How To Turn A Negative Thought Into A Positive

This is an example of one of the many unique tools I use in coaching. This is also featured in Taking Control Of Your Mind and Fight the fear.

Take a look at the negative spiral below. This is an example from working with a business woman recently who was really struggling with the outcome of public speaking.

negative voice in your head how to overcome itAs we worked together it become very apparent that presentation opportunities could destroy the impact of her whole day and really rock her motivation and the results she got that day and of course her long term professional opportunities too.

We looked at what was currently happening then I planted the seed of an idea about what could happen if she reacted in the opposite way.

If you are looking to make change you need a powerful reason to do it. This woman realised that her believes and reactions were heavily impacting on her success and it was a real Eureka moment!

In most coaching sessions I will help clients appreciate what is currently happening. If you can really feel the pain of this then you can decide you want to work to get away from this.

Write something that impacts on you at the top of the page – in the example we have “When I stand up to speak….”

Now for each bubble (and this negative spiral can have a lot more bubbles dragging you down further and further) you will have Feeling, Emotion, Action or Result.

You may have a mixture of both tangible and nontangible or you will have predominantly emotional and feeling or action and result. This gives you a clue to your natural style; to the science of being you. And by utilising this instead of fighting it you can achieve more. Really feel the pain!

No amount of learning new skills in public speaking would change this clients results until she was able to take control of her mind.

We all get those negative voices in our head that tell us we can’t do it, and we will fail. The negative to positive spiral is a great way to get over it. You can learn more in my confidence course and by reading my books here These have both been proven to help people get over that voice in their head that tells them they can’t and that they are an impostor.

Start simply by being aware of what’s happening, then work out what could be the opposite.

Let your subconscious get working, and you will be surprised at how quick you can get that negative into a positive!

There is a lot more to it to ensure that voice never impacts on you again and I take my clients through very personalised solutions to ensure they get rid of theirs.

Remember – don’t fight who you are – you won’t win.

I’m happy to have a chat anytime, so feel free to get in touch. and I like the phone ringing – +44 (0) 1206 381 482

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