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Why Should I Blog On LinkedIn & How Does Working With You Work?

A new client has no website yet and yet to really get their business seen they need to be blogging, so I suggested they use LinkedIn. They’ve created their first blog and had a moments wobble on whether they really could just put a blog on their LinkedIn profile? Would it get read? Was that professional enough? Could that really help them get seen online? Here is what I replied with in my email. It’s only a short reply however I thought it was apt for so many business owners just starting out who can’t afford a shiny sparkly website yet and yes folks LinkedIn is good for business….get it right and it can be seriously good for business! (It has been for me and my clients this year.)

Regarding your blog ideally you don’t take your target audiences away from your website (and your products and services and other great content) however since you don’t have a website Linkedin’s blog articles look good and can be easily shared so yes I would use their platform and share that way. You have to be careful with a call to action because anything remotely salesly will stop people from reading it again. If its something like “if you loved this then feel free to share/sign up/etc”. then I’d say go ahead. However until you have a following of people that are enjoying your blog, i.e. until you know people are liking it, sharing it and commenting on it I would tread carefully with adding calls to action within your blog. The market is awash with people trying to sell their wares so best to do a blog article that is genuinely fabulously good for others first and then add the CTA (Call to action). (That is my personal preference, I’m sure other marketers and content experts would advise differently. I would also say it depends if you have a good reputation already in any groups. If you do then a CTA in those groups would be fine, because you already have credibility with those people.)

And then this was something else that come up that I thought would be good to share, because I really am not interested in making sacks of cash out of any one person, I genuinely just want to help as many people as possible make those sacks of cash – it’s becoming a life long passion!

Regarding the business coaching it works exactly the same way as any other session with me. We work according to what you bring to the table. So looking at what goals you have set. You can work with me on a one off basis or longer and stop and start whenever you like. My clients vary. Some like to work with me every 6 weeks, others every 2 weeks, others every 3 months. It all depends on how you like to work, how big your goals are, whether you procrastinate, etc. etc. So we would start a session by looking at what you wanted to achieve, and understanding what the goals where for the session. And go from there. I don’t have a minimum spend for a client. I don’t have a silver/gold/platinum level. My clients start the session saying what they want to achieve. And throughout the session we work out how to get to that goal, short medium and long term. And if I tell you recently 1 client achieved some of their goals in 2 days (sales goals) and another achieved their business goals for the year in 3 weeks. And both of these only had 1 session with me so far. Needless to say they want to work with me again moving forward with their businesses. I’m on my clients agenda, never mine. And all clients get homework. Never more than about 5 actions, because its not realistic and clients know they can get in touch for support, advice, etc. when they wish to. I hope that helps and do feel free to get in touch to discuss this more if you wish to. I’m about this week. The goals you have set are quite clear, now you need to break them down into actions and by when. And who what where’s. Obstacles, logistics, etc.

I hope that helps, you see content can so often be transferred from one place and be utilised somewhere else. So in less than 10 minutes I’ve gained some more great content for my Marketing Production Line, not utilising yours yet? Head over to my home page and down load a copy of yours. Its my key to endless good leads and lovely sales, and good bucket full of media too.

  • June 28, 2016

How do I get my blog out of Never Read Land?

Great you finally got around to producing a blog, but now what?

Because aren’t you at risk of spending your most precious commodity of time writing something that no one will ever see? Well unless you include your Mum, your best mate and Your Auntie Irene.

What do you do to ensure that people actually find it?

Firstly ideally it will be on your website for a variety of reasons but the most obvious one is that it brings new fresh relevant information to your website – and trust me that’s good for your SEO.

If you can’t get it on your website relying on WordPress or Blogger, etc is better than not having one. And they are free and pretty easy to set up and use. Now is not the time to talk about delegating jobs that you not your forte. But if its taking you days maybe you should get an expert to set it up for you. The ones I know genuinely care about giving you what you want. So it could be a good use of your valuable time and money in the long run.

So you have an interesting relevant useful blog now its time to get it seen;

Talk about it on social media – Youtube, Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter are the main ones. But don’t just do endless links to your blog – you have to build up interest and get to know people first. If anyone in their very first tweet to me says “Hey check out my website, blog, FB page- I’m instantly turned off. They have never met me and they are already assuming that I need what they have. If they took the time to build a relationship with me I would be more than happy to “check out their blog” etc. So build relationships first and you do that exactly the same way as you would face to face.

