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How To Take Action (Works For Daughters as Well As Busy Business Women.)

On the school run today, my daughter and I got chatting about the work she has to complete.

She does tutoring and has school homework, as well as other things to prepare for different clubs she likes to do. I know that naturally (looking at this mornings progress!) that she will gravitate to doing the prep for her clubs rather than her tutoring, and lets be honest us busy business women can slip into the same kind of patterns can’t we?

Its all too easy to do the things that are easy. To do the things we enjoy doing, but how do you take action (that gets results) on things you know are going to be tough, challenging or require more effort than normal?

Here’s the top tip’s I shared with my daughter to take action (even when you don’t want to);

(And for the record she is sat next to me taking targeted action – so I know these work!)

Firstly power up your reason why – It’s not good enough to know it needs to happen, and you are the one that needs to do it. Find your gut instinct, your deep to the core of your being reason why its got to happen and you’re the one that’s go to do it. And when you know that….

Visualise the targeted action working – Even if you don’t know how you are going to get the job done, visualise, see, hear, feel that it has worked. See yourself sat there at the end of the completed task, thinking “Yes, I did it!”

My daughter struggles to not get distracted (and I’m not saying us business women ever suffer from that right?) If you find that’s you too, then once you have your clear end result visualised, ask yourself what needs to happen for me to get that result? Write a list. Talk it through out loud to another person or even to yourself to really get the answers you need.

Reward yourself – If my daughter gets her work done tonight, I’ve promised I will take her to see her Grandparents tomorrow for a play date. Dad is an even bigger kid than me so it will be a great time for us all. (Wow, I think that’s making me work harder too. What an added bonus!) How will you reward yourself for your success?

The right environment for the right action – I can work anywhere. But my daughter is not like that. So she has kept her school uniform on. As she pointed out “Mummy these are my work clothes and if I stay in these clothes I will work as hard as I do at school.” She has also chose to sit in the office with me, so that she is in my work environment and rely on me to spur her on. Which leads me on to my last top tip….

Who will motivate you into action? I know that posting it on Twitter or Facebook will make me take action. Because as far as I’m concerned my word is my honour. Credibility is critically important to business women and so if I tell you I’m going to do something on social media and I don’t I’ve undermined me. Now I could never let THAT happen! Thus action happens. What and / or whom would motivate you?

And if you don’t know. Just post your “AAAAA I’m not motivated” Posts to my Facebook page and I will give you the rocket of motivation you need. Click here to get to my Facebook and get movitated



  • January 14, 2014

Coaching – A waste of time or a god send for your success?

On T.V from makeover shows to personal finance programmes there’s a coach. They’re giving advice and top tips in your favourite glossy, and from sports stars and celebrities to sole traders and International Corporations people have heard if you want to be the best then get a coach.

You may ask if this is an Americanism or ask yourself if it is just a passing fad of little worth. Just because something appears new should you dismiss it as a fad of no interest to you?

Remember that thing called a Personal Computer, or the global phenomena social media?

But do you understand what coaching is?

Unfortunately like so many things it has been diluted in many ways. So if you are looking to make great improvements in your personal or professional life then a coach is a great way forward but what should you be looking for in your coach?

Coaching is not about telling you what to do, if a “coach” is that’s mentoring or consultancy. There’s nothing wrong with that but it dilutes its power. Coaching works with everything you as an individual are.

Your fears, your values, your beliefs, your lifestyle, your attitude to business to marketing, everything.

Think about it, if you are looking to grow your business and your “coach” does not appreciate your absolute fear of public speaking or your hatred of IT, how dramatic are the results likely to be?

Or what about if they attempt to motivate you with goals of money when money doesn’t inspire you?

In its most powerful form expect lots of questions that spark tons of ideas and solutions. After just one hour you will come away buzzing with ideas, motivated to tackle any comfort zones and focused on your goals and the reasons why.

A great coach will ensure you set realistic time frames and dedicate to your goals to ensure success. And that is what coaching is truly about, it is about you getting successful results in every area of your life.

  • September 26, 2013