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Social Media a Force For Your Success Or Your Demise – Take Control!

If you do not control social media, then social media will control you!
And if you take just 2 minutes to read this article you will see why that could be so important to your ability to achieve your goals, grow your business, have the career you want and even the social life you crave!
If you scroll down your feed and it doesn’t inspire you, motivate you and make you feel connected and part of a big community that care about you – then you need to change your social media network.
 social media for business
This image is a worksheet I created for a client because increasingly I hear;
  •  I can’t stand social media.
  •  It’s all so fake.
  • I can’t compete with them!
  • I can’t get any business from social media it’s a waste of my time.
  • I feel inadequate.
  • I spend too much time on social media achieving nothing.
  • You can’t have real conversations on Social media.
  • I feel like there is nothing I can do to change the world that we live in – we are all doomed!
Even if you don’t feel this bad, your social media world constantly impacts on you, trying to dictate when you reply to people, how you reply, what you say and how you interact.
Just like in life if you don’t control the quality of your conversations then that can directly damage the quality of your thoughts, your feelings and then your actions and results.
So if you want to get more out of the day, your week and your life, social media should support your success – not damage it.
This has already been utilised with 3 clients this year too. So if you are feeling like social media is not good for you – you are not alone!
If you would like a copy that you can download you can join my online mastermind group the Insiders – it is only £5 a month and that means as you work through my worksheets, homework and ideas you can feedback and additional support 24/7. We delete no content.

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  • January 29, 2020

LinkedIn ideas to Success

Recently I’ve delivered social media training to the NHS Entrepreneurial Programme and some other companies (who wish to remain confidential) and I thought I’d share some key messages here for you to benefit from too.

When used right LinkedIn can do a lot for your success. Personally it has led to new clients, speaking engagements, PR opportunities, Awards and even being asked to write Fight the Fear for one of the UK’s leading non fiction publishers, Pearsons. That book is now in 5 languages and is sold around the world!

I also know of one company who found investors for their product who handed over 1 million pounds!

Seriously if LinkedIn is a forgotten unloved CV to you, it’s time to give it some love and get it working powerfully for you and your success.

  1.  You can download your own LinkedIn checklist here









2. T.R.U.S.T –  5 styles of a 60 seconds elevator pitch to help you hone what you say and why you say it. (This can also make up the back bone of a 5 month marketing strategy to save you time and ensure you present a powerful brand no matter where people find you. There is a course that accompanies this – Supercharge Your 60 Seconds click here to learn more or take the course.

60 seconds elevator pitch worksheet mandie holgate 60 second elevator pitch worksheet








3. Marketing Production Line Course download your copy.If your marketing strategy is utilising between 8 and 10 tools listed on this worksheet you should be able to successfully engage with your target audiences, raise your profile, make sales, get asked to speak at events, retain customers and grow your business. Remember to be useful, relevant and interesting and monitor the results you get. Ask “What needs to change?” “What is not working?” etc. etc. There is an accompanying course which you can learn more about here. It could help you create a powerful structure and strategy to marketing success – without spending a sack of cash.

Your Marketing Production Line - 2018







4. I host a confidential mastermind group for very busy professionals. Where you can research ideas, test out your marketing material, practice your video blogging, learn new skills, find solutions and gain mentoring and coaching from me too. It is £5 a month and I often give the Insiders additional ideas and support that I’ve created for clients too. You can learn more and join us here.



  • May 13, 2019

“Hi, you don’t know me but let me sell at you…..”

A little rant today I’m afraid….Hope you get it and helps you…

“Hi Mandie,

Thank you for connecting with me, I’ve not qualified myself for this communication but hey let’s get right in there and let me tell you why I’m brilliant, and no matter how successful you are, and I know I don’t know you at all since we connected 7 minutes ago here on LinkedIn I know you aren’t as successful as you could be because you don’t have me in your life (hey that may sound arrogant but I started selling at you in a message 7 minutes after connecting with you, so what were you expecting?)

So I’ve got this programme/proven plan/8 figure strategy that will revolutionise your life (see again I’m assuming your business is in dire straits and you need me? Did you see that twice in our first ever communication? I’m really connecting with you aren’t I!)

I’m now going to waffle on for another 4 paragraphs telling you how fabulous I am and about the many amazing things I’ve achieved with my clients who are all living perfect lives so surely that qualifies me to jump on a call with you so I can close the deal? When do you want that call today or tomorrow?”

Great message right? Okay so I may have been a little sarcastic here, however what has sparked this growing trend in this type of spam?

Does it work? Is it about crunching the numbers and for every person like me that is irratated by the rudeness and lack of professionalism there are 8 people that are happy to jump on that call?

On researching for this article I discovered that according to LinkedIn (the ones in the know!) there is no right time or wrong time to get in touch according to best day of the week or time of the day however it is the short and concise messages that were directed to individuals who you tailored your message to them (just them, not a thousand people that fit a profile like them) that got the best results.