Be interested in others, share useful tit bits (this works really well, commenting on other peoples discussions allows you to get to know other people’s opinions and then share yours. If you have had a great conversation with someone then you can say “Funny enough I wrote this about this very subject…” but only after being interested, considerate and getting  to know others.

If you have a mailing list (Please tell me you have one of those!) whatever effective ways you have to stay in touch with your client base (Please tell me you are doing that!) share your blog ideas there too. Don’t share the whole thing, just put something like “A client had the issue ………. so I shared this great solution and so I thought I would share it with you too. To read more…….”

Remember in this fast paced world everyone wants instant answers so sharing little useful titbits makes you a very useful golden nugget to keep in touch with – what’s that going to do to your sales?

Speaking of instant answers and useful titbits. Blogging is not just about words. Pictures can paint a thousand words and if you are a very visual business it can really share good ideas and advice effectively. Likewise Vlogging is fast becoming a great addition to your marketing. Because it can be short, useful and on Youtube. All ideal for your business and for the ever busy consumer who wants answers yesterday.

So don’t assume because you are busy you can’t blog, blogs are getting more and more creative. So ask yourself what platforms are going to enable us to communicate effectively useful and information ideas to our target audience?

If you publicly speak (and where ever you go NEVER turn down the opportunity, you never know who is in the audience and who they know!) finish with something like “There are a ton of free ideas on …………on my blog, so help yourself.”

Tell people about it in every form of your marketing in a useful relevant informative way ALL OF THE TIME. People make the mistake of assuming you can tell someone once on Twitter and that will get you a thousand hits – it won’t!

You have to tell people over and over again in a useful, relevant informative way (Hope I’m getting that across – lol!) in short succinct chunks. It’s the drip drip drip approach. That if you keep telling people they will get the message and want to know more and keep in touch and what does that do for your business success?

These ideas will work, there’s a ton more to share but get this right for starters, be consistent and you will see positive results and a great impact on your business.

And do share your results on my social media – because I just love to see what you are up to!


  • November 28, 2014

Ladders – What Are They, Why Should You And How Do You Take Part?

I’d pinged about a ladder I like on Facebook and then I got the above question from another fabulous business woman.

The idea of ladders is that you find a ladder and within the set time frame (usually a day through to about 11pm) you add your details to the ladder. The idea being that you go down the ladder liking everyone else on the ladder and in return they will like you. So its a givers gain approach.

It could look something like this (because I’m a friendly kinda gal, I like that to come over in all of my marketing. I always say “Hi” first, well I would if I met these great folk in person wouldn’t I?);

 facebook ladder picture 

The good thing about ladders is it allows you to increase your likes for your page. Which looks good and means more people are seeing what you put out there. But the bad thing is it could be people just liking you for the sake of liking you. You’ve no way of knowing if these new likes are going to result in any sales. Or if they are even your target audience. On the other hand if they have liked you because they met you, or connected on Twitter for instance you know that person could potentially be becoming a warm lead.

So although it’s a great way to get known, I feel you still need to learn how to grow your likes on your page organically and with good marketing. Because otherwise it’s just a confidence boost and makes you feel like you are not posting into the ethos with no one reading anything you write.

For the seasoned networker there can also be the issue of “Does this mean that I’m automatically approving of this persons products and services?” I’ve seen a good few discussions about this very matter. And for me I’d say I like everyone’s page, because I want to be helpful and useful to people, which I feel online is a good place to start. If we were networking in person I’d share good contacts and people to connect with, so is Liking an extension of this? I like to think so.

Another great thing is that when you pop back, and you’ve got to pop back to like people lower down the ladder, you end up in great conversations, which for me, time and time again have led to sales. So there their true power can lie for you too.

So they have their pros and their cons.

But I definitely recommend you get involved because they really can be good for business.

I love #Bizicolchester and #Biziessex for starters and I regularly speak for networking groups and room fulls of business women where I will be sharing a ton more ideas on how to make sales with social media. If you feel your group would like an interactive, fun session that works let me know.



  • October 8, 2013