Especially For You Business Women Who Can’t Achieve Quick Enough & Get Annoyed

Business Women winning in business
Business Women winning in business

Okay so let’s stand back from your business for a minute.

Take a big step back. Because in my experience business women tend to think an awful lot about their business but rarely create the space to truly think about their business. What they want to achieve? Why? Why does it matter? For whom? What’s the big plan? The Big picture?

This may sound pie in the sky stuff when there are a billion emails, orders and jobs to be done. But when you truly know why you are running the business that you are running and striving for what you truly want. EVERYTHING that you do will be a part of that big picture.

Let me give you an example. You have a goal to be known as an expert in your field on a national level within 1 year. Every time an opportunity heads your way, every time you see something. Your subconscious is already processing the opportunity and asking “Does this fit in with our big plan here?”

So let’s bring you with a big fat bump back down to the very real issue of not enough hours in the day.

Ask yourself is this really important? Because us business women can be immensely busy, but not achieving a great deal. So have 2 lists (you are getting a sneak peak of something that I adore using with clients because it is SOOO powerful!) On the first list write all the things that have to be done today (as you get into good habits, this will be the last job you do when you leave the office) that way your next day is powered up before you even get there, cool right?

The second list is the big picture? Your aspirations for your business, your dreams your goals, the big picture.

And from today on – only tackle the top one on each list. So to do that you need to prioritize;

Now do you get why you need to step back from your business?

It’s so you know that what you are working on, is truly what you need to be working on.

So to bring it right back to the lovely business woman that commented on my Facebook page after I wrote;

Do you as a business woman feel like you don’t have enough hours in the day? It’s time to prioritize, get focused and take calculated action.

She commented “My biggest issue is thinking I can get things achieved quicker than is possible. Then I get annoyed with myself”

Right so prioritse as I have said. And here are some quick top tips to power up your achievement and help you just jolly well adore yourself when it comes to your business prowess:

Step back from your business so you know what prioritizing looks like.

For some people it really helps to add to their list of jobs to be done how long they anticipate them taking. Over estimate. I have for years put the main clocks in our house 5 minutes later than the actual time and my kids have never been late for school!

If a job is sticking around on your to do list, do it! It is the quickest way to power up your motivation and your ability to stay focused. Every single time you look at that job and don’t do it, it will get a little bit bigger. So if you dismiss it say 5 times today and it sticks around on your to do list, guess how much bigger it will look by this time tomorrow night. Scary right?

And lastly I will leave you with a little pet favorite that I use in talks. If from now on every minute was worth £1, how would you choose to spend those £1’s?

You see I know as business women you make calculated decisions on all aspects of your business, so step back, make those 2 lists, prioritize, take action and spend those minutes wisely.

I hope that helps. And if you would like some more ideas, always feel free to email me. This is a biggy that affects so many business women, well not after we’ve worked together that is!



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