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Stop Being A Catherine Wheel – Its Wrecking Your Focus

So in honour of Fireworks night (I do like a little bit of seasonal chatter and marketing don’t you?)

I’ve been working with a lot of clients recently who know what they should be doing but aren’t getting down to it. And then there are those very busy business women who have so many opportunities and so many ideas not a lot seems to happen but boy are they busy!

So is that like a Catherine Wheel.

Well think of your poor garden fence or garage door tomorrow night when you nail your Catherine Wheel to it. You are highly likely to end up with a brown burn mark where the Catherine Wheel spun around and around making a lovely pattern. But hang on a minute. If that Catherine Wheel was to be pointed in one direction it is highly likely it would be able to burn a whole right through your fence panel!

All that power focused and targeted in one direction and the results is very different. And that fabulous sparkly people  is what I see so often with many clients.

There are so many ways in which you could be growing your business and getting the success you want how do you work out where to focus your attention? How do you know the direction you have chosen is the right one?

So to stop you being a Catherine Wheel here are my cracking ideas to Be A Fired Up Focused Worker!

  1. Stand back from the big picture. you wouldn’t drive to the other end of the country without a plan, so plan now. What are you aiming to achieve? What is the end goal? How many more clients or customers? How much more money? How much more free time? Knowing the big picture is critically important – but don’t get bogged down in how you will achieve it. Just know what you want!
  2. Outline as many ideas as possible to lead you to your desired goal. Again don’t worry about time constraints or financial implications. Concentrate on the what if’s I could do anything.
  3. Now using that wish list of ideas look at the list with a critical eye and ask yourself what here do I know works? What could I replicate? Ideally, you will come up with a plan that ensures you are working in little steps to your goal, but that your eye is still on the big idea that you know could really rocket your business. Many of my clients call it putting it on the back burner. This is great because it allows the idea to bubble away while you stay focused on the big picture on what needs to happen now. But because that idea is there it ensures your subconscious is starting to process the why? the what’s? and the how to?s for you.
  4. Get realistic. If you have 2 jobs, a family, a pet, holiday plans, health problems, responsibilities, or a desire to not work 24 hours a day, factor in your life. Goals are achievable and remain on target when life is not something you forget to prioritise too. So with your list of ideas and your focussed approach what do you need to take into account? Have you promised someone you will be there for them? When you start to neglect other areas of your life it can cause a high level of stress and guilt and negativity can build up. And trust me they are not good for achieving your goals and lasting business success.
  5. Now take action. And remember you are not a Catherine Wheel! As new ideas and opportunities come to you (and they will, afterall you are gorgeously amazing!) you can ask yourself this critical question. Does this fit into my current goals for my business? If not have the confidence to say “No” Its a powerful word and it does not mean No forever. Just I’m sorry that does not fit in with my current business growth structure. People really admire a person with a clearly defined goal that they are going for. And it other people know your business goals, they can help you achieve them faster too!

I hope this helps you appreciate the damage it has been having on you as you can end up flittering from one thing to another, doing a little bit here, some marketing there, a little bit of networking, then a bit of this and bit of that.

Get focused and target your success – you sparkler you!

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