In other words, your bulk sending of spam is not going to work as well as getting to know people and build relationships!

I can’t be the only one bored by these people who have no respect for my time? I love my online network, and I’m happy to have direct conversations learning more about you and what you do. (Remember the bigger your network and the more well informed you are about your network the more useful you can be, the more opportunities you naturally get to touch base and to help and you stick  in people’s minds for all the right reasons. The perfect example is again this week I had the kind of message I often get “Mandie we are open a new restaurant who do you think we need to invite?” Do you think that kind of request comes about because I post a lot or because I’ve a genuine interest in knowing my online community?

It is also the reason I get rebooked as a speaker for big exhibitions and events because they know they can trust me to support them and their planned outcomes, not sell at their audiences and make a difference – all constantly reflected in my online communication. It gives you something to think about right?

Ultimately these spam messages rarely work on someone you’ve just connect with because it is still about building relationships and listening. These direct messages miss out on the foundations of communication success;

  • Assuming I need what you have.
  • Not listening to find out what I feel I really need and want.
  • Not introducing yourself and building a relationship.
  • Not qualifying your right to share more about what you do and how you may help me, that only happens after I’ve learnt to trust your reasons for connecting with me.
  • Not respecting me as a business owner and assuming I’m failing (that does wonders for building relationships to start a message assuming the other person is a failure doesn’t it?)
  • Not respecting my time and that I’ve got nothing better to do than wait for you to call me. Do they think I’m sat here with nothing to do thinking “Wow I wish someone would message me with a 8 figure fix to my business. (If they had bothered to even read my profile they would know that talk like that is going to turn me off faster than an invite to dinner from Donald Trump!)

These direct sales messages remind me of some business owners that start to share how and why you MUST work with them, and they don’t realise that the potential customer will get there in their own time, not in theirs. As I often tell clients it is not your job to sell at potential clients it is your job to showcase why you and enable them to get there “naturally” in their own time. (When you learn sales processes, your target audiences and the communication that is powerful to your business it becomes a lot easier and is the science of getting customers returning again and again and telling everyone about you too! You flow at sales when you know this knowledge, not by spamming everyone you can connect with!

Communication is a fundamental power to our business success. In every aspect of our professional lives we have to be able to communicate powerfully (and if you want your personal life to run smoothly communication is just as powerful there.) So the next time you communicate with someone you feel you could help don’t be on your agenda, be on theirs.

Don’t assume.

Don’t sell.

And don’t send diatribe like the above. Which is becoming a daily delete exercise for so many busy people. And guess what how likely are you to read / stay connected / or follow up on any of their future posts?

Crazy move right?

I’m incredibly honest and won’t waste your time, so if you have something you’d like to see covered in my blog please feel free to message me. Most articles are as a result of a clients discoveries (confidentially created obviously) or messages where someone has said “What are you thoughts on this?” I’m happy to help. Happy to chat and happy to hear from you.

Let’s connect on social media….so I can sell at you….only kidding!

  • September 22, 2018

Social Media – The Foundation Needs – Speaking Engagement Slides

Recenly I spoke for one of the worlds largest employers about the basics of successful social media. I don’t claim to be an expert however I know how to utilise it to grow and sustain my own business and my clients.

We also explore the foundations that every business needs to understand and abide by to ensure sustainability, growth and respecting your own personal and professional values and beliefs.

Here are the 2 worksheets I suggested as guidelines too. You are welcome to download a copy.

Social Media Strategy & Structure

  • March 30, 2018

Some Social Media Hot Tips

I hosted a last minute (because I love your business) social media master class recently and this is the email I shared with the business women afterwards. Some of these business women were completely new to social media and others had dappled and some would even say they were getting some results. BUT they all left saying “Wow thank you!” and I loved the way one business women said “Oh now I get how to not make it take up all my time!”

So I thought I would share my top tips for them as they move forward using social media as part of their marketing stratetgy:

“I’m aware that we didn’t have as long as would have liked to go into more detail, but I hope that we were able to concentrate on what to say, when to say it, to get people interacting with you, wanting to sign up to your mailing list, reading your blog, etc, so that you are able to gain new leads and more importantly sales. 

With the use of Hootsuite it would be good to hear that you aim to get tweets, etc automated and if you were my coaching client, when you intend to put into the diary to actually do it. Even if its just to write a one week plan of what actions you could take. Everyone has to start somewhere! 

Remember to test and measure your results. Are people engaging with what you say? If not trial other times of the day.

With Facebook and Linkedin – think about what groups it would be good to join and engage with other peoples conversations. And if you want to post your profiles to me on any social media platform to discuss please feel free to.

In the future it is worth considering;

Using Eventbrite for events (because it can be so easily integrated into Facebook and helps you track where leads have come from.

Using Mailchimp, again its easy to share on your social media.

Its also good to share your press releases online (once published) for many reasons, but I will save that for another day, as well as a ton of other stuff!

Its all about sharing useful relevant content that makes people want to be involved in all that you do. Share your passion!

