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How to sell well and increase profit. (You may be surprised by the answers!)

These business related questions have come up in conversation in the last 24 hours and while I feel strongly that my coaching can address all of these fast, I appreciate coaching is not affordable to all, so I hope this article helps to get your sales moving upwards!

  • I’m struggling to grow my business, I’ve’ got awesome products and services why is it not working?

  • I’ve paid for ads on Facebook and that’s not worked and Facebook seems to be a waste of my time at the moment!

  • Should I pay for PR?

  • How do I get people to notice my business above everyone else’s that does the same as me?

I get questions like this all of the time and my first answer is not what many would expect.

The problem with these questions and many like them is that you are jumping in the middle. A baby does not attempt to drive a car or go to university. Obvious right?

And yet business owners so often are wanting to do quite complex and detailed marketing strategies when they’ve not built the strong foundations.

The strong foundations include these questions;

  • Who are we as a company?
  • What are my personal values and the company’s values?
  • What are my personal and professional beliefs?
  • What do we want to help people with?
  • Why are we offering these products and services?

These questions all help you to focus on what your company represents and help you to build the brand. If you build a marketing strategy without fully appreciating what your brand is then you risk diluting your message, which the short answer is means you risk missing out on sales and repeat business.

By answering these questions in a ton of detail (bear in mind if I’m working with a coaching client then these questions could easily make up 1 to 2 hours session. You really need to understand these fundamentals!) you are able to really appreciate what your business is about. And that means if you can really appreciate this, then this features strongly in your marketing, communication and even your business growth actions because you are laser focused on what you want to achieve and why.

Top tip; When I work with a client, we will put one question on a piece of large paper and then I ask them a stack of coaching questions to help them really get to the very foundations of their business. This is critically important. Use coloured pens, post it notes, use mind maps, Veng graphs, Excel spread sheets.

Make it an incredibly personal journey. This means that as your company grows you can have a clear report that enables any new team member or marketing agency to get on board and sell from the same metaphorical hymn sheet as you! (One of the reasons that Marketing agencies fail to deliver for small companies is because the fundamentals have not been adequately addressed.)

When you’ve answered those questions, you’d think we can get on to the marketing strategy to bring in the sales right?

Nope! Again, people jump in the middle. If you find this is you, you may like to read The Shiny Thing Syndrome STS Article on my site. Hopefully it will make you less like a Catherine Wheel too. 2 articles I know have helped a lot of people. So let me know how you get on.

So the next step after understanding who you are and who your company is and that you know you are not going to go off in a hundred different directions and become this disjointed ineffective marketing demon. Is to understand the answers to these questions;

(Please do not dismiss any of them. I know from coaching thousands of people that to grow a business powerfully these answers come up time and time again. So don’t scrimp on your time here.)

When you answer these questions you will need to work hard to remind yourself not to become confined by comfort zones, limiting beliefs and thoughts like;

  • I’d like that but I don’t know where to start.

  • I’d love this but I have no tech skill.

  • That would be great but I just don’t have the budget for that!

  • I think that I just don’t have the time to do this, so it’s not for me is it?

The idea here is to think big picture, dream business, happy life, Disney Princess/Prince, Business Mogul, Ridiculously successful Entrepreneur. Have not one limiting thought. (You can see why you usually do this with a coach right?)

  • How many hours do I want to work a week?
  • How much holiday/free time/family and friend time do I want?
  • How much money do I want to make?
  • What life style do I want my business to create?
  • Do I want to have staff?
  • Do I want office (s)?
  • What impact do I want to have on the world? My community? My causes?

Again as with the above questions, only put one question on one piece of paper, use a way of getting your ideas out that feels natural to you.

These questions enable you to start to see your price points and by understanding your price point you can start to understand who you are targeting and guess what? When you understand who you are actually targeting and not who you thought you wanted to (but they just wont’ spend any money, right?) then you can create a powerful marketing strategy! And get paid a decent salary to do it!

The point is that by understanding these really really really (have I stressed how important this stuff is?) important questions in minute detail then you “magically” can create a more powerful marketing strategy.

It is too much to start looking at your marketing strategy and plan in this blog article (because you may risk jumping ahead) so let me know how you get on and next;

  • There’s a ton of free resources on this website and The Business Womans Network.
  • I’ve a £5 a month mastermind group that is confidential (there is no upselling to be had here, it’s priced like that so it is accessible to all. And don’t let the price make you think it’s not high value. The Insiders are a power house of a team of business owners that don’t like posts for the sake of it, share genuine advice, feedback and ideas (not the likers that never buy or would like anything if they thought it would lead to a sale) and I add a ton of content and work sheets so that whatever you are facing we are able to support you to build confidence, build sales and a business you love. More info and to sign up 
  • If you are ready to invest a little my courses could be ideal. Public speaking, marketing success, elevator pitches, confidence boosting, 6 week business growth and foundation course. They are between £14 and £25 so not a big investment but could be an awesome ROI (Return on Investment.)
  • And if you are attending The BWN I really am happy to sit and have a chat before or after any event.

