How To Make Potential Clients Get Their Head Out Of The Sand & Buy!

So for the third time in less than a week I’ve had someone say to me “this is what they need, the return on their investment makes it a no brainer and yet they won’t take action, what do I do?”

So what do you do?

How do you make a potential client take their head out of the sand and grab your pen to say yes?

Firstly you can’t shy away from the fact that you have to ask yourself “is this the right client for us?” Some of you will be saying “Absolutely” and others will be saying “Go on Mandie, tell me more…”

You see the person that doesn’t sign on the bottom line has “No’s” and ultimately if they are not signing on the bottom line there are some “No’s” in the way that you have yet to answer, but more on that in a moment.

If you feel that you have explained why it is a “No brainer” and they still say no, ask yourself “do you risk gaining a client that will always be hassle?”

The kind of client that rings you just at the close of the day, or rings up with the “That’s great, but can you just.” I call them “Can you Justers.” And the “Can you Justers” tend to be the clients that don’t pay on time or never got a chance to get those details to you so you spend your life chasing them. So ask yourself “Do we need clients like that?”

And if the answer is yes, then we need to go back to the No’s that you have not answered.

Whether you like it or not everyone buys emotionally. From restaurants and cars, to websites and printing. We buy emotionally. We may tell you that we have weighed up the pros and cons and priced up the consequences and reasoned our way to a decision. However your heart will have the first say and then your brain will justify it.
(Hence we can just as easily talk ourselves out of a sale too!)

So how do you deal with the “No’s that the client still has?
A big mistake that many business owners make, is that they tell the potential client what their “No’s” are. How can you know what the lead is thinking?
The point is many business owners assume what they are thinking, and thus don’t address the “No’s” that are inhibiting that wonderful “Yes”.

Thus first of all, think of a client that loves everything you do. That would buy anything you came up with. That is fabulously loyal to you. What would they say to the lead?
What reasons would they share with the lead on why they work with you?

Remember their answers would be rich in benefits and results. And would talk about the things that matter most to the customer and the lead.

Secondly when you don’t know or understand why someone is not grabbing your hand for the pen to sign on the dotted line. Ask them. And be very cautious about hiding those questions in an email.

Too many people hide behind a few emails and feel that they have “Chased them all they can” however when you appreciate that on average consumers say “No” 5 times before they say “Yes” hiding behind a few emails does not work wonders to break down the barriers to the “Yes.”

Understanding the obstacles to the sale in your leads own words is really important here. How are you going to successfully deal with the “No’” that someone has if you can’t communicate in their language?

Using their choice of words and their style of speaking will showcase that you have paid attention and appreciated their “No’s” and care about addressing them.

And lastly keep it simple. Remember no one in the 21st century seems to be time rich, so you need to ensure those in built beliefs, of too expensive, too much hard work and too complicated need to be addressed and keeping it simple enables a busy brain to go, well of course this is a No brainer.

Getting this right could have a huge impact across the whole of your marketing strategy for everyone that deals with sales in your company and let’s be honest what business wants to leave someone with sand in their face?


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