The Death of The Sales Man (Or Woman!)

My phone is up for contract and you probably know how much I love the free tools for marketing magic so the right phone for the right business women is key.

Recently I’ve read all I can lay my hands on, asked for advice on my social media world and narrowed it down to the new Nokia 1020 or the Samsung S4. But there is nothing like holding your new phone to know if its right for you. So a trip to the shops was needed and it occurred to me how badly we seem to be lacking good sales people in some stores.

I don’t want to know what phone you have or your best mate, I want to know which phone is best for me. What is this obsession with listing off a billion things the phone can do when you don’t actually know what I want to do with it.

I don’t listen to music on my phone or stream films so that’s not a selling point for me. I want to get online fast everywhere and utilise apps that are right for my business (On that note I’m coaching a business woman who specialises in Apps and I can see it being BIG for business!)

In one shop I was told the phone could have an additional SD card and in another that it couldn’t. In one shop I was told that my calendar would never sync with my new phone and in another that it could do it automatically. I came away from the various shops completely confused and a bit disappointed that not one sales person listened to me.

To make a sale you need to listen to what the customer wants. Not what you think they need.

This folks is not rocket science, but its something that is missed time and time again.

Being a great sales person is something to be proud of.

Your customer has a need and you fulfil it.

They have a problem and you create the solution. When your words, your marketing and your message do that everyones a happy bunny.

So I ask today have we seen the death of the sales person in our phone shops?

Or was I just unlucky?

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