Here are some blogs that maybe useful too;





 And remember don’t be frightened or put off by what I share here its all about you personally moving forward, not about all being the same. Social media just like your marketing is an ever evolving thing and that is why I like teaching business women those skills so that you have them for life and constantly grow and adapt with the ever changing markets.

Keep in touch and let me know how you get on and if you feel I can assist further please do not hesitate to contact me,

And they say the proof is in the pudding, here is the little conversation that I had with one fabulous Essex business woman I’ve had the pleasure of knowing for years, after last nights session it was great to see Kate Nudds from Professional Choice Recruitment online – boy was she keen to put things into practice!;



  • October 16, 2014

Social Media Heading Home Thoughts From My Latest Speaking Engagement

Heading Home ThougJayne Lloyd Photographyhts Social Media Master Class


Get Social

Add Photos, How to’s, film

Share good ideas, Blogs you loved, Testimonials

Get involved in # & Ladders

Ask Questions



Follow people in your industry, magazines, 

Experts, TV

Play with it!



Add a link to every post

Say what you wouldn’t say in person

Say the same thing only once or a 1000 times

(It will be like talking to a brick wall that isn’t listening!)

And if it still isn’t’ working for you and your business – then its time we talked!
I can offer anything from a 1 2 1 session at your offices, one off mentoring groups or talks for your networking group or organisation or monthly groups to enhance your skills. In my experience its often the case that you are engaging in the wrong way, with the wrong people at the wrong time of day and I can help you find the rights for all those wrongs!

Which you can then replicate in other areas of your marketing.

 Whatever works for you, whatever size your budget – lets talk.



  • February 27, 2014

The Power of Social Media (It includes free chocolate!)

This week I received in the post 24 chocolates to take me up to Christmas in the form of a nifty little marketing tool of a Advent calendar.

What is impressive, is that its a gift from a business woman that I have supported and sent work her way and connected her to people and yet we have never ever met.

We have only met online and yet Sabina feels like a business woman I’ve known for years. I know how many children she has, I’ve shared in her massive success, we’ve talked challenges we face as busy business women, and I’ve watched her business grow in the last few months. (You’ve got to remember I’ve only been back to work 3 months).

And its already a real pleasure to get emails and correspondence in any format from her.

Why do I tell you this?

Firstly because great online networking means that I really trust Sabina, because we have both backed up with good follow up, genuine interest in each other and doing what we say will do.

Secondly it means that as I get busy again in 2014 if I intend to use a VA, who am I likely to use?

Thirdly I got free chocolate folks!

You see good social media marketing creates more than just connections and the chance to make a sale, it creates lasting connections with business women who make me smile and who I adore seeing doing brilliantly.

Thank you Sabina, from Sabina VA Business Management Support for SMEs – its really appreciated.

And to prove it, here is a link to Sabina Hinchcliffes website, pop by and get involved in her social media too, you won’t regret it.


  • December 4, 2013

Ladders – What Are They, Why Should You And How Do You Take Part?

I’d pinged about a ladder I like on Facebook and then I got the above question from another fabulous business woman.

The idea of ladders is that you find a ladder and within the set time frame (usually a day through to about 11pm) you add your details to the ladder. The idea being that you go down the ladder liking everyone else on the ladder and in return they will like you. So its a givers gain approach.

It could look something like this (because I’m a friendly kinda gal, I like that to come over in all of my marketing. I always say “Hi” first, well I would if I met these great folk in person wouldn’t I?);

 facebook ladder picture 

The good thing about ladders is it allows you to increase your likes for your page. Which looks good and means more people are seeing what you put out there. But the bad thing is it could be people just liking you for the sake of liking you. You’ve no way of knowing if these new likes are going to result in any sales. Or if they are even your target audience. On the other hand if they have liked you because they met you, or connected on Twitter for instance you know that person could potentially be becoming a warm lead.

So although it’s a great way to get known, I feel you still need to learn how to grow your likes on your page organically and with good marketing. Because otherwise it’s just a confidence boost and makes you feel like you are not posting into the ethos with no one reading anything you write.

For the seasoned networker there can also be the issue of “Does this mean that I’m automatically approving of this persons products and services?” I’ve seen a good few discussions about this very matter. And for me I’d say I like everyone’s page, because I want to be helpful and useful to people, which I feel online is a good place to start. If we were networking in person I’d share good contacts and people to connect with, so is Liking an extension of this? I like to think so.

Another great thing is that when you pop back, and you’ve got to pop back to like people lower down the ladder, you end up in great conversations, which for me, time and time again have led to sales. So there their true power can lie for you too.

So they have their pros and their cons.

But I definitely recommend you get involved because they really can be good for business.

I love #Bizicolchester and #Biziessex for starters and I regularly speak for networking groups and room fulls of business women where I will be sharing a ton more ideas on how to make sales with social media. If you feel your group would like an interactive, fun session that works let me know.



  • October 8, 2013