way it makes you feel, what it will give you personally and professionally, how it would impact on life, hobbies, holidays, everything and anything that springs to mind. Dismiss nothing. Add everything. (It is in the daft, throw away statements I find massive eureka moments with my clients!)

7. Now it is time to look for common themes, words and sentences. And bring them together into groups.

You will start to see patterns of what products and services really resonate with you. (Again at this stage dismiss nothing, let your heart and passion guide you. Business will come after (and I can help you with that too) but you need to find all the good powerful, motivational, inspiring emotions and feelings associated with your business ideas first. It’s imperative for every step of your business success. (And when I work with an established company we often come back to this step to help the team feel connected to the goals, to restore momentum, create powerful marketing and grow the business – it is an essential step that many do not give enough time and effort to understanding.)

As an example of how this process can work, recently someone was talking to me about the 4 different things they did and they didn’t know what to do. They could use any of these methods, practices, products and services to  make a business, but could they work side by side?

Would they confuse customers?
Would it muddy the waters in how to market their business?

There was so much choice it was hard to choose! And when you can’t decide you end up procrastinating, talking about a ton of things and people can’t work out what you sell or what you do! 

So we stepped away from this plethora of choices and looked at the above strategy to help them see that regardless of what product or service it was, what they did was all about giving people back their power.

8. When you can see the commonality then you can create the business goals, products, services, (pricing structures) target audiences and marketing strategy. Not the other way around.

Do you care that when I coach I use 25 years experience in growing highly successful businesses, Harvard Business School strategies, CBT, CAT, NLP Coaching, Counselling, Psychology, TA, Da Vinci and Platos’ theories?

Nope you just care about what you get out of it.

So when you are considering how to create your business, sustain your business and/or grow your business see it from what you want to get and what you want people to get.

I hope this helps for starters.

The next steps would include looking at your target audiences and how to sell to them. So I recommend my target audience course then the marketing course. And if you are worried about having the fundamentals of business in place (as I see with a lot of established businesses who aren’t able to maintain growth (no matter what) because the foundations aren’t there, do that course too. These courses include a profit calculator too so you can check the business model you are building is actually going to give you the profit, lifestyle and business you want.) 

And if you loved this article, a £1 on the PayPal button on the right makes me happy….or wine, wine is good.

  • July 24, 2020

The Power Letter – The perfect why us letter – how to sell on many levels

Many businesses make the mistake of looking for new customers before they engage with existing connections and past customers, however if you are talking to them on social media and sending out a newsletter and maybe networking once in a while what more can you do to get them back on board and buying from you?

With many clients I help them send out the perfect “Why Us” letter.

A one page, no waffling letter that enables new connections and warm relationships to turn into leads, new business, repeat business and up-scaling products and services, it also helps ensure you are remembered and on your target audiences radar for when they are ready to buy.

Be mindful that you must have a joined up approach to your marketing, here are some exampales of what could damage that;

  • A great website with no new content is going to let you down.
  • A great social media presence with no call to action or low cost intro offer is going to risk sales.
  • A great networking ethos but a lousy follow up is going to damage your results.
  • A poor follow up strategy with a great online presence is not going to result in automatic sales.

My experience with coaching businesses is that they are often doing many of the right things but there are missing links in their approach that don’t include the companies needs, the planned growth (or lack of clear goals for the company and team) or planned outcomes and that damages results.

Therefore start by looking at your sales funnel and ensuring you actually know who your target audiences are. These course can help you get that in order fast –

When you know you are saying the right things to the right people then you can use the power letter to get in the door and create a great sales funnel and build a powerful positive relationship.

I see this work well with companies who create a power letter, then they have a strategy that means they email them one week later after the initial letter and then phone 4 days after that. Your strategy for follow up on your Power Letter will be unique to you. And will need to match;

  • Your time allowances.
  • Your admin needs.
  • Your marketing strategy.
  • Your products and services.
  • Commitment to other customers.
  • Current capacity.

I have seen clients who now have a 60% conversion rate on power letters with people asking to do a number things as a result of the Power Letter;

  1. Can we work together?
  2. Can you add us to your mailing list please?
  3. We are tired into a contract right now can you call us in 6 months?
  4. Can you send us a written copy of your Power letter so we can come back to this at a later date?
  5. Can you tell us more?
  6. We aren’t sure how this would work for us so we are going to keep in touch if that’s okay?

