Mission Statement – Why Bother?

One of the first things I did when I set up my business was write a mission statement. I did this for a number of reasons;

1. To remind me of what matters most to me. What is at the core, the heart of my business. In business it is all to easy to get rail roaded into other great ideas that come along. Only to find yourself 6 months later going in a direction that doesn’t sit right with you and is taking you away from the goals and ambitions for your business.

2. Every business woman that comes into contact with me knows my mission statement so that they know my dedication and determination to support them in every way that I can. This also ensures that I constantly ask the question of myself “Am I marketing my business in the right way?” “Is it connecting with the right people?” “Do they feel like I care and I want to help them?” Making people feel truly special will help stand you a part from the competition. Anyone can design a website/make a cake/decorate your house/write a will. But few people will you connect with and want to work with again and again. A mission statement tells people what they get from you.

3. As my business has grown I’ve had to rely on other people. One of the issues I hear from business owners all the time is “They don’t do it like I would!” That is the whole point! That you get diversity, creativity and other people on board to create a business that is capable of growth. If  you control every decision and never listen to others you risk losing out. But to ensure everyone from the Cleaner, the post man to your CEO are on the same page. Have a mission statement. Let everyone feel it is their mission statement. That they are a critical cog in the business. If everyone can see your vision, then everyone can work towards it.

4. It keeps you all on track, from suppliers, customers to your staff. Every area of your business can benefit from a mission statement. It keeps things simple and in business, that is always a good thing!

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