how to cure lupus report

How To Cure Lupus Report (At no time do I claim to have a cure!)

Okay if you ever read the above headline on a title of an article or someone says this to you, then run away

(Except on this occasion!)

I will share why that is in this report, however the main reason for this report is that through my work as a speaker, coach, writer, etc I don’t hide my Lupus, other auto immune diseases and Fibromyalgia and I aim to be a voice of “You can get through this” however a positive mindset is just not enough when it comes to these long term health issues,.

I know how truly tough they can be and I want to share what I’ve learnt. Originally this was going to be a blog article however I decided to create a downloadable PDF so you could keep it and read the report whenever you need it.

I’ve put this together in a way that it could be useful to;

  • Anyone suffering from a long-term health issue.
  • Anyone that cares for and loves someone with a long term condition.
  • (And to be honest anyone that is struggling with work life balance and want to take control again).

Disclaimer; The first thing I want to say is I’m not an expert, I’m not medical qualified, and I’ve no affiliation to anything I recommend or share that has helped me (except coaching.)

In this report we will look at;

  • Why no one should ever tell you they can cure you.
  • Why you must fight and how to never give up fighting.
  • Gaining the right team.
  • How to deal with people that don’t get it.
  • How to deal with people who hurt you.
  • The things medical, alternative and diverse that I’ve tried.
  • The things that I feel help me.
  • How to pace (but not like the NHS teaches!)
  • How to change your attitude and why you need to.
  • When to ditch the pacing and why.
  • The placebo effect and it’s power.
  • Fixating on a cure
  • How to keep the faith and why.
  • Learn to say No and why you need to.
  • The practice of gratitude and it’s benefits.
  • How to reframe the sh*tist of things.
  • A lesson from Michael J Fox.
  • How to protect your mindset and why you need to.
  • How to listen to your body.
  • Medication is not a crime, how to ditch the guilt.
  • How to deal with losing your looks, figure, hair, etc, etc.
  • Why you need to set boundaries and how to do it.
  • The importance of time management.

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