And here is how your write your own;

P is for Power title

No one is going to open or read your email unless it has a title that really connects and hooks your target audiences (can you see why you need to do the finding your niche audiences? It really focuses your mind on to finding the right audiences for what you say and the way you say it.)

Think of the issues that new customers say when they first call. Those words and emotions need to come across in your opening power title. A word of caution, most businesses make the mistake in communicating using their terminology and not the language a customer would use.

You may see it as a “this process works” and you are proud of it way of communicating, where as your target audiences don’t care about the process, they care about results and that will be around the areas of;

  • Easy to achieve.
  • Low cost.
  • Make money.
  • Save money.
  • Stop us breaking the law and risking a fine.
  • Higher profits.
  • Less sickness.
  • Less turn over of staff.
  • Less chance of selling a kidney because business isn’t working.
  • Better looking body.
  • loving the home you are in.
  • Feeling confident. etc, etc.

Get the power in your title with emotion and the pain clients experience.

O is for Obstacle.

When you’ve ensured they want to read your email it has to then pull them into the email. So the next step is to really hone in on the issues they face. When I do this with clients we tend to have 3 to 5 bullet points that that customer is probably facing. Something like;

  1. Did you know companies with a formal training programme are 91.2 % likely to meet their sales quota.
  2. 75% of companies admitted they waste resources and finances on in-house coaching.
  3. Without follow up training your team could lose out on 80 to 90% of what they learned in training within a month and damage future results.
  4. Companies that combine Training with Coaching lead to an increase of 88% in productivity, vs. 23% from training alone.

(Including stats and facts rams the point home and it can be good to add where your stats are from.)

W is for What we did

This is still a short paragraph or 3 to 5 bullet points. Remember this person is not in love with your company yet and they need to know how you actually achieve something they currently feel is impossible to do. Make it succinct and very relevant to their perceived issues. Ensure you use the words that are likely to feature in a customers reasons for saying No. ie,

“It takes less than 2 hours and £200 to be compliant and save fines starting from £400.”

This tells customers it is quick (they may assume it will take up lots of their time) and it’s affordable, less than the fine (which tells them it is a no brainer in cost and results.)

E is for End Result

This again is short, the whole Power Letter needs to look good on an A4 piece of paper with plenty of space so it is easy to read. So concisely explain what results the company got, ie:

–              Reduced absenteeism by 40%.

–              Every KPI for 90% of the company was achieved.

–              Increase profit margins by 30% within 6 weeks.

Don’t waffle. Consider what matters to the potential client.

R is for Reaction You Want

A mistake I see people make a lot is they write great content or share great ideas but they don’t lead people in the direction they want them to go in!

Don’t forget to finish your Power Letter with a clear call to action. I’ve seen clients do this with a choice of calls to actions too. Ie

  • If this is of interest to you (and let’s be honest if you’ve written we can help you increase your profit margins by 40% in just 10 hours of your time within 6 months, they aren’t likely to be uninterested are they?) then reply to this email or give us a call.
  • You may not be ready to sign up just yet, but if you are interested in what we could do for you then sign up to our newsletter here.
  • We will call you in 2 days time to hear what you think of how we can help your company. We aren’t going to sell at you, just follow up on our email.
  • We have some guidance and white papers on our site around this topic for you to help yourself to, all free.

A power letter can be about creating new sales with just one email however it is more likely to be the way to open the door to build relationships and gain a lot more than just a one off sale.

As always if this is of benefit to you, let me know.
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  • July 8, 2020

Can a coach get a dip in confidence and how can you fix it fast?

One of the surprising things to come out of Lock down is a dip in confidence. And I’m not immune.

I was invited to speak at the worlds biggest online conference for Luminary Learning, a company that works with some of the biggest organisations in the world – 18 speakers, 17 hours. (They are doing a bigger one in October and I’m speaking at that too!)

And in the lead up to the big day I had meetings with the team to see if I would fit. I was keen for this to happen because I’m not your usual conference speaker and I didn’t want to stand out (for all the wrong reasons) like the proverbially sore thumb!

