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Case Study – How Coaching With Mandie Holgate works

Client X – initial phone call;

“I’m very busy, but not sure I’m reaching my full potential and I’d like to grow my business. We’ve a good client base but I’m sure we can grow that and offer more and increase profits too.”

What we did;

Session 1             Took a detour as personal areas of life were impacting on business. We put a plan into action to ensure personal life did not impact on business. You can’t grow a business if you don’t have the physical, emotional or brain space to do it.

Session 2             We started to put together a “dream business” scenario. What do you want? How? Why? Etc. What could the plan look like to achieve it? How much of Session’s 1 plan was being utilised? Not much. “Did it not work?” “No, it did, it made me appreciate that I have to put myself first and that my business time is precious and not to be eroded by personal life. This I am much stricter on now.”

Session 3             What is the current marketing strategy, what is working, what is lip service and not real action. How to we build on this? When there are big plans it can be hard to stay focused on the start and foundations and not jump ahead.

Session 4             Want to target certain sectors and demographic potential clients. Created a plan, sales funnel with 3 different routes. What did we want people to do, CTA? What result? The plan was very visual so that it could be relayed to their VA, administrative staff and tele sales team with minimal time from the client.

Session 5             What results has this achieved? Only contacted 90 so far. 65% signed up to newsletter, 1 new client, 3 leads and 2 wanting more information with 2 wanting a follow up call when they come to the end of their existing contract. New Google clients and ideal client achieved. Next steps planned.

Session 6             Personal attitude to growth, success and beliefs about being a successful business owner. Explored and challenged. A more “feeling” session that has explored personal beliefs and opinions and questioned if they are supporting the “Dream business” required.

Session 7             Not happened yet, but clients are magically falling out of the sky and I’m now their retained coach.

If you would like to explore the possibilities of working with me, give me a call. No 2 clients are the same. People have different budgets. Different needs. And I don’t offer packages so that it remains a very focused on you, tailored to you experience. Coaching is like no other conversation you’ve ever had. Not even with me!

  • June 5, 2019

Business Coach Mandie Holgate Joins the Colbea Team

Colchester business coach, motivational speaker and founder of the hugely successful Business Woman’s Network has joined the Colchester Business Enterprise Agency (Colbea) as the organisation’s first dedicated business coach.
The appointment follows Mandie’s five-year relationship with Colbea, and her recent work with the first two groups of new Colchester businesswomen as part of Colbea’s Small Steps, Big Changes campaign, providing funded support and training for new female-run businesses.
Since leaving a management role to start her own business coaching consultancy and found the Business Woman’s Network in 2009, Mandie has made regular appearances on television and radio, national and regional press and has become a published writer and speaker on the issues faced by women in business, addressing national organisations, the Home Secretary and sitting on a think tank for the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI).
Colbea Chief Executive Bob Baggalley said: “Having already worked with us in our Business Innovation Group and helping deliver the first ‘Small Steps, Big Changes’ programmes to enable women in business, Mandie will be a familiar face for many at Colbea. As our first dedicated business coach, Mandie will bring great experience, energy and expertise to the business advice team, and we are delighted to have her on board.”
Speaking about her new appointment, Mandie said: “I have been so inspired by the new business people, male and female that I have met and worked with so far, and the staff, sponsors and supporters who make the service possible. I am so excited to be part of the Colbea team and look forward to helping even more businesses get started and succeed, it’s a privilege to be part of their business journey.’
Mandie will work as a one-to-one business coach at Colbea, in addition to delivering workshops, training and mentoring as part of Colbea’s on-going programme of business support services.

I’m exceptionally proud of this new role as it will enable me to help even more local businesses. There are many different programs, events and opportunities for Colbea and myself to be helping you so do feel free to get in touch to learn more;

07989 935556


  • June 2, 2014

My Clients Get…

You want the facts about what you get right?

You Get;

A business coach who knows small business, knows no cost / low cost marketing, who knows what a busy busy schedule looks like and what not having time looks like too! That means I can create solutions that work for you.

A coach who knows how to motivate you into targeted action to get results. (After 1 session you will have an action plan that will get you focussed.) Fed up with doing a ton of things and nothing delivering? Then you will love this!

A coach who is there to support you between sessions – why is that so important? Say you’ve a big meeting, your wobbling on why your business is the one that they will chose or you’re having that dip in confidence that’s making you procrastinate and not pick up the phone, you can just get in touch with me and I will get you right back on track!

I will give you the tools, the methodology and innovative ideas to get your business noticed. My clients get known as thought leaders in their field and you can imagine what that does for business!

Fear taking your success away? I’ve helped countless business women overcome their business fears to go on to use things like public speaking and picking up the phone a powerful tool in their business.

I can help you see the wood for the trees. Ever sat there and thought I just can’t see what’s wrong? What am I doing wrong? Why am I not getting the results I want? I can help you have those Eureka Moments that get your success flying high.

Someone that is truly as passionate about your success as you are. (Just ask my clients!)

I’m not interested in taking sacks of cash off of you, I’m interested in helping you create a business that delivers to you!

So now is the time to pick up the phone and find out why I’m known as Tigger on Red Bull Powered by Duracell and that could all be aimed at your business.

07989 935 556




  • March 3, 2014