It is wonderful when your online presence get’s you noticed. On this occasion it was Humans of Fuzia, and inspiring company on a story telling mission of women around the world.

35 countries.

5 million women involved.

1000 stories so far – including mine!

I love the ethos of Fuzia and their mission to bring women together for the good of all women!

Here’s my story from their website. To read the full story head to their site here.

Mandie Holgate is a Best Selling Author, Coach and Founder of The Business Women’s Network. She tells us that, “I absolutely believe in every woman’s ability to get what they want and achieve their dreams. It’s my passion and life’s mission to prove it.”

What were your initial years of growing up like? Tell us about your life before starting your corporate journey/venture/initiative.

I was easily bullied and lacked confidence, so much so I never went to University as that was too scary. I had a standard childhood with a hard working Dad who worked long hours so that’s where my work ethic comes from. I’d help anyone as would my Dad and Grandad and can strike up a conversation with anyone anywhere now that I’ve dealt with my confidence issues. It’s one of my major passions to help women overcome their limiting beliefs and confidence dips because it undermines so much of our success. I’ve always loved writing so to be asked to write a book by the UK’s leading non fiction publishers was a dream come true. I never liked having my photo taking as I had so little faith in myself and hated who I was, I’ve now featured in most UK publications and a good view worldwide ones and learnt to love who I am, trust me, if you are reading this learning to love yourself on the inside will be part of your super human strength. When people say it can’t be done, go out of your way to prove it can! I’ve serious illness and they don’t slow me down or stop me, however they’ve taught me to respect my needs and not be a martyr to what everyone else needs. You matter, remember that.

Every industry that is now a large-scale, top-notch business once started as a small idea in the minds of entrepreneurs. What was that idea or motivation that made you start your business /initiative? What motivated you within to say YES, go for it!”

I tried to kill myself 20 years ago and no medication helped. I discovered CBT and CAT. Wow, to know the power of the mind can literally change mind, body and soul was powerful! I couldn’t get enough knowledge (and still can’t) on the subject of mind over matter. My goal all along has been to empower women to achieve what they want to. To overcome any obstacle, be resilient and use that fire inside them to get the results they want. If they want to change the world, I want them to know it starts with 1 thought. Great people through time didn’t know the answers, they had faith, passion and a determination to never give up. You need that. Remember every single thing you can see around you at this very moment started as a thought in someone’s head – your thoughts are powerful. So if your thoughts are less than powerful, inspiring and innovative, look to alter them. In Fight the Fear and Taking Control of Your Mind I teach people how feelings and emotions create actions and results. So the quality of your thoughts WILL impact your Results. It all starts with you – just appreciate how powerful that is! That driving force to spread that message around the world and give women the powerful strategies to create their businesses and communicate powerfully is my mission on this planet. Any reader can get in touch with me and join my mastermind group and I promise to do all I can to support them in their own vision, mission and goals.

Tell us something about your initiative or current role. What is it about, and what impact are you trying to make?

We aren’t trying, we are doing! The Insiders is a diverse group of professionals from all industries from across the globe working together to share ideas and strategies, grow businesses and teams and get the results people want. I keep the cost low so it’s accessible to all however we attract all size businesses too. I also do a lot of speaking engagements on powerful communication for teams, leaders and sales. I love teaching people how what they think impacts on what they get so adore the area of confidence and self reliance. I like to showcase to women how they have everything they need to be everything they want. It’s a small investment for me to show them what’s possible. I love my work!

Your journey and your vision are very inspiring, but are there any achievements or accomplishments you would like to mention?

I’ve been honoured to be a top UK small business and go to the House of Lords and 10 Downing Street, I’ve featured on UK TV, I’ve spoken at global events for thousands, I’ve had celebrities tell me they love my books, but nothing on this planet, beats a message from someone that has taken my advice and achieved what they wanted to. My favourite this week was the charity that supports abused children who told me that thanks to my support, advice and training they now found it easy to find funders and investors and were actively growing. I’m just as proud of the messages from people who have read my books and said they changed their lives. My words, written years ago, still empowering and changing lives, that’s inspiring!

Would you like to share with our young budding women entrepreneurs the change you would like to see in the world if given an opportunity?

I’d like true equality. Not them and us. A complete and utter us. That accepts all. If you want to help to do that you need to ALWAYS come from a place of love. It’s not easy when someone is harsh or unkind but if you can always come from a place of love you will change this world. See every person as doing their best according to their experiences, beliefs, values and circumstances and you will be able to do that, coming from a place of love. We will change this world for the better.

Women are a growing force in the workplaces worldwide, standing shoulder to shoulder with their male counterparts. There are cracks in glass ceilings everywhere, with many women breaking through to carve out a space right at the top of the pyramid. What are your thoughts about women leadership today?

I could write a whole book on this! We are seeing improvements but we still see women used as scapegoats in large businesses so they can take the blame and we still see women sidelined for the less hands-on leadership areas of the boardroom. Women must use their body language, mindset and self belief to own their right to be in the room. Before you even enter the room, know you belong. The tide is turning but don’t be fooled into believing there are not still some that believe women can’t have children and successful careers. Only last week I was in the city and heard a young man say “But women have to stop to have children. That’s not their fault.” Like making humans was a fault! He didn’t even know what he was saying. I asked him where he gained this view and he said that at work (a corporate environment in a private bank) it was accepted that women would need to step back. Do men not want to be parents too? So many assumptions are made so be careful that you don’t get trapped in someone else’s definition of what’s possible. And if you can’t stand up for yourself, look for a tribe that will teach you how. I have helped many enter the corporate world. Many who were talented and intelligent but lacked communication, and confidence skills. I know it can be done and you will be the one to do it.

What would you want to say to our young women leaders/audience reading this?

Feelings, emotions, actions and results. You get to define how you work, live, speak, thrive. No one else. If you are reading this, look for people like me and Fuzia who will inspire you and not just give you the emotional empowerment but also the practical skills to excel too. Great words without actions do little.

To get involved with Fuzia’s amazing international project click here and do mention me so they know how you found them.

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