I rarely have slides (unless the hosts really want them) and I don’t’ usually follow a set script. Choosing instead to find out what they want for their audiences and what they want the result to be. In that way I will create a mass group coaching style session that is really powerful and ensures people get personalised solutions rather than generic ideas.laughing with mandie holgate business and life coach

As I chatted with the hosts, I ended up showing them my Disney mug of coffee, my tiny dog and even my Olaf Keyring… such a grown up. They loved my honest, fun style and said that with my exceptional knowledge on growing businesses and people I’d be perfect.

So all good right?

Except when you don’t see your audience whether you are a speaker, professional or a business leader it can be tough.

Are they getting what I am saying?

Usually body language gives us massive clues on this. The crossed arms changing to hand at face in deep thought is always a good one to aim for. Along with obviously the laughter and relaxed poses.

So with our world moving to online can you deliver to the same high standard?

Yes of course but watch out for the confidence levels.

As the day of the big event got closer, I found myself writing copious amount of notes on the subject of leadership and building great people. You know, the subject I spend my life coaching people and teams on!

How ridiculous I found myself thinking you know this stuff inside out. “Why are you writing it down?” “Why are you adding stats that you could recite in your sleep!” I shrieked at myself. “Are you likely to lose your mind between now and Saturday!”

It was a dip in confidence. Not to be confused with a sensible level of nerves because you want to do well. One is good for your performance, the other can destroy it. (If you aren’t sure pick up a copy of Fight the fear where I help you reduce your fears to a sensible level often getting rid of them all together but being mindful that sometimes a little nerves is good for you.)

So I did what any good coach would do and I talked to another coach. Me and Gordon Tredgold have been proverbially kicking each other’s butts for years. In fact it’s thanks to him I’ve achieved more and I know I’ve been able to help Gordon too. (I love relationships that are win win like that. I highly recommend Gordon’s books, and yes you guessed it Gordon highly recommends mine too!)

So I messaged Gordon. Something along the lines of “Hey Gordon, I’ve got the major wobbles about Saturday. I know I can do this with bells on but still….”

Gordon replied with the right words as we usually do for each other, but when you are bordering on a dip in confidence that can induce fear (and trust me as author of Fight the fear I know this stuff (again inside out!) if you don’t fix the confidence then fear is only a step away.) So despite the fact I believed Gordon and if Gordon Tredgold tells you, you are an awesome speaker, then you are an awesome speaker I still was feeling concerned at a level I didn’t want to take to the event.

So, I used a tool I created for a client and use all the time…

“Where is your evidence Mandie?” I asked. “Have you got on a stage before and tanked it?”


“Have you let an audience or hosts down?”

“Er again, I’m going to have to say No”

“Have you made audiences laugh and learn and have eureka moments that changed lives and business?”

At this stage I was beginning to hate myself just like my clients do when they are faced with the facts that they don’t suck and they are awesome! I knew how my coaching clients felt under my scrutiny and it wasn’t easy to accept but accept it I did. I’m good at my job.

I wanted to share this with you because people often say “You are so confident I bet you never doubt yourself” As a human we all do it, the difference is as a coach I can get myself back into a great mindset and get the results I want because I coach myself and control what is allowed to go on inside my brain. Hence the new book Taking control of your mind is so popular because it helps you do just that.

And just so I don’t let that dip in confidence come back I printed off the amazing words that one of the team sent to me.

Just a quick note to say...thank you very very very very very much for trusting me and for coming on board....your energy was so great that we fed off that....your stories were pointed and you were able to bring it home with each was fantastic.....    It so lively....and hilarious..but drove home a very string point!!!    Thank you so much and both T and myself simply love you and your vibrancy and zest for life!!!!    We are fans and friends for life!!! Will chat soon...

If you want to stay positive it’s important you give yourself visual clues so you don’t revert to negative and stay there because that’s not good for you, your team or your business. And remember people like to be with positive people. People that inspire and motivate them. Those people make tough days and obstacles to success so much easier to overcome.

If you would like to know more about any aspect of this feel free to get in touch and if this made you rethink what you allow to happen in your head a donation on the button on the right would be appreciated, thank you.

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  • June 23, 2020
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