Do let me know how you get on and don’t scrimp on investing in you – you deserve to be incredibly successful. xxx



  • June 6, 2019

Some Social Media Hot Tips

I hosted a last minute (because I love your business) social media master class recently and this is the email I shared with the business women afterwards. Some of these business women were completely new to social media and others had dappled and some would even say they were getting some results. BUT they all left saying “Wow thank you!” and I loved the way one business women said “Oh now I get how to not make it take up all my time!”

So I thought I would share my top tips for them as they move forward using social media as part of their marketing stratetgy:

“I’m aware that we didn’t have as long as would have liked to go into more detail, but I hope that we were able to concentrate on what to say, when to say it, to get people interacting with you, wanting to sign up to your mailing list, reading your blog, etc, so that you are able to gain new leads and more importantly sales. 

With the use of Hootsuite it would be good to hear that you aim to get tweets, etc automated and if you were my coaching client, when you intend to put into the diary to actually do it. Even if its just to write a one week plan of what actions you could take. Everyone has to start somewhere! 

Remember to test and measure your results. Are people engaging with what you say? If not trial other times of the day.

With Facebook and Linkedin – think about what groups it would be good to join and engage with other peoples conversations. And if you want to post your profiles to me on any social media platform to discuss please feel free to.

In the future it is worth considering;

Using Eventbrite for events (because it can be so easily integrated into Facebook and helps you track where leads have come from.

Using Mailchimp, again its easy to share on your social media.

Its also good to share your press releases online (once published) for many reasons, but I will save that for another day, as well as a ton of other stuff!

Its all about sharing useful relevant content that makes people want to be involved in all that you do. Share your passion!

Here are some blogs that maybe useful too;





 And remember don’t be frightened or put off by what I share here its all about you personally moving forward, not about all being the same. Social media just like your marketing is an ever evolving thing and that is why I like teaching business women those skills so that you have them for life and constantly grow and adapt with the ever changing markets.

Keep in touch and let me know how you get on and if you feel I can assist further please do not hesitate to contact me,

And they say the proof is in the pudding, here is the little conversation that I had with one fabulous Essex business woman I’ve had the pleasure of knowing for years, after last nights session it was great to see Kate Nudds from Professional Choice Recruitment online – boy was she keen to put things into practice!;



  • October 16, 2014

Your Marketing Production Line

marketing production line mandie holgate

I love this simple tool for ensuring clients are selling well. Are they talking to the right people in the right ways to ensure they are interested, engaged and buying?

Does it ensure you are using the right words and communication to entice the right customers to you?

I want you too to hear those magical words my clients say “Mandie, it’s like clients just magically fall from the sky.” They don’t there’s a process and I help businesses, big and small find the sales strategy solutions for them.

  • I’ve been on holiday in August and sold tickets to events in December that I wasn’t even promoting.
  • I’ve gained speaking engagements, coaching clients and even free PR opportunities and I’ve been sat in the hottub.
  • I even gained a book deal when I was not even looking for one – that is still bringing in profit years later with very little effort on my part!

To really simplify this process, if you are utilising 8 to 10 tools from the above graphic your business will be gaining new business, new enquiries, opportunities and even a book deal – well you never know, that’s what happened to me.

I’d never share something I didn’t know worked and I’ve worked with thousands of businesses to help them sell well, increase profit, engagement and sales so I know this works.

You can ditch the sales talk, and the trying. Get this right and your passion (Well actually your marketing strategy) sells your wares.

ACTION: So what tools are you using? And what are you just playing with? What are you consistent with?

Be honest.

You can download a copy of the Marketing Production Line (not for alteration or sharing) here.

This course looks at your marketing strategy in detail and trains you through modules to ensure you sell well. It can also help you get in the press, gain new business, get repeat sales, heck you could even get a book deal (I did!) this really works, its the backbone of so many clients marketing strategies in so many sessions. 

And if you are just reliant on social media – you could be leaving a lot of business for your competitors!

This course helps you understand who you are selling to, what you need to say to them and what makes them become customers – click her to learn more about the find your target audience course and get them buying here.

My courses work because they use the strategies I implement with clients businesses of all sizes. Like Nicole from Ace 24 Consultancy who increased sales to their ideal monthly target within 3 days, and reached the ultimate “let’s think big” year goal in 3 weeks. (She really likes me!)

Or Mr X who asked for their first 6 figure contract – and got it.

Or Mrs X who went from part-time business owner to full-time company with offices and staff in one year!

I don’t hold back with the tools and techniques for another day, it’s all here, I just want you to succeed!

What could it do for you?

And if you want to hang out with me on a daily basis getting free advice, support and ideas – join my mastermind group here.

If you take action on this article and my Sales Mountain (this is great for helping you upsell and gain loyal customers) it would be great to hear what action you take – I love your business good news.

  • November 7, 2013