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Struggling to produce solutions for you and your team?

  • Do you find yourself struggling to understand how you can be confident at work but not at home or vice a versa?
  • Do you find you can easily create solutions for your work colleagues or friends but can’t do the same for yourself?

When we are too close to an issue it can be hard to separate what you believe to be true from what is actually going on so that you can create a powerful strategy to get better results in your personal and professional life.

Emotions and feelings get involved and most people attempt to fight these. (There’s a lot of science behind why this strategy I invented is so powerful, but let’s get straight into how to use it.)

Here is a quick strategy to help you in your personal and professional life create powerful solutions to any problem.

1. When you get flummoxed (what a great word) on the best course of action or even on how to be able to come up with ideas to explore, firstly you need to ignore the area where you are struggling. You are too close to it and it’s highly likely you will produce weak solutions due to this and your perception of the situation, your capabilities and even other people that may be involved.

We have a habit of producing fast answers because our brain wants to protect us and get the solution. It doesn’t realise it’s giving you solutions you’ve tried before that didn’t work that powerfully. This strategy overcomes this.

2. Think of an area of your life at work or home where you excel. It doesn’t have to be connected in any way to your issue or area you are looking to improve.

  • Maybe you rock at cooking every meal from scratch.
  • Maybe you are an amazing holiday organiser.
  • Maybe you have the natural ability to calm a roomful of kids down and make them happy with your creative ideas.
  • Maybe you can almost magically know what is wrong with a piece of kit and fix things that no one else can.

It doesn’t matter what it is, just bring something you excel at to the front of your mind.

ALARM BELLS WARNING – if you can’t think of anything, your first issue is to build your confidence.

Many people’s confidence is connected to external factors, for instance you have a great day so you feel confident but then you have a bad day and your boss says “Sorry but that just wasn’t good enough” and you feel like a failure with all your confidence zapped out of your body – this is not true confidence.

Confidence needs to be an inside job to ensure no matter what, you are resilient, can pick yourself up again when things are tough and can trust in the human you are to get exceptional results.

I will always monitor my client’s internal confidence levels to ensure they can achieve what they aim to for themselves, their organisations, and their teams. If you struggle confidence my course has 5 star reviews and works extremely fast – what I love best is that delegates say it works permanently and that’s what we want to see for confidence issues. Learn more here

3. Write down all the qualities, attributes, feelings, and emotions you have about this thing you excel at.

Don’t dismiss emotions. For some people, their list of skills will be very “action” focused for others it will be very much about the way it makes them, or their loved ones or colleagues feel. These are essential tell-tale signs of the science of who you are (I ensure all my clients learn to understand the science of who they are and how this impacts on them.)

Stop fighting who you are you won’t win that battle.

Mandie Holgate

What do you notice?
When you think about your insane ability to bake the dream cake are you meticulously organised ensuing everything is out before you start?

Do you like music on?

Do you insist on an apron?

No matter what the area of expertise create a very long list of what you notice and know to be true.

4. Don’t dismiss how difficult to do step 3 justice can be. If you’ve completed step 3 in less than 5 minutes, then it’s best you go back and ask yourself “Have I really listed everything that makes me exceptional at this?” This is not bragging we aren’t sharing it with anyone. You have to own your brilliance to be able to use those skills in other areas of your life.

5. Now go back to the start and think about the thing you are struggling to find solutions for.

Look at the list of your skills. How can you migrate these to your current challenge?

For instance. If you are awesome at organising holidays that everyone loves. Let’s take 3 skills and transfer the skills;

–              I achieve this by being very organised, I love a spreadsheet – pretty obvious that the current situation you are looking to overcome, resolve or perform exceptionally in needs a spreadsheet, right?

–              I arranged a family meeting to discuss everyone’s wants from the holiday – so to achieve your goal you won’t be alone? Who will you need to communicate with to ensure you understand what others are expecting from you and what you expect from them? How will this be organised? Communicated? Followed up with?

–              I like to do my research when it comes to holidays – see how this starts to become obvious? So, what research do you need to do? Was it realistic to just sit down and think you would produce exceptional solutions? Who will be able to help with this? If you don’t do research how does it make you feel? Do you feel unprepared? How does that effect you?

Lastly back to those emotions and feelings that so many hate. Ensure you migrate how it makes you feel when you nail something. When you perform exceptionally. Do not dismiss the importance of attaching those emotions to this current challenge.

My coaching clients learn they may not know how to achieve this result but starting with the mindset that says you can with the emotions you like to feel really works.

As with all my articles let me know how you get on. (If you benefit from this article feel free to share on social media and hitting the Paypal button is gratefully appreciated too).

This is obviously an abridged version of this strategy to get you started. I’m happy to have a chat anytime.

My coaching is incredibly unique. I’ve been coaching for many years and over the years I’ve trialled and enhanced my coaching style with techniques and tools from many different disciplines. This is works powerfully so if it’s not working for you, give it a bit more attention to detail, be honest with yourself and challenge yourself on what you believe to be true about yourself, the situation and what is possible. It’s often in the assumptions I can help a client to use this strategy to perform exceptionally well, overcoming overwhelm and overworking too.

