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From South Africa with love…

I’m constantly inundated with messages from people who have read my latest book “Fight the Fear – how to beat your negative mindset and win in life” to tell me that this book has changed their lives. That is a real honor.

I love that Chapter Fight the fear WH SMiths book of the month1 tends to throw a curve ball as you learn about who you are and why that is so important for achieving goals. And it’s great to hear that thanks to the layout of each chapter being in 4 parts; 

F – Fear

E – Exercises

A – Actions

R – Results

It’s easy to read and just as importantly easy to action. And I’ve had reviews from the US, articles in digital magazines around the world as well as featuring in a lot of the UK’s press and now I have been contacted by a Twitter friend who wrote a whole article on their own blog about the book!

If you have not read this book yet then take a look at why Christopher Fry says that this book is guaranteed to make you a better person for reading it! Powerful words right?

“As personal development books go, there are few that really stand out amongst the pack and, in a very tangible way, change your life.

Fight the Fear’, by Mandie Holgate, is one such book.”

Read the full story here. And thank you, Christopher, for taking the time to write such an awesome review.

Not bought your copy yet? Here are 2 places you could get it. Or if you are in South Africa pop into the Tyger Valley Store!

WH Smith’s


  • May 18, 2017

International Best Selling Author Interviews Mandie Holgate

Recently I was interviewed by best selling international author and speaker Gordon Tredgold. He asked to interview me because he had read my book and wanted more insights into the ideas and how I came up with them. (Especially since as Gordon mentions in the interview he got half way through “Fight the Fear – How to beat your negative mindset and win in life” and took action.)

It’s a 40 minutes show where Gordon asked me anything he wanted to and knew that I would answer honestly and with as many good ideas as I could squeeze into the time.

Within the first week it had over 10,000 hits!

And led to Gordon writing an article for Inc about my book which you can read here.

Next thing I know Gordon is getting in touch from his home in the US to say “Check out your book being in Maddyness!” Which is a huge French publication that translated Gordon’s article from Inc.! Check it out here.

To say things are going well with the book would be an understatement. And I love the fact that for just £12.99 people around the world are getting to access these life changing, mind altering tools and techniques that as Gordon says “really work”.

A massive thank you to Gordon, (an international speaker and author that if he is not on your radar you need to get him on it!) and thank you for helping to raise awareness of my work. It really is a mutual love in with us two!

Learn more about why I think Gordon is so awesome on his website here.

And coming soon in my newsletter is news of 2 events that I’m incredibly chuffed to be asked to speak at looking at creative thinking, the fears that I cover in the book and how I was asked to become a writer for one of the UK’s leading non fiction publishers, Pearson’s.

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  • April 23, 2017