Case Study – How Coaching With Mandie Holgate works

Client X – initial phone call;

“I’m very busy, but not sure I’m reaching my full potential and I’d like to grow my business. We’ve a good client base but I’m sure we can grow that and offer more and increase profits too.”

What we did;

Session 1             Took a detour as personal areas of life were impacting on business. We put a plan into action to ensure personal life did not impact on business. You can’t grow a business if you don’t have the physical, emotional or brain space to do it.

Session 2             We started to put together a “dream business” scenario. What do you want? How? Why? Etc. What could the plan look like to achieve it? How much of Session’s 1 plan was being utilised? Not much. “Did it not work?” “No, it did, it made me appreciate that I have to put myself first and that my business time is precious and not to be eroded by personal life. This I am much stricter on now.”

Session 3             What is the current marketing strategy, what is working, what is lip service and not real action. How to we build on this? When there are big plans it can be hard to stay focused on the start and foundations and not jump ahead.

Session 4             Want to target certain sectors and demographic potential clients. Created a plan, sales funnel with 3 different routes. What did we want people to do, CTA? What result? The plan was very visual so that it could be relayed to their VA, administrative staff and tele sales team with minimal time from the client.

Session 5             What results has this achieved? Only contacted 90 so far. 65% signed up to newsletter, 1 new client, 3 leads and 2 wanting more information with 2 wanting a follow up call when they come to the end of their existing contract. New Google clients and ideal client achieved. Next steps planned.

Session 6             Personal attitude to growth, success and beliefs about being a successful business owner. Explored and challenged. A more “feeling” session that has explored personal beliefs and opinions and questioned if they are supporting the “Dream business” required.

Session 7             Not happened yet, but clients are magically falling out of the sky and I’m now their retained coach.

If you would like to explore the possibilities of working with me, give me a call. No 2 clients are the same. People have different budgets. Different needs. And I don’t offer packages so that it remains a very focused on you, tailored to you experience. Coaching is like no other conversation you’ve ever had. Not even with me!

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