  • February 12, 2021

I know why you will work on a bank holiday – and you aren’t going to like it.

I know you have a mountain of things to get done and the bank holiday seems like a great opportunity to get ahead, right?

But here’s the thing, I once created a 10 day week for a client, and they could see that no matter how much time you create – you will fill it.

Mountains of research points to the benefits on your minds ability to problem solve, get creative, get productive and even sell more from having a bit of down time. Space.

That’s not checking your phone. That’s going for a bike ride. Painting a picture. Walking the dog. Yoga. The Gym. A barbecue with friends. Reading for no other reading than you love the book. Tinkering in your garage/studio/hobby room or garden.

Just real brain space from work.

The reason you won’t do it is because there’s a real fear hiding there;

  • The fear that you will let someone down.
  • That you will miss out on an opportunity.
  • That someone will think badly of you.
  • That you will look unprofessional.
  • That you won’t get it all done. (MYTH; No one ever gets it all done. Those that are looking to achieve big, that believe in more will ALWAYS be able to find something else that “needs to be done.”)
  • That you believe the only way to success is through agonising hours and making sacrifices (Assumptions are never good for success.)

The list of excuses for not turning off the phone and stepping away is endless. And I’ve probably heard them all;

  • You don’t get it.
  • It can’t be done like that tin our industry.
  • It must be done immediately.
  • I’m very driven – and it has to happen today.
  • No one leaves these.
  • Etc, etc.

In every case the client has been able to see the detrimental effect that needing to work 24/7 has on their long-term success, their happiness, their family and friends, their health even their ability to make more money.

So, trust me when I say, step away from the phone/laptop/report.


If you want lasting success – Escape. It’s just one day.

But before you escape you need to;

  • Work out what fears stop you. Fixing one day won’t fix the fear – find it, take ownership of it and get a plan of action to fight it. (I’ve seen this work so powerfully, thus please do take action.)
  • Put into place clear structure to your working day – that others know and respect too. You may work at 7 am and 8 pm but is that 7 days a week? Is there an hour on a Thursday where you go to a class that is yours? Don’t be afraid to own time.
  • Put boundaries in place – if you will answer emails 24/7 do you expect everyone else to as well or is it just you that needs to be a superhero?
  • Know your goals. If your goal for this month is to achieve X – how will that still happen with 2 working days off? What needs to happen? Who needs to know? What adjustments do you need to make? (A great thing to remember here is if you can make 2 days disappear for fun this month and still achieve your goals, think how much more you could get done next month since you will be gaining 2 days!)
  • Trust – have faith. Don’t get me wrong I can still hyperventilate if there’s a lot going on at work about turning the phone off for 17 days (last holiday duration) but with the right processes, the right clients, the right team, the right attitude and the right believes – wow it’s good for you and your success.

Not feeling it?

Feel this is impossible to do?

I’m more than  happy to have a chat anytime. Well you know how it is right?


  • May 6, 2019

Book leads to speaking engagements for WH Smiths HO!

I’m honoured to speak for anyone that asks me and will always deliver something unique to that audience. Fight the fear WH SMiths book of the monthEven if it is a subject I’ve covered a thousands times I will always write something fresh for that audience. And only in that audience will be those delegates so you are guaranteed every event has its unique moment, because its very important to me that you and your delegates get to ask questions and get personalised solutions.

So it’s with great pleasure I announce that after being their first book of 2017 “Book of the month” I will be speaking for WH Smiths’ at their High Street Head Office and their Travel Head Office in May. It’s Learning at work week (LAWW) and I’m delivering two sessions. Orignially it was going to be one, however as is often the case they took a look at the topics I could cover and wanted more than one, and I’m happy to oblige! 

Session 1

Fight the Fears that impact on your success

Not all fears wake you at 1 in the morning in a pool of sweat. Some fears hide out in our personal and professional lives for years untouched and undiscovered damaging your success.

International Speakers and Authors have said that this is an “absolute must read” book for not only highlighting the fears but for giving you the tools and techniques to fight them and get rid of the obstacles to your success.

In this interactive sessions Mandie will hear from you. What are the fears that plague you? Do you fear asking for help? Taking time off? Public speaking? Setting goals? Speaking up? Do you lack confidence or worry that people will find out who you really are? What ever your fears (you might not even know what they are!) get personalised solutions in this 90 minute session aimed at you and your success.

Session 2

Creative thinking, writing and your success.

Despite serious illness Mandie Holgate was asked to write a book by one of the UK’s leading nonfiction publishers. Learn how that happened. How Mandie uses her writing to gain new opportunities, win awards and get in the press. Learn how to think creatively and why it’s good for your personal and professional success. Whether you love creativity or loath it, learn tools and techniques to enable you to think more powerfully and work in a way that powers up your brain. Learn what stops the process and ask any questions you like. In this interactive session it’s less about Mandie’s’ journey its more about making yours the best one possible.

  • April